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"You are all INSANE!!"
Doctor Dismantle
Player: DemonsFolly
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 37
Personal Data
Real Name: Ivan Isnasnum
Known Aliases: Doctor D., DD, Doctor Orange, DocOr, Doctor Douchebag, Monologue (defunct)
Species: Human
Age: 38
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 176 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Red
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian-American
Occupation: Full-time Villain; Medical/Surgical Practicioner; Torturer; Executioner
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Never Married.
Known Relatives: Father: Dimitri Isnasnum, Mother: Valerie Isnasnum. Both dead.
Known Powers
Mind Control, Energy Assault, Medicine, Flight, Stealth
Known Abilities
Genius-level intellect; a host of psychoses and neuroses that include egomania, pyromania, and rabid paranoia.
A wide variety of self-made electronic and technical gadgets, including power suits, stealth suits, blast gauntlets, rocket boots, and spider-bottes.
Be warned that this individual is extremely unstable and is to be regarded as a threat by both allies and enemies.

Born Ivan Isnasnum, Doctor Dismantle has made a name for himself on the Rogue Isles as a mad, treacherous, brilliant, and inventive villain. He has left a trail of bodies (some dead, some alive and screaming) in his wake, and managed to distance himself from many potential allies with an attitude of grotesque arrogance.


Ivan Isnasnum

Although the location and exact date of his birth are unknown, recently discovered files have shown that even at the young age of five, Ivan Isnasnum showed intelligence far beyond the norm. However, other papers detail a long list of visits to psychiatrists and counselors; first by his parents Dimitri and Valerie Isnasnum, later by the entire family, and finally by Ivan himself. These consultations ended when the last person to advise an eight-year-old Ivan committed suicide a mere fourteen minutes after their session.

A few surviving transcripts from these sessions showed that although Ivan was exceptionally smart and capable of both taking apart and reassembling various electrical devices, he also manifested the signs of developing mental disorders. These included occasional spells of paranoia, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, dissociative states, and even seizures. The most distressing signs were those of an increasing egomania: young Ivan was beginning to believe that everything and everyone he encountered was flawed and imperfect, although he regarded himself as exempt from this condition.

For seven years after Ivan's last counselor killed herself, the Isnasnums moved around very frequently, often leaving the entire state. While no police investigations forced them to do so, cold case files recently opened have pointed towards Ivan's involvement in several minor - yet disturbing - crimes, including dissected squirrels and pets being found affixed to their owner's doors.

When Ivan was fifteen years old, the police were called to the Isnasnum house by a neighbor who had heard gunshots. When they arrived, they found both Dimitri and Valerie in what appeared to be a murder/suicide scene; Ivan was nowhere to be found. Later investigation by Longbow's investigative arm have determined that both people were under the influence of a crude mind-control device moments before their deaths, but for some time the case was closed.

Early Crimes

After vanishing from his parents' house, Ivan stayed below the radar. When he resurfaced three years later, it was in connection to a string of robberies - all of which had been perpetrated with high-tech devices. Ivan was not arraigned on the charges filed against him, however; he escaped from his cell and began a more high-profile series of robberies. Investigations into several of Ivan's abandoned safehouses showed that he had been spending his ill-gotten gains to fund illegal research into mind control. They also discovered a journal filled with scrawled notes that pointed towards the eventual goals of this research.

Evidentially, the mental problems of Ivan had progressed farther than any of his psychiatrists had expected, especially his delusions. According to the journal, Ivan now fully believed that every creature on the Earth (and several other dimensions) was by nature flawed, imperfect and in desperate need of repair. In contrast, he thought himself to be the very essence of perfection, and had given himself the role of 'fixing' everyone else - by warping their minds to resemble his tortured psyche.

When the media acquired this information, they quickly dubbed Ivan one of the rising numbers of Supervillains, and gave him the name Doctor Dismantle. What Ivan thought of this title is unknown, but he soon adopted its use when speaking to the general public - usually in a televised rant demanding that everyone deliver themselves to him to be "relieved of their pain and misery". Eventually these announcements allowed a few Wyvern agents to capture Doctor Dismantle and turn him over to the courts. With a minimum of time, Dismantle was convicted of his crimes and sent to 'The Zig'.

After 'The Zig'

Dismantle sat in his padded cell for the better part of a decade, defying the expertise of a legion of psychiatrists and psychologists. He was finally released in one of Arachnos' brazen raids and came to live in the Rogue Isles. Here, among the myriad villains, Dismantle found people like him. Of course, he considered none of them to be truly perfect, but they were closer to his goals than those he had previously 'treated'. This, and Arachnos' willingness to look the other way while he took 'patients' off the street, made the Rogue Isles the perfect place to resume his studies.

