Dark Thorn

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File Photo from Longbow Threat Portfolio
Dark Thorn
Player: @Diamond.
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kara Reynolds
Known Aliases: The Wrathful Vicous Dark Thorn
Species: Mutant
Age: 23
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian (British/Flilipino)
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Finnesville Stronghold, Eastern Zone 4
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: William Reynolds MD.<Father Deceased 2005>, Regent Cynthia Turner-Reynolds <StepMother>, Melissa Reynolds <Mother, Executed, 1996>, Steven Reynolds <Brother 19>
Known Powers
Necromancy of a form, Force Fields, Flight
Known Abilities
Leadership and as well as tatcical and strategic abilities, Natural Math apptitude
None Known
No additional information available.

Dark Thorn is believed to be a member of the Nemesis Council and is known to be a Praetorian who has remained on Prime Earth for reasons unknown. Though never offically charged with any offical crimes, her presence at numerous bloody assaults as well as raids on Paragon, Longbow Facilities and throughout the Rogue islands has led to the belief that she is responsible for these attacks. Her cool detached demeanor and amusement during such raids has given her a lethal reputation amongst those on the islands.



Seemingly normal upbringing for a noble born mutant in Praetorian society. Socially outgoing and well educated, Gladitorial training, and a postion eventually guarding several highly classified Praetorian facilities. Her Mother was executed for high treason against Tyrant's rule when Thorn was 12. Her Father's status as a prominent Genetisist and status amongst the noble elite spared her family her mother's disgrace.

Another High status Noble family secured the Reynolds as a rising house when Cynthia Turner, Daughter of a Stronghold Commander married Dr. Reynolds a few years later.

As an honor guard trainee and reviered gladiator, Thorn was accepted to the staff of security guarding her father's experiments into a breeding project for Tyrant. Within a few months the labs came under attack from a group of Heroes from Prime Earth, dispatched by that Earth's Portal Groups. She was shocked to discover the raid was led by Diamond her Prime Earth counterpart.

During that assault, Dr. Reynolds perished in an explosion, she believed by an errant blast from her "mirror". She watched as the fire destroyed her father's life work as the lab was destroyed. One of the few remaining guards of the facility, Thorn was eager to accept any assignment from the honor guard to restore her family status.

Selected to travel to Prime Earth and investigate the Rogue Islands as a possible source for allies, Thorn arrived on Prime Earth in November of 2005. Although on a mission for her ruler, Thorn's desire to avenage her father's death was her initial motivation. She met with members of the Nemesis Council and after an interview with Perfect Ariel she was accepted into their ranks under the leadership of their Imperator Dr. Nemesis.

In time, she began to view Tyrant's rule as weak as his defeats mounted, and she began to grow in power and wealth as she battled across the Islands. Soon Thorn completed her report to her Praetorian leaders, then simply deserted the guard, choosing to remain with the Council and to carve out her own nitch in the Islands, enjoying and reaping the pleasures of each victory.

To date she remains with the Council, as a loyal member, silent yet supportive. Thorn seems to flourish in the corrupt enviroment of the Rogue Islands.



Her powers represent something of an enigma, though she seems to call forth and control a small but fanatically loyal horde of the undead, it does not seem to be magical in nature. Her energy that she generates is used to slice open a 'doorway' to a shadowy dark realm where she has deposited the murdered corpses of former lovers, whom she believed betrayed her devotion to them. Sustaining them on her energy she has broken their spirits and controls their bodies to use them at satisify her blood thirsty needs of violence.

These undead followers seem to hold a passionate devotion to her, and are lethally fanatical in their singular desire to obey her.

She is also able to draw forth the dark matter that exsists in the shadowy dimension and weild it to draw the life out of those who seek to harm her. The matter encased in her energy makes a lethal ranged attack.

Force Fields

Thorn is able to generate a series of energy force fields of a protective nature. She is able to create massive protective blisters of energy, these protective 'bubbles' can be cast around her undead followers and any villianous allies she happens to have with her, as well as a massive dome of protective energy covering a large area centered on herself. She has increased ability to create repulsion and containment fields around herself, as well as perfected these fields to be used in a power nonlethal ranged effect that often leaves her victims helpless before her flesh devouring hordes.


Dark Thorn is currently a member of the Nemesis Council.

Friends and Allies

As a member of the council she has been allied with many of their membership. Though often detached, perfering to work alone, she has grown close to a few among the islands. She seems closest to Mindflow another Praetorian that followed her into desertion. She is also close to Concordant and Onyx Pyre. She has worked closely with Maximum Overkill and one time Council Senator Perfect Ariel. She is also aqquainted with several members of the hero team Templars of the Abbey. Skilla, Mindwork, IV, Ghost Shadow and Mazin Wystan amongst them.


Longbow considers her to be an extremely dangerous and lethal serial killer, as well as numerous cults of the Circle of Thorns. The latter she seems to take personal delight in tormenting. Having little patience with the operations of the Arachnos group, has left her few friends there, though it is believed a Patron of sorts is running interferance for her. Another example of this villians cunning manipulation ability.

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