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The Defiant

.:Yeah Toast!:.
Player: @Saucy Mynx
Quick Info
Moniker: Delia Rowan LeVite
Species: Half-cubus. All win.
Age: 16
Height: 5'0"... maybe
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Natural
Powers: ICE. And flight. And trouble.

Adolescence is hard enough when you're normal. But when you're a blue ice weilding half succubus? It's the pits. Despite the quite obvious presence of two older brothers, Dee ended up with a whole lot of teasing. Learning to control pheromones that released in awkward situations was hard. It didn't help that her grades sucked and she would rather be playing with guns than playing soccer in gym class. She got on better with adults than kids her age, her adopted BROcousins the exceptions.

It also didn't help that Dee seemed to find trouble even when trying to avoid it. Between blowing up the family kitchen during an ammunition expirement... Accidentally getting lost in her father's kilt --no, really... the thing has a pocket dimension...And then inadvertently blowing up her mother's new convertible with a multicannon she wasn't even supposed to be touching... Dee spends a good deal of her time being grounded. Which is where she was when the rest of the BROkids decided to boredly hop back in time to say hi.

Sneaking past her brother Wes' guard, she heisted one of the time belts and followed. And got caught. And grounded further. By her parents in the past. So... double grounded is where Wes soon found her. And yet, after a conversation with Web, it was decided she would serve out the rest of her grounding here in the past. Working for her father.

So that's where she is. Off and on grounded under the supervision of her past parents. She spends her time split between school work, training with Uncle Andrew, helping babysit her older brothers, and hanging out with her uncles... and boyfriend. He's a robot.

What, you expected something normal from her?

.:Finding Trouble:.

It's her personality. Stubbornly curious and obsessed with weapons, she is almost always armed. Granted, it isn't always lethal. Yes, she can fire a .45, but more often than not, she's packing a jelly bean gun and a baconfiring rail gun. Not that she -needs- it, exactly.

Possessing a surprising affinity for her father's ice magic, Dee is quite adept at throwing ice around to encase, freeze, slow and stymie her opponents. Also known for the ability to fly. And melt Web's heart. And did we mention finding trouble? Despite her best intentions to the opposite, the halfcubus seems to land in a whole pit of trouble at the very least once a week.

Standing around five foot tall, in her normal form, Delia has a distinctly blue skintone, black hair, blue eyes and ears that point at the tips... not to mention the long tail. Similar to her father's, her tail is strong, the length capped in very sharp black spikes. However, she does have the ability to now and then mask her blue and appear more human. For a good while, this was her preferred way to appear, knowing itwould lead to less teasing and staring. Lately, though, the comments of a couple terribly important people to her have her staying predominantly blue.

.:The Peeps:.

Super Important

  • Mom - Though their relationship is at times rocky, Dee looks up to Jo as a good example of a caring and strong woman. She doesn't get the whole 'being a mom is amazing' thing that Jo has going, but hey, whatever... the woman has amazing clothes... and they wear the same shoe size.
  • Dad - Dee is without a doubt a daddy's girl. More alike him than she may want to admit, Dee tends to look to her father for advice for more things (relationships excluded). Following in his footsteps is inevitable on some levels, if unintentional. THough she at times has problems with the part of her nature that he put into the equation, she knows that if he can make it work, so can she.
  • Kinsey - Kinsey is, despite being 12 years older than her, one of Dee's best friends. It helps that she travels back at an age that keeps her closer to Dee's age.
  • Gunny - Even though he is just her half-brother, Dee loves Gunny to hell and back. Quick to run her mouth at anyone who annoys him, and quicker to hug Gunny when he stands up for her, he is easily one of her favorite people
  • Wes - Her older brother by about a year, Wes is generally viewed as the responsible, capable one compared to Dee's trouble making. Dee has looked up to Wes from the time she was old enough to toddle around the house. It may not seem like it at times, but Wes is actually a bit of a role-model for her. She just sucks at following in his steps. She loves him, but is not eager to obey his proclamation that they should 'go home'. For the time being, she has avoided the doom thanks to the terms of her grounding.
  • Nick - There are two robots that Dee likes. Nick and his sister. Though... the way she likes Nick is quite different. Let's face it, Uncle Will did a good job building him. He's cute, protective, strong and gives great hugs. The two are dating and her feelings grow stronger for him each day.
  • Uncle Will - A brilliant man, Dee adores Uncle Will. The fact that he has a massive arsenal, fun toys, and enjoys messing with Web and Fen are big points in his favor. It is a constant battle between him and Fen to be Dee's favorite.
  • Uncle Fen - Dee will always love Fen, if only because he gave her Carth. Beyond that, it is hard to not like the sibborg. He is fun and his fingers are cannons. Usually. Except when babyholding.
  • Carth - Everyone needs a favorite cousin, and Carth is Dee's. There's usually fun in sight when he's around, and even though he knows about some of her more... awkward but hilarious excursions into trouble, she knows he's not very likely to tattle.


  • Brotank - Brobit is the only robit that matters. End of discussion. In her timeline, he's augmented himself with Warwalker parts... and then some. Brotank is the best tank.
  • Max - Dee loves Max. Not quite the way her brother likes Max, but Dee loves the girl for her attitude and the rather straightforward way she can kick someone's ass. What's not to like? That and she obviously has good taste in guys.
  • Zoey - The daughter of Kasun, Zoey and Dee are opposites in many ways. Girly where Dee is tomboyish, school smart where Dee is failing... Dee won't admit how jealous she is of the girl. Knowing how much Web adores the fact that Zoey is dating Wes while he deathglares at anyone who even thinks about dating Dee is hard. Which makes her so mad that she LIKES Zoey... for the exact reasons that she's jealous of her. She's so sweet though, she can't help it.
  • Luke - Dee and Luke met the week she dropped back in time. After awkward conversation, they began to date. However, after nearly a year, Luke... disappeared without a word, leaving Dee to believe he'd just gotten tired of her or was dead. The day Nick asked her out, Luke showed back up. A long talk between the two led to Dee breaking things off. Cue further awkward.
  • Aunt Ro - Though she is one of the most serious people Dee knows, she finds herself counting Rowan insanely high on her list of adored aunts and uncles. She knows that while Rowan is one of the best fighters, she's also able to tease and joke, and has Dee's best interests at heart. Outside of Web and Jo, Rowan is one of the first people Dee considers asking opinions of.
  • Aunt Lil - Jo's best friend, Lil is one of Dee's favorite aunts. How can you not like the sometimes scatterbrained woman who can pull fairy tales out of books in the middle of battle?
  • Aunt Penny - Though often intimidated by the supermodel, Dee will forever love her, if only because she calmed Dee down when spazzing over how to dress like a girl for a formal date with Nick. Who better to have on your side in those situations than a gorgeous underwear model who hits like a mack truck?

... and not.

.:Notes and Randomness:.
Dee's favorite thing to eat is a Ultra Dee Kicker burger. Topped with pepperjack cheese, jalepenos, onion rings, mayo, dried red pepper seeds, tabasco sauce and a bit of salsa verde the burger is something she absolutely adores to eat.
Dee is rather strong, thanks to her father's genetics. She is currently taking lessons from Uncle Andrew in hand to hand combat. Boot camp style.
Dee... loves My Little Ponies. She even made herself into one here
Dee carries around the Baconator, a gun that fires freshly cooked and rapidly cooled bacon (Unless the safety is off, then it fires scalding hot bacon). The gun was a gift from Uncle Will, who Dee has officially named her favorite uncle.
She was born on the Fourth of July, 2012

.:Speak up!:.
  • Opinions on dat Delia.

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