Yet, Dismantle was constantly frustrated with the 'flawed' creatures that got in his way. The most vexing of these to him were (and still are) the Vahzilok. With their own idea of the perfect humanoid form, the Vahzilok are always taking from Doctor Dismantle's pool of subjects and warping them even farther from his twisted vision.

The Sadist's Blade

Eventually, Doctor Dismantle realized that he would need the monetary aid of a group to continue his work. To this end, he lent his services as a medical doctor and inventor to the group known as The Sadist's Blade. While there, he continued his tradition of making few friends and many enemies even among his allies - none could stand his atrocious manners and massive superiority complex for long. Although his surgeries were occasionally botched as Dismantle attempted to force his own idea of perfection on his patients, by and large the arrangement was sufficient for all involved.

After some time, a malevolent mind-controlling toxin (for once, not one of Doctor Dismantle's creations) began to take hold of the current Master of The Sadist's Blade, a demonic being named Fenrir Helvete. In order to save their quickly-maddening leader, fellow members Denarii, Missy Ice Bolt, Keraneikon, and Poison Saboteur hatched a plot to shoot him with a specially-crafted bullet filled with a potent antidote. Under Denarii's leadership, Missy Ice Bolt brewed the antidote while Poison Saboteur custom-made the gun. When Poison Saboteur was unable to correctly craft the necessary bullets, the conspiracy turned to Doctor Dismantle. Dismantle agreed to the plot, but secretly replaced Missy Ice Bolt's curative with a virulent poison of his own design. When Keraneikon (the designated shooter) enacted the plot's final phase and riddled Fenrir Helvete with the insane Doctor's bullets, Fenrir let loose a tremendous howl and exploded into several dozen demonic pieces - effectively 'repairing' him.

Doctor Dismantle's treachery was soon discovered, and he fled the base. He would return several times to vex the group and its new leader Denarii, often seeking a suitable subject for his latest experiments. The one significant incident of this was when he kidnapped Sadist's Blade member Ferocious Foosa and subjected her to several dark 'treatments' before she was rescued. Finally, after the disappearance of several of the leading members of the Sadist's Blade, Doctor Dismantle slipped into hiding.

Lying Low

For almost a year, Doctor Dismantle remained out of sight and out of mind. Many forgot about him, even within the Sadist's Blade. No one has yet had the stomach to ask what he did during this time, though there are rumors that Dismantle attempted to begin a group of his own, only to be forced to stop when he discovered that virtually nobody else was willing to align themselves with a band with the express purpose of warping all of humankind into Doctor Dismantle's twisted idea of perfection.

The Supreme Society

Eventually tiring of his low-profile existence, Doctor Dismantle reappeared on the scene. Most of his activities were concentrated on demolishing the Vahzilok, at first, though after a time he joined another group of Supervillains, known as The Supreme Society. Despite having joined expressly for the purpose of acquiring funds for his research, Doctor Dismantle soon found himself wanting to take a larger role in the organization. Unfortunatly for him, the position of mad scientist was already being filled quite capably by Dr. Morbus; indeed, she filled the role far better than Dismantle ever could. Therefore, Dismantle began to establish himself as the group's torturer and bag man.

The other members of the Supreme Society already looked askance at Doctor Dismantle's frequently bloody and unhinged antics, but he truly came into his own as a torturer when he was asked to aid the group's interrogator in drawing answers from a captive hero known as Doctor North. Working from (erroneous) intelligence reports he had gathered himself, Dismantle believed that North would be exceedingly resistant to both pain and physical damage. Although the details of the interrogation are best left undescribed, they ended with North being pinned to the dungeon wall by several metal stakes, with his bottom half skinned and afire. Naturally, Doctor North began to melt very quickly, and Dismantle quickly severed his head before it could evaporate, sealing it into a cryogenic chamber for further study and questioning. None know what happened to this head; it could still be there, or perhaps it has already left to rejoin the rest of Doctor North.

Vanished Again

As one would expect, the mad doctor's antisocial nature and paranoia eventually won out, and he silently returned to the shadows without so much as a farewell explosion. Where he is now, and what he plans to do when he returns (if ever) is unknown.

