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((This story was made for me to express a different side of De-Motivator that had previously been untapped before. It was made in third person just so you could get insight on the guy. It also served as a nice development too in the end.))


Chapter 1

Yeah, I'm The De-Motivator. I De-Motivate. It's just what I do. It doesn't matter who you are or what type of person you are... if I think you need De-Motivated, you better believe you will be. And now, there's someone in particular that needs De-Motivated. De-Motivated in the hardest way possible. And it all started yesterday...

"Hello guys?" I said over the comm. I swear, if I don't speak like that they'll think it's someone new. But there was noone around, so I shrugged my shoulders and went about my business. And what business is that? De-Motivation of course.

So I poked my face in the newspaper... and after a few seconds of searching, I found something shiny. Some scepter of souls or something, I don't know. But whatever it was, I needed to go stop by the grocery store later, so it would be nice to see if I could buy something else. Mm... Low fat yogurt.

The Circle of Thorns had this, of course. So I went ahead and started towards there. Chakra enhanced jumping. Plus the work outs I have every morning help with that too. Have you tried squats? Excellent exercise. Anyway, I moved on to go fight these creepy Circle guys in this cave after overhearing something that those Legacy of Chain were saying. They apparently plan to go there first, but I'm beating them to the punch. Then they'll go there and see a bunch of KO'd mages and their prize will be gone, making it a massive disappointment. And I like to call that Passive De-Motivation.

I enter the cave and close my eyes. I need to get into my De-Motivating mood before each fight. That includes channeling my chakra as well as thinking up every De-Mote I know. What's a De-Mote? Something which cannot be spoken about, but only witnessed. But I can talk about the chakra... which is life energy. Passed down through my family to learn how to harness it to it's max potential. Which means I can coat my hands with it to give it an extra power. And I also get a nice flare of energy crackling around myself too. It takes the brunt of most attacks thrown at me, and it keeps me safe.

So once I was ready with my chakra flaring all around me, I charged into the face of the first hooded creep I saw and gave out one of my infamous De-Motes. "Hey..." I pause for dramatic effect. "I'll get you a T-shirt. The one that says "I'm With Stupid" on it. Then I'll cross out the word "With" so it just says "I'm Stupid." It seems more fitting." And I punched the guy's lights out, then start wailing on his friends. I've never decided what sounds worse. The crushing sound of bones... or the crushing impact of my De-Motes. It's something that doesn't need an answer I think.

I go on fighting and eventually I get to the head mage. It was easy until now... but these guys weren't too tough. Except for those ghosts. They're rough. The mage got word that his men were being De-Motivated to the harshness they deserve. Then I stride in totally BA like The De-Motivator does, and the mage screams out "Do you know who I am!? I'm the Archmage Partavis!"

And I give him a piercing look behind my sunglasses; confident, arrogant and cool and point my finger at him and shout, "Yeah? Well I got a joke. Archmage Partavis. That's the joke. You." Then I rushed forward and got into an epic fight with him to the De-Motivational death. He lost, naturally, and so did the rest of his friends who tried to help him. Thinking them all to be De-Motivated to my liking, I went over and opened up the chest they had, taking the scepter of whatever for my own.

Whistling a tune, I went to my magic buddy who will buy anything even if it has no use, then went to cash in my pay. Low Fat Yogurt at last. After that, however, I got a ring on my De-Mo Phone. Which is my cell phone, naturally I took a beat to get back into my image and answered. The conversation went a little like this.

"Hello?" "Yo De-Mo. I got some info for ya." "Exellent? What kind of info?" "Some 'Rachnos info." "Good? I don't like spiders? You know that?" "...Yeah, whateva De-Mo, just get over here b'fore I change my mind." "Okay I'll be right over?"

And then I got a dial tone. The guy's name was Cory Carter, but we all called him Cory Catalog, because he was a catalog of information. If you needed to know something, he usually had it. The guy didn't like me much, which meant I was keeping my image perfect around him. Normally I need to go to him for information, but instead he came to me... which was strange as he hated talking to me.

As I curiously went to his spot in Sharkhead and grinned broadly, back to the image. I walked through the seemingly abandoned warehouse to find him and finally saw him. Black trench coat, black hair, black pants and shoes. Ugly, horrible colors. There was no talking to him about it though. "Hello Cory how are you?"

"De-Mo, I'll cut to the chase here." He always did. ...At least around me. "I found some information on an 'Rachnos guy."

"Okay great I'll go De-Motivate him?" I asked this because it was so natural.

