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being revaaaaaamped
...yes, mac... I know it needs moar story...

Sexy Incarnate

Josephine LeVite
She's so damn hot...
· Natural Tank ·
Player: @Saucy Mynx
Real Name
Josephine LeVite
Josie, Jo, Day, JoJo
October 31
Knoxville, Tennessee
Cyprus, waiting new home
Full time mother (see relatives), acting head of RevTech Industries
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Penny Sterling (mother), James Sterling (father, deceased), Kyle Sterling (son), Kinsey (daughter), Gunny (stepson), Wes (son), Delia (daughter)
Physical Traits
Human, incarnate
Apparent Age
5' 2"
144 lbs
Body Type
Toned and cuuuurvy.
Powers & Abilities
Suit-enhanced beat-down. (Super strength)
Suit-enhanced stubbornness. (Invulnerability)
Epic Pool
Why yes, since you ask, she is pretty epic...
· Known Powers ·
Snuggling, Mama-Genes
· Other Abilities ·
Epic baking.

Standing at roughly five foot two and around 135 pounds, Jo is a short and toned young woman. Her body proves that no matter how much she may seem like it at times, Jo is far from lazy. In her early twenties, she has already found a routine that keeps her body fat to a minimum despite the amount of food she tends to eat. While not possesssing a body builder's physique she does have muscles, making her heavier than she may look.

Her hair is currently back at its natural deep chocolate brown and in an attempt to grow it out, is hitting just above her shoulders. Serving as a nice contrast to the dark hair are her eyes, royal blue with a dark teal rim. Jo has light, soft skin unmarred except for a recently aquired tattoo of stars that arcs around her left hip, but her ears are each double pierced.

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Lifestyles of the rich and... well... rich...

Early Life

No one could ever say that James and Penny Sterling were not in love. Both of them from strong old-money southern families, they met not long after high school and began a two year courtship. James proposed at under his mother's blooming magnolia and Penny didn't hesitate to accept. They had a typical, huge, money laden wedding followed by a three week honey moon in Penny's favorite place - Paris, moving to Knoxville afterward.

James had used some of his family's inheritance to start a defense company, being quite adept at developing technology. Penny worked part time at the Knoxville Museum of Art, choosing the collections and organizing the events. Their social circle was large and their home happy, including the chef and housekeeper.

The only hitch to the fairy tale was Penny's reluctance to bear children. Not being comfortable around kids herself, and not wanting to lose her hard earned figure, getting pregnant was not on her list. Still, she felt that she owed it to James to grant his desire. In her mind, adopting would not have been the way to fix things, and so she agreed. After three years of trying, Penny finally became pregnant with their first, and only, child.

The long labor in late October resulted in the birth of Josephine Marie. A healthy daughter already sporting a cap of thick brown hair, the infant won over the hearts of both parents. James easily took to the role of father, doting upon the infant and child with rapt attention. Penny, never fully comfortable around the child, did her best to show her love. She made sure Josephine had everything she could possibly want.

When little Josephine was two, James made the decision to relocate to California in hopes that his company, RevTech would grow more quickly. They packed up their life and followed his hopes. Settling into a large property outside the city of Los Angeles, life fell back into its earlier rhythms. James working at RevTech while Penny accepted a job at yet another art house.

Josephine was growing quickly and when the time came, Penny signed her up for ballet, piano, and swimming. James began to take her on hunting trips. She took to all of it like a fish to water, having plenty of energy. The well behaved child couldn't have made her parents any happier.

Well, rebellion happens to everyone, I suppose.

Not so compliant Jo

The older Jo got, the less compliant she would be. She hated private school and begged her father to let her go to public. Much to Penny's dismay he caved. To appease her mother, she stayed with the ballet and piano lessons. To keep her father happy, she kept her grades at an A and B average. They couldn't complain much. Yet.