Notes on the Mad Doctor


Most, if not all, of Dismantle's technology is self-made: he does not trust others' "shoddy workmanship". He is constantly developing or refining some part of his immense arsenal, from armor plating and blast gauntlets to mind-control rays. Despite Doctor Dismantle's obviously deteriorating mind, his gadgets are often ingenious and well-constructed.

Blast Gauntlets

The Doctor's current blast gauntlets

Perhaps his most useful invention, Dismantle's blast gauntlets are the primary means he uses to enforce his idea of 'perfection'. They are capable of generating massive amounts of raw energy, distilled from a combination of the outside air and a tiny tear to another dimension. These blasts are powerful, and are often capable of knocking even battle-hardened opponents into the air.

Control Board

When he was first researching mind control, Doctor Dismantle cobbled together a motherboard-sized plate of metal and wires and had a particularly unethical surgeon insert it into his skull. Various wetware implements connect the Control Board to Dismantle's twisted brain, and enable him to project his potent and willful thoughts into the minds of others. It also serves to allow him control of the various devices he wears.

Anti-gravity projector

Anti-Grav Projectors

Dismantle quickly grew dissatisfied with land travel, and developed a pair of anti-gravity boots as well as adding the technology to his blast gauntlets. With these technologies, he took to the skies as a method of travel. The projectors have also came in handy as an escape mechanism, allowing Doctor Dismantle to jet into the sky and away from his enemies.


A more recent invention of Dismantle, the AetherSuit is a completely encasing suit engineered for the utmost stealth. It taps into
Dismantle hides in the Aether
a similar outside dimension as his blast gauntlets, using it as a hiding place. The AetherSuit, given the proper calibration, can even allow Dismantle to slip through solid objects or be rendered completely invulnerable to harm. Most importantly, the suit is made to protect Dismantle from the caustic effects of remaining in the Aether (the outside dimension). While in the Aether, Dismantle is virtually invincible - he cannot be seen, heard, targeted, nor affected in any way. However, he cannot speak or interact with the real world either, though he can see it in a blurry sort of way.

Robotic Arm

Due to a mishap with an overly angered supervillain known as Gila, Dismantle was relieved of his right arm. Eschewing offers from more traditional doctors to replace it or regrow it, Doctor Dismantle instead constructed a mechanical replica. Thus far, the robotic arm has not shown any kind of innate mechanisms that make it more dangerous than his left arm, but the mad doctor is unlikely to let it remain so for long.


When Doctor Dismantle needs some dirty deed done, he often sends one of several small robots he refers to as "spider-bottes". The tiny crawlers look very like spiders, and are just as hard to see in many instances. The spider-bottes have absolutely no combat use, but are highly effective at sabotage and spying - traits that Dismantle has exploited many times.

Wetware interface

Nanotechnology and Wetware Interfaces

The few notes gathered from Dismantle's most recent research have indicated that he is working on nanotechnology and wetware interface. Evidentially tired of wearing his gadgets, Doctor Dismantle is intent on containing them within his 'perfect' self.


Doctor Dismantle is a volatile and moody man with no real patience or people skills. He regards each and every being he encounters as fundamentally wrong and in need of 'repair', usually by means of radical surgery or chemical recomposition. A very few people he considers to be beyond redemption and consigns them to be destroyed - as he did with Fenrir Helvete. Doctor Dismantle is perfectly capable of holding a logical and sometimes brilliant conversation, but he will eventually degrade into screaming fits or begin claiming to see or hear strange things.

Additionally, Dismantle has a serious issue with people who speak in anything but perfect English. He has no tolerance for accents or misspeaking. On the few occasions the he himself has misspoken, Dismantle refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing and insists that his speech is as perfect as ever.


Throughout his entire life, Doctor Dismantle has found nobody that he considers good enough (or in his case, near-perfect enough) to spend time with. He has accumulated a long list of enemies, although only a handful would take the time to actively seek him out (Denarii and Missy Ice Bolt are two of these).

Soon after joining the Supreme Society, Doctor Dismantle met a supervillain by the name of Count Logan vonDrake, a powerful and arrogant techno-genius associated with the Supreme Society. Dismantle formed an instant dislike of the Count, likely because they are very similar in attitude and intellectual ability - although naturally he would never admit to such a thing. Thus far, the Count vonDrake has taken seemingly no notice of Doctor Dismantle beyond the occasional megalomaniacal screaming match; it is possible that he regards the madman as too petty to deal with.

Aside from the Count, Doctor Dismantle managed to alienate himself from virtually every member of the Supreme Society - Shock-Front and