Cory gave me a serious look. "I think ya might want to do more than De-Motivate buddy." He presented me a picture. "Ya asked about this one, right?"

I could feel my visage slipping into something more serious before flashing back. "Yes I did? What about him?"

"Good. 'Cause it turns out he's got his own base o' operations now."

"...Really?" I asked. There was much less fluctuation in my voice now.

"He's getting it set up so now would be the best time."


"Two days."


"St. Martial."

"Give me directions and I'll take care of it." I stated. ...I wasn't in the mood for keeping my appearance up now.

"'Ey, calm down. Ya can't just run in there n' bust things up. You'll be killing in a second." explained Cory, much to my disappointment.

"Then you have a plan?"

"O' course." He handed me a paper and I looked it over as he explained. "Ya got to cut off his communication to the rest of 'em. If ya don't, they'll send reinforcements to crush ya. To do that, ya go to the 'Rachnos communication center n' slip this disk," He handed me it. "Into the computer room. Let it upload, then take it out n' get outta there. It'll send a virus to ya friend's place n' cut off the communication in twenty four hours... for about one hour. They'll figure out how to fix it by then I'm guessin'."

I took a gander at the disk, then nodded to Cory. "These are the locations and directions, right?"

"Yeah, they are. Good luck De-Mo. Now get outta here." I was used to that by now. He said that to everyone though. I always wonder where he gets all of these hacker friends of his, but I guess it's not hard for him.

I handed him the rest of the money I had left over after my yogurt spending and then some, and I walked myself out of there... only to hear word of a meeting over my comm.

Excellent. I usually like hanging out with the Dread Aces, but tonight was just not a good night. But, I needed to appease them so I headed over after changing into my normal jeans and orange leather jacket. I hopped into their ship, not bothering to see what renovations were made since the last time I paid them a visit, then found myself in the meeting area. Jet, Crimson, Kichi, Mick, Vexx, Jake, and Karen. It'll be a treat, I'm sure. I parked myself against the wall and started to look over my orders again, knowing that Cory knew what he was talking about.

Fortunately for me, the meeting didn't pertain to anything in particular. Crimson Cutlass was our leader. I liked her, despite her wearing so much black all the time. I think I annoy her for the most part, but that's alright. The girl knows how to take care of herself. She started talking about something or other... and she mentioned James' coma. I let out a sigh when I heard that. James, or Fearghas as he's more known as, was always a good guy. Had him back when I was in high school for study hall. It was sad to hear about his state and I visited him earlier today just to see his condition and as a form of light respect. I've always appreciated the guy.

I went back to my orders soon after that, because Crimson was talking about squads or something. I didn't care in the slightest, as I'm De-Mo. Wouldn't be made squad leader anyway. I caught ear of Mick being one of the squad leaders though, which made me chuckle. I like Mick. Fun guy. Pretty reliable too. I closed myself out until I hear "Temporary squad leader De-Mo." I froze, then lowered my paper and gawked at Crims. ...What in the world was she thinking?

She went on to speak while I was just speechless. I was to be in charge of Ray, Karen, and that imp thing. Ray, I liked. It's fun to joke around with him. The imp thing? Not so much. Not a fan of it since it's entire life is dedicated to ticking people off. But Karen was a weird case. I think she has the hots for me- god only knows why. I accidentally asked her out on a date. Yeah, accidentally. In a fit of zealous image posing, I asked a girl out and she accepted. Luckily, I copped out of the date, but I have no idea why she seems to... I don't know, like me.

Once I wrapped my mind around that, I focused on my paper again until the boss asked for questions. I rose my hand and asked what I was supposed to do as a squad leader- temporary. She said simply to help out the squad. Knowing I'd be busy this entire time, I told Karen to tell the others to contact me if they needed me. Luckily for me, this exasperated Crimson to the point of asking me if she should pick out someone else. I told her she should. Easiest way to get out of responsibility ever. On any other day, I'd pose myself until Crimson tore out her hair and let me off the hook. But today... god, I just didn't care.

Then I went back to my quietness and contemplation about what I'll need to do... barely paying any attention to Kichi and Vexx playing beside me. I liked Kichi, as she seemed like one of the few people who didn't think I was a nut for what I'd believe in, but rather for how I acted. Which was a nice change of pace. And Vexx... he's cute I guess. I'm not a big fan of kids, but he's alright by me. I don't think he should be involved with what we're involved in with the Dread Aces, but it's not my place to say.