High school came, and with it Vandrick Slade. Born on the proverbial "wrong side' of the tracks, he and Jo nevertheless hit it off and became close friends. Van's family was terribly dysfunctional with an abusive father and a mother who took it all. Jo fell for Van and his sweet but bad-boy attitude and they were rarely found apart. Though she had several friends and boyfriends in high school, no one was as important to her as he was. Her best friend, Van would often be brought home for dinner. Jo would sometimes skip dinner at her place to hang out with Van. Her mother was less than pleased. Her efforts to keep Jo in polite company were failing, and Jo refused to listen to her mother's warnings about Vandrick. She began to get into fights with people who made fun of him or said the wrong thing, ending up in detention more than once for her efforts. Often times, he was right in there with her.

And then the shit hit the fan. Vandrick grew tired of his father's abuse. Reeking of alcohol, Van's father nearly beat his mother to death and turned on Van. In a rage, Van fought back and killed his father. Though he was legally underage, things were pushed and Van was tried as an adult. In a sickening twist, his mother turned on him and testified against him at the trial. Jo watched helplessly, skipping classes and lessons to be at each trial, as his fate was locked and he was finally convicted as guilty and sent to prison.

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Moving to Paragon

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More Recently

(( WIP ))

Name Dropping


Web - Barney/Web was always one of those guys that Jo thought was cute, but things would probably never happen with. From being a voracious flirt, to threatening to shoot Jo, to dying, to becoming the only mancubi around, Jo's kept her eye on Web in some form or another. For some reason things have kind of fallen into place lately and they began to date. What? I know. Crazy. On December 18, Web proposed and Jo happily accepted. After a short wait, the death of her father and the passing of the wedding date with Web's need to run back to his plane on business, the two opted to make it official in the middle of the D on April 1st.

Kyle- Little Kyle. A clone of an old friend, this one came into her life one day at the D, attempting to get a kiss, and never left. After his mother died and his 'father' disappeared, Jo took him into her home and legally adopted him. Things are rarely dull with Kyle, and he makes Jo alternate between wanting more kids and vowing she will never have anymore.

Kinsey - This adorable little snuggly pink haired girl has found her way into Jo's heart. While they were friends when she was still part of Emma, the recent ...split in selves has made Jo's mamagene wake up and she eventually named and adopted Kinsey.

Gunny -

Wes -

Dee -

Lily Fae- Lily is one of Jo's best friends.

Fenji and Becca -

Jimmy- One of the many Refuge members Jo considers a friend, Jimmy is now also Jo's honorary brother. Deciding the two of them needed siblings when everyone else was finding them popping out of the ground, Jo and Jimmy claimed each other as brother and sister. He is one of the few people she would consider talking to when things go bad.


Elly - Web's Prae sister, Jo hasn't had much interaction with Elly, but what she has had makes Jo pretty happy to know her. Her crazy antics, fun attitude, obvious love of music and her awesome work on the suit that Jo has gave her serious friend points in Jo's list.


Agenla -

Asoa- Tall, handsome, and the next Bond. Man looks good in a tux, and is a great friend. Sticking by her even when things got crazy and she gets drunk, he seems to be amused by what they call the Drama Vortex surrounding Jo. A very good friend, Jo is usually quite at ease around Asoa.

Arroan - Arroan is amazing. Jo first met him at a Refuge pool party during which he entered uberkitty mode. Jo went snuggle giddy and now happily snuggles him in almost any form. He once gave her a penguin plushie to cuddle when he had to leave. She named it Fred. Jo was happy when Arro began to date Kate and happier still when the pair got married and had twins.

Barrie Shields - Barrie is one of those fun to be around, sweet women. And Jo loves her even more now that Barrie's engaged to Jimmy. Barrie is someone Jo might seriously consider talking to about the drama in her life without worrying that Barrie will judge her for anything, and knowing she'd have sound advice.

Brobit- The many-armed, awesome Brobit dubbed Jo Jobit not long after they met. Jo thinks he blends in as well as a monster truck at a tricycle park, but loves him for it and wouldn't have him any other way. Now to hook him up with a sexybit.

Clara Su'cour- Worthy of the cool guy headnod, Clara is the proverbial bee's knees. Fun to hang around and easy to talk to.