Then... just when it looked to be wrapped up, that wolf started prattling about how he likes to kill and such over the comms. Wonderful, I thought, that we're helping out him and his friends in Anathema. And while I agreed with what Jake said, the way in which he wanted to rectify it rubbed me the wrong way. Especially since I was in, well... a grumpy mood. We got into one of our arguments again- and I'll point out I really don't like that black-wearing dunce- but maybe I did overreact in there. All the negativity isn't good on my chakra. Then later I think I made Jet upset at me for saying she had a Freudian Slip. The girl is an alien, I need to remember that. But I think she thought I was insulting her. I'd try to work things out... but ugh, not tonight.

Regardless, when the meeting was wrapped up I was going to go to sleep immediately. But I noticed Karen was at the D and thought I'd have a root beer with her. Why not? She went on about how she is afraid of her drugs running out. I offered to help her and she seemed to appreciate the notion. A lot. A part of that inkling I have that she has something for me. She wanted to know what my deal was... but no. I still have that image and I hope to retain it at all times. To admit I was going to go dispatch of someone would result in more questions. Because I'm The De-Motivator. I'm not supposed to have logical reasons behind anything I do. And I'm not supposed to have goals either. To do otherwise means I get second guesses. Something I just don't like.

After enough time talking, I bailed. I needed to rest for tomorrow. And I'd be ready to go on with this semi-complicated plan. And I'd be ready to finally kill for the first time in my entire life. ...I'd kill the Bane Spider Executioner known as Richards.

Chapter 2

It was tomorrow. I woke up early and made sure to prep myself. I got in my tights and I did all of my training- twice. I needed to prepare my best for this. I stared at the computer chip in my hand while I stood across the street, hiding behind a wall in front of that Arachnos communications headquarters. I couldn't do anything but go over the plan again. Break in, upload to computer, get out. It seemed easy. As easy as it usually is, at least. But I didn't get cocky because getting cocky would only hurt the chakra. And of course, there's always a margin for error.

I focused myself on the area in front of me- that is, after I turned off my Aces comm so I didn't have to hear the rumbling about some blimp or whatever. Guards... guards... and more guards. Enforcers were all standing around the entrance. Some walked as patrols while others kept a close eye on the door. It took me a while to survey it all, as I mostly just ran in and pounded things into the ground. Just trying to think of a way in there without getting too much attention made my stomach churn. It's just so much easier to run in and De-Motivate than it is to sneak. And I kept that in mind completely.

With a yell, I charged up to the nearest enforcer and put up my chakra shielding and my chakra fists and clobbered him in the face. Escaping most of the oncoming bullets, I went after the others. More seemed to poor in and by the time that they were all gone, I was already feeling the pain. The chakra can protect me against most of it... but not all. I pressed myself against the wall by the door, trying to gather my bearings for the next step. Unfortunately, I heard them running towards me already, so I thought fast and grabbed one of the Wolf Spider's guns and hopped on top of the roof. I closed my eyes and waited, the expected bursting of the door raising. While the five or so soldiers went to tend on their fallen comrades, I took the opportunity to jump off the room and knock out the guy closest, then rush inside the building. With the gun still in hand, I closed the door fast and shoved the butt of the rifle between the handle and the wall.

I let out a sigh of relief... that would keep them busy for a while. I ignored the hollaring behind me and ran forward. Cameras... everywhere. And I'm sure they caught wind of me. How did I know? The muladhara was flashing and the sirens went off. ...Muladhara is red, for those not sly on my lingo. Regardless, I kept running. I needed to. The map was memorized in my head, as though I had photographic memory. It astonished me that I could memorize that but be unable to remember what I had on the grocery list I left back home. I wouldn't complain though, because I only had to KO a few of the troops that were in front of me. I sighed in relief when I entered the control room. My fists glowed as I barged in. No time for De-Motes now, only time for frantic De-Motivation. I ran towards the first row of technicians- armed themselves- and took out the first group before rushing forward and getting the rest. I could feel a faint wetness on my side, but I ignored it and just kept swinging away. Finally, they were all out and I ran towards the way I came. I heard frantic yelling from the other side. Biting back any profanities I may have yelled- avoiding another chakra taboo- I thought fast. I ran towards the big heavy cabinet beside the door and shoved it forward. ...It was heavy. Really heavy. But I pushed and pushed, mustering the strength to press it against the door.

They pounded and pushed and shoved on it, while I rushed towards the computer. I sprung back when I saw a crackle of sparks in front of me, then cautiously made my way to find where to put this disk. While I placed it in, I looked at the computer. I guess it got struck in the cross fire... as did some of the others. But I just needed to put the disk in, upload it, then get out and wait twenty-four hours. The pounding on the door got louder and I heard the scraping of the cabinet slowly as I fiercely pressed the enter key to advance the process. Finally, the disc stopped and ejected and I swiped it. I let out a grunt, taking one last look at the cabinet before I busted open one of the windows with my chakra-fist and dove through it. I then ran a bit until I was out of range, hanging my head in exhaustion.

Everything was set. Tomorrow should be great. There was no cause for concern and no issues with the upload. I tossed the disk on the ground, then stomped on it to break it for good measure. There seemed like there would be nothing that would ruin this plan now. Flawless until the very end. And then I heard an explosion. I didn't react with anything but freezing entirely. All I could think of was that it wasn't that room... it was another one. Because without computers to send that virus, my plan would be screwed. I had to will myself to look back, my nightmares coming true. The part of the building I came from was engulfed with flames. I stared in disbelief, then finally snapped myself out of it to run away as fast as I could, ending up stopping a few paces in. There was a bad wound on my side, and it ached finally. I guess the adrenaline kept me going, or I had some innate chakra ability I don't know about. But Some of those mace shots and machine gun bursts hit me in the same spot.

Gritting my teeth and bearing it, I put a hand on my side and power jogged my way back to my home to get out of there. So many things were running through my head at this point... and none of them were good right now. I couldn't go through with my plan now, because it had been ruined already rather unexpectedly. It would be near impossible to fulfill it at this time. The more I thought about it, the more solid my answer became. Tomorrow was going to be a very rough day.

Chapter 3

I wondered what I was thinking. I had to be crazy, or maybe I was as dumb as I try to look. I had already made my way towards the base where Bane Spider Richards was. The pain from my wound yesterday still hurt- but I tried to ignore it. I bandaged it up immediately when I got home, then tried to work through the pain for some more training. I didn't really have a plan at this point... but I'm determined. That's the most planning I've ever really needed. I didn't bother to call up Cory because he didn't need involved in this, especially after I messed it up already. I just needed to do this. Why so bold-headedly? Black is the color people use to denote many things on the outside of the chakra wheel. One of which is holding secrets. It's why I always wear my sunglasses. I just needed to kill off Richards, and that was that.

This entrance into St. Martial was a queer one. I had to casually walk in through one of the balconies in the Fort. It was only difficult because I was some goon in very fashionable tights and they don't normally allow me in there. Plus, I'm sure they have troops watching for that sort of thing. So I stayed there for a good hour... watching for the perfect time to enter. Watching everyone around... watching everyone coming in. Waiting for the proper time to rush in. Finally, the opportunity presented itself. I didn't see anyone watching... and there was only a lone Wolf Spider walking in. So I quickly snuck up behind him when he walked in and as soon as the door closed, I knocked him out as fast as I could.

After that, I grabbed his limp body and hid it behind one of those tanks that noone even knows what it does. His armor was dark... he'd blend in, hopefully. And that's all I could do with this whole situation. Hope. I used the various machinery and tanks and whatever is is there to sneak my way through. Slowly I inched forward, wondering just where I was headed. And quietly I cursed, I envy the people who have no problem sneaking around. Like Kichi. Being a ninja like her was something to be desired at this point. There were a few close calls, but overall I was doing pretty good. I didn't need to bust out the chakra fists, so it was good.

Of course, when I say all of that, it always turns out to go backwards on me. This was no exception, as someone caught eye of me. Fortunata, I think. Without hesitation, I popped out and threw my fist into her face with her weird little helmet. The rest of the people she was walking with were easily taken down also. I froze, unsure what to do. Where would I go from here? When would they find me? How much did I have before I needed to move? In one second, I found out my answer when I heard a shell from a rifle blaze against the nearest wall, then went the other way. I'd go the opposite direction, now, and not long at all. I dipped and dodged past. Dodging energy blasts from maces and more bullets. They scraped against my chakra, luckily because I was running it kept the bullets from hitting me from the most part.

It was only so long before more appeared in the path in front of me. I kept running, panting, franticly getting to the destination I didn't know. Anyone who got in my way was given a burst of chakra to the face; only enough to keep myself moving forward. The shots began to hit a little bit more each time. The way my chakra works is that it has a certain amount of chakra coming from my pores where it escapes from. When that gets taken away to protect myself, it takes time to recover. With how much I was getting shot, I didn't have that time. My tights defended me, but not nearly enough. I was quickly becoming winded and I could feel the pain starting to burn my skin. It became enough to severely blunt me and all I could think about right now was... how I'd get out of this. How I'd even get far enough. I felt the quick dash of fear enter me, then converted it into blind power.