BRADDO- Nut bar. Super amazing, funny, and a seemingly good fighter, Jo finds his energy infectious, and doesn't fight it very hard. She likes him, even if he does like the Power Rangers.

Jordan-Jo and Jord didn't quite see eye to eye for a while, but somewhere along the line, things clicked and the two became quite easy friends. Jo joined LSI at Jord's request and Zad's insistence and would do almost anything for Jordan if she asked. She has even agreed to be the future Godmother to Chris and Jordan's daughter Faith.

Lia MacKay- Lia was sexy, sassy, sarcastic, and fun. What other reason does Jo need to like her? Lia was the third member of the Trifecta of Sexy. Indisputably so. Sad to learn Lia had died.

Nessa and Kink -

Nikki -

Robin- Oh, Robin...

Rowan O'Neil -

Sexyhat- Sage was once Jo's gay-fiancee. He was her number one gay. They had an interesting relationship and Jo loved him for his crazy antics. She took it really hard when she found out he had died. She currently carries around a keychain that remote summons his hat. He's not dead though. I mean, he died, but he didn't. You had to be there.

Syl - Jo is crazy about Syl. Despite Syl's violent tendencies toward people, Jo has grown quite close to her. She is one of the top 5 people Jo trusts most right now, and top three for snuggles. She's grown rather attatched to the petite, snarky Syl and loves her company. Syl is a permanent member of the Trifecta of Sexy. This is important... You should write that down. Jo and Syl are currently... on odd terms following a long series of psychotic events.

Tom and Bridget - Less than threes him so much. The first time they started talking, it was an easy friendship. Solidified further by the following kick wars, staring battles and poke attacks, Jo cares a lot for Tom. He is one her top three snuggle choices. Jo adores Bridget for her sweet temperament and kind attitude, and couldn't be happier for Tom for finding a woman like Bridget to marry. The pair also have a set of twins. Adorable twins, mind you, which Jo loves to bits.

Walter- The sexiest masked man Jo knows. Whether its having a jar of peanut butter in his pocket, or working their Mutual Admiration Society, Walter and Jo rarely have boring interaction.

Will and Rose -

Xrell -

Zad - Zad is one of Jo's gays. She loves him like crazy. Whether its serious conversation or teasing each other or gossiping, Jo always welcomes Zad's company. He's a better girlfriend than some of the girls she's met in her life could -ever- be.

Everyone Else

Adam- Yet another good looking man in Jo's social circle... He has a bear on his face. The fact that he is Kate's friend and trainer, got him points in her book. Points which were added onto when he showed his determination to right serious wrongs that resulted in Kate getting burnt and the loss of many people at Trinity. She hasn't heard from him in ages.

Christopher Blackwood- At one point, Chris was part of LSI, and that is where Jo met him. It somehow just worked out that they found each other easy to talk to and she quickly slipped him into her list of friends. Knowing how he feels about her husband, Jo is not sure where things stand with Christopher. They rarely, if ever, talk... and she wouldn't know the first thing about what is going on in his life if anyone asked.

Chris- Good looking, laid back, funny at times. Jo respects the fact that he's trying to lead the Refuge and admires that he cares enough about people to say what he thinks, even if it might sting. Chris now carries Jo in his pocket. Seriously. You should ask.

Crux- Jo enjoyed Crux's company, inspite of his mischief. After an awkward conversation in the D, the man disappeared under the assurance that Jo would take care of his mouse should something happen to him. A few weeks later, a young girl delivered the mouse to Jo. Crux had passed away and she was now the owner of Eduardo. The young girl? Aurelia, Crux's future daughter in another timeline. Confused? That's probably because you didn't see the diagrams. Currently MIA.

Darren- Handsome former hockey player with a deepseated love for Cheesecake. Jo cares for him and loves his company. The two of them recently adopted each other as brother and sister, and Darren is now pushing for the title of uncle, though he has a huge hateboner for Web. Interaction between Darren and Jo has become awkward, something Jo doesn't like.