I pivoted on my leg and barreled towards the nearest body or machine I saw, then flew my fists towards them. One by one I tried my best, but there were too many. It didn't stop me from trying though. My punches began to slowly dull and the bodies close to me just grew by numbers slowly. Finally, my chakra diminished. I just couldn't focus it any longer. With a weak punch to the next Wolf Spider, he shrugged it off, then planted the butt of his gun into my forehead. Forcing me to black out completely in the middle of an Arachnos base.

Chapter 4

I woke up, throbbing in pain. I don't know how long I was out for, and I was sure that was the last thing on my mind. I was on the cold metal of an Arachnos floor, gripping the grated floor as I tried to jar myself awake. The pain in my head and in my side was intense... I found it hard to keep myself focused enough to wonder what was going on around me. There was blood smeared on the floor from what I could see, and I searched for my sunglasses but couldn't find them. I tried to stand up, then yelled out loudly, putting a hand to my side that was injured from beforehand. Instead, I turned around and backed myself up against the nearest wall and looked ahead of me at the big, red energy laden wall in front of me. I was locked in an Arachnos prison.

Trying to wrap my mind around this, I reached for my Re-Motivator- my sort of healing device which I obtained- but it was gone. Great. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes... fearing what may happen to me soon. After ten minutes, the door opened and I looked up at a few Wolf Spiders; a few holding up rifles at me. Hah, as though I could defend myself right now. They roughly pulled me to my feet- which definitely helped the horrible pain I had been in since I woke up- and dragged me away. I glanced around as a few heads from the Arachnos forces looked towards me while I was forced past them. I didn't pay any attention to them but instead looked past everyone else at the lay out... I was persistant. If there was some way I could survive this I was going to take it. But I had to be very careful... something I rarely was, as you probably noticed.

I was then tossed unceremoniously on the floor after a long trudging. A bunch of Bane Spiders were standing there and one took off his helmet. The Bane Spider Executioner of the crew... unmistakenable as Richards. My target. He looked me over, callous eyes watching me as a slowly went to get to one knee. Richards then nodded and looked up to the Wolf Spiders and said "Commence the questioning." My jaw dropped... I had a feeling I knew what was coming. As I was pulled away into a special room, I feared the worst. And the worst most certainly came to my misfortune. I was being questioned for my motives and who I worked with... I kept silent and paid for it. Various blows and... other techniques were used on me to make me talk, but I said nothing. Every three days they'd try again... and still the same result. Those were probably some of the worst times of my life... and it's hard to forget it all.

I kept determined though. I'm The De-Motivator... I De-Motivate. And I'd be damned if I didn't live to my name- even in this state I was in. After each torture session I was tossed back in my cell. And when I recovered fully, I'd sing. I'd sing for a while... covered just about every song I know. I had the Beach Boys, Metallica, The Eagles, Guns N' Roses, and Twisted Sister. You know, all that good stuff. I was often yelled at to shut up, but I rarely did. Maybe I just wanted to rock, huh? On top of that, I tried my breathing exercises which I hope Crims adopted to when I was away. Then I'd try to do yoga the best I could despite the horrible pain I was always in. This didn't stop me from doing my jogging either, watching my own energy, and even a few times I danced. I'd try to meditate when my body wouldn't push itself to do anything like that. It was hard to do so through the pain, but I managed. Often times they wondered what I was doing... they wouldn't understand anyway. I just did what I spent most of my day doing anyway... training.

I kept building up all of my chakra... trying to form more than I ever did before. I could feel it inside of me... It was a surreal feeling and although I was constantly in pain, the surging chakra inside of me almost made me feel more alive than I was. I had to keep an eye on everything when I was taken to the room. I soon found the location of my Re-Motivator along with a few ways to exit... watching where people went and going by their way to find the best way out. Finally, after almost three weeks I heard them talking... they decided that I wasn't worth keeping around anymore. They talked about getting rid of me. I cursed to myself, then quietly sat down to do more training. ...It was now or never.