Galan -

Holly Andrews -

James - Ray and Casey's son. Come back in time and unfortunately stuck, Jo does what she can to show she care. Even it it means being a little mean.

Morg - So much hate. This bastard Shark-man decided Jo was a fun target for no reason beyond her being weaker than him and went about attacking her. His appearance makes Jo slip into snark mode pretty fast, and though she wouldn't admit it to many people, sets her on serious edge. After his attack, Jo asked Web and Syl to make her a suit of power armor.

Naomi Stol -

Pure Justice- Peej. Dearest friend, and more, Jo's heart broke when he was shot through the chest right infront of her eyes and there was nothing she could do to save him. She trusted him entirely, loved him dearly, and knew that he would do anything for her. To lose him was a serious blow to Jo's emotions.

Raykera and Casey- Ray. Was. The. Cutest. Preggo. Ever. Jo loves Ray's sass and company. She's easy to get along with and fun to banter. Jo loves to be around Ray, and goes rather mushy around the newest member of Ray's family, her baby boy James. Jo respects Ray for her honesty and fighting abilities, as well as the way she can just as easily make people smile. She misses Ray's company often since their family moved. Ray's husband, Casey? Nice guy, with obvious good taste in women. Jo and Casey have become a little closer recently when James went missing and was used as collateral for Casey. With that drama over for the time being, Casey and Ray are hanging around, and Jo's more than pleased to have the company.

Spellborne- Sully... yeah.

Van -

Zack Grimoire- Jo at one point considerd Zack to be a friend. He saved her ass in the War Zone and that got him big points. Not long after that, though, he began to stop talking to her. And after expressing more than a few unflattering opinions regarding her choice in husband, things spiralled downward further.

Notes and Facts

More Stuff

  • Jo almost has a zoo, and it started with her dog. Despite her initial hesitation to the name, Ian played with the puppy so much calling him Ace that it stuck. He is one of five pets in the house. The others include Philoctetes ( That's Phil, to you) and Eduardo. Phil is a goat. yes. Kyle's goat. Eduardo is a mouse, given to Jo at the death of her friend Crux. ... add to that Hercules and Megara - two bearcubs that are currently in the home. Yes. Bearcubs... Oh.. well, six if you count Web's polar bear Connor... seven if you count Kinsey's cat... More if you include the aquarium she is getting Web for his birthday... Eesh.
  • Together with Oscine, Lia MacKay, Clara Su'cour,and Zack Lanning Jo had planned to start a band. They were to call themselves The Skittles. Each of them had chosen a ridiculous shade of hair - and they were going to go Sentai style. Jo is on guitar. It will be epic. Especially with Clara singing. Unfortunately, both Eric and Lia passed away and Zack has dropped out of contact. Sad times.

Random Facts

  • Jo is an amazing cook. Thanks to hanging out in the family's kitchen when she was growing up, she got quite a few hints and lessons from their cooks Della and Frank.
  • Jo has a rather large appetite. Thanks to her workout routine and a strong metabolism, it doesn't stick to her. Not even the cupcakes and cheesecake.
  • Jo owns a classic 1969 Mustang Boss - Red with black detailing. This car she left in Cali with her parents. She recently got a new car, however. A slightly modified 2010 Mustang Shelby GT500. Black with red and chrome detailing and a pretty souped up interior. It might be possible that she enjoys the accelerator too much with this baby. Scratch that last car... That one ended up dying in an epic game of Cat and Mouse in which the Shelby was the mouse and Syl's Beast was the cat. She is now in the market for a new car, but in the meantime drives Web's Bugatti.
  • Jo has a notebook filled with what she calls the List of Win. It is a long list of things she wants to try or do before dying or getting to old. It so far takes up 12 pages, front and back. Somewhat due to the list actually being long, and somewhat to do with details pertaining to some of the things on the list.
  • Jo smells like pineapple, mango and the beach, thanks to some shampoo she has custom made for her. It might be a bit vain, but she's in love with the stuff.
  • She doesn't like caramel. I know. Shocking. She doesn't like syrup on pancakes or waffles either. Also is not a big fan of chocolate milk... Terribly un-American of her.
  • She's a passable ballet dancer, thanks to about twelve years of lessons - but when she began to work out and take up hitting people, it changed her muscles to the point that she is not as good as she used to be. Jo does not sing. She can hum decently, but singing? Eh. There are enough perfect singers in Paragon. She does play the piano though, and is tinkering around with the guitar for The Skittles. Fine times.

Gear and Whatnot

The Suit.

The Skills.

The Truefax.

Can I Get a Witness?

  • "Jo... How would I begin to describe her? Well... Besides being just about my favorite person in the world, she's got a great ass, and surprisingly, she manages to dominate people without hitting them! No joke, she has got. It. Going. On! Love her to bits! Wait...Seriously? That's all I'm allowed to say? Fuck, I had a five minute presentation set out..." Syl
  • "Oh God...okay. Jo.... is my sunshine. The ray of light in the shitstorm of my life. The apple of my eye. My...venomous ambrosia. Kill for her, die for her, any other thing for her...and I think she knows that. She's the only thing that allows me a full night's sleep. Keeps the nightmares away, too. God. I don't Yeah. I pretty much love her, too. Don't make fun of me, I do. Oh! My familiar likes her dog. So...that adds to my adoration of her, I'd say. You know, mind links and all that stuff." Sully
  • "Jo is an angel. I would die for her, no questions asked. I...I think that's all I'm gonna say." Pure Justice
  • "Jo's awesome. On a scale from 1 to 10 of how badass she is, I'd say she's like a 14. That's pretty damn badass. Yup." - Clara
  • "She's fun, cute as a button, and doesn't put up with anyone's shit. She appreciates my sense of humour, plus she rocks booty shorts like no other. Basically, what I'm trying to say is.. -Makes heart hands- I HEART JO!" - Lia
  • "Jo? Well, I haven't really messed with her that much. Seems as though she is a nice broad, and she is quite firm... But damn. That rack is perfect. Not too large, not too small. I'd totally wreck her if I had the chance, but alas... The poor women has no experience with me. Oh vell. Maybe I'll chat with her eventually." - Artificial Intel
  • "Jo's my best friend and I love her like a sister. She's always been there for me when I needed to talk or to rant or if I just needed a shoulder. No matter what, she's been there for me and I'm happy to return the favor." - Kate
  • "OH EM GEE! JO JO MONKEY! You are my favoritest monkey EVER!!! And together, we shall RUUUUUUULE ZEE WOOORLD!!!!...naked! - Sexyhat
  • "Yeah, Jo's something else. You can't really help but like her, it's her super-power or something, I don't know. Or it could just be the shorts. Either way, she's one of the few people I find easy to trust, so she's grade A in my book." - Jack
  • "Jo? She's awesome, at first all I was interested in was her sheer beauty, now that I know her, her mind is what I'm after friendship wise, she's just that cool. She can throw a mean punch too..." - Crow
  • "I dunno...She's awesome, but...I run outta things to say when we're alone...I blame the shorty shorts..." - Walter
  • "Jo's alrigh'. I mean, she's ugly, bitchy, ill temp're' an' no fun t' be 'roun'' 'f you believe tha' 'll slap you so 'ard tha' 'll 'ave t' 'eal yer face back t' normal. Jo's AWESOME. LESS TH'N THREES." *..poke* - Tom
  • "Ah, Jo. Best future-adopted-sister-in-law ever. Enough said, right?" - Barrie
  • "Jo is undeniably awesome, and a good friend to have as well. It's good that she's someone to talk to when the Pocket D is packed full of catwomen."* - The Bronze Thunderbolt
  • "Jo is pretty much one of the most amazing women I know. I'm proud to call her my friend and the future Godmother of Faith. She's beautiful, fun loving and generally awesome." - Jordy
  • "The love of my unlife." - Web
  • "Jo's awesome. I'd let her lean on me anyday. It's gonna be rad when she becomes part of the family. Jo equals Rad. Awyis."- Fenji
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