Chapter 5

I opened my eyes slowly after I was done with my meditation... staring ahead at that daunting red energy barricade ahead of me. I stared at it for a while, unmoving... and I just thought. I slowly stood up... almost serene at this point. It was strange, but even stranger that I had no worries at all right now. I had worked for so long on this and trained so hard... but this was almost suicide. Something which at this point I placed higher than execution. It could be because my mind wasn't fixated on any doubts... just purely on what I was going to do.

After a few minutes of nothing but concentration, my entire body seemed to explode... it was amazing. The energy flowed through me and I felt weight-less. Any pains I had felt within me disappeared... I felt rejuvenated. I had released all of the chakra I saved in my body this whole time out of my pores... and instead of the worst pains I could feel, I was surprised with an almost... holy feeling. I couldn't see what it looked like, but I could expect it was fierce. When I choked down my surprise, I balled up my fist and channeled as much chakra as I could into it... a loud crackling noise followed and put my opposite hand on the barricade and punched the door once, making a loud and almost metallic cracking sound. I punched it again, the cracking getting softer. Then I threw my fist into it for the third time and shattered the energy in that door, causing an explosion to appear in front of me. ...But I stood unphased.

It stunned me... I hadn't expected the explosion, but that? It was... almost scary that I managed to break the door like I did. Even scarier that I could stand in the face of an explosion like that. My astonishment was broken by a yell or two. I quickly sprung into action and ran towards the nearest thing I saw and clobbered him in the face, then turned right around and smacked another. I ran, ignoring any bullets or energy that came my way and sped through that imprisonment area. I saw a man standing by the location of my Re-Motivation and smacked him with another one of my energy-laden fists, then picked it up and stuffed it on my belt fast.

The people around me were yelling towards me and still firing but I paid them no attention... I just maneuvered my way through the halls until I saw a big row of Wolf Spiders, guns aimed towards me. I froze, they fired. And... nothing. I felt nothing. With a yell, I charged them all. Many of them scattered towards each side, then continued to fire at me. One by one, I took them out until I had the last one at my mercy and asked where Richards was. He yelped out that the he was almost back to the base. Perfect, I thought... then sped off towards the entrance.

I only had a vague rememberence of where that was, but it didn't matter. I kept charging on, taking down anyone who shot at me while I did. Finally, I came to Bane Spider Richards and he told me to stop immediately. I replied by taking out his entourage, then throwing my fist into his face as he tried to take me out with his mace's powers. He dropped it and went to reach for it, and I kicked it away and threw him to his feet. I punched him and punched him, beating the living tar out of the guy and not batting an eye. I through him around like a rag doll until he wasn't able to crawl anymore and just shook his head in a pitiful bloody mess. "...Please... stop. You're... a monster," he said before a cough.

I picked him up by his armor and pinned him against the wall, intensity was the only feeling running through my veins. My goal was to kill him... that's why I bothered with this entire ordeal. Why I told Cory to keep his eye out for this man. Defenseless and completely unable to do anything about what I'd do to him. I only glared... I guess the chakra I had around me looked that intense. Bane Spider Executioner Richards was nothing to me.... and he'd be squashed like the mindless spider he was.

After a while of just holding him, I spoke... my voice was shaky, I could tell. "...I am The De-Motivator. And you will never forget me. And you will never forget I spared your life."

I then sped off towards the exit swiftly and made my way towards the Giza, knowing I needed to get somewhere safe before they hunt me down. The chakra had finally died and I could feel it just sort of fizzle out just as I got on the platform under the big pyramid, I collapsed. The pain all came back and the soreness too. The pain was even worse than it was before I broke out. I slowly crawled towards the sewage pipe, going through the pain to crawl my way to a crawl and rest. I panted heavily and tried to just... focus on anything I could. My body felt dead now and I just wanted to rest for... well, ever.

I closed my eyes and began to nod off. ...I did what I needed to do. The man deserved to pay... deserved to die. And I should have been the one to do it for him. Maybe I'm not strong willed enough. But I don't think so. Maybe I just don't like compromise. Or maybe- just maybe... it wouldn't give me what I needed. Everyone's chakra is different... so many shades and hues. My chakra... has always been a different brand. One that very few have. Molded by my life, while not terribly eventful... paved the way for all of the decisions I've made today.

I've watched people who only kill. Weeding out the weakest to try and pave a path to victory. These people use the gifts they have for nothing but being a vigilant in the face of tyranny. It got them killed. And they were my parents. Executed by Bane Spider Richards in public for all to see. They were examples. I loved them and still do. Every single thing about them. But I can't be them. I'm not my parents. I'm not a murderer. I'm just The De-Motivator. And that is why I did what I did.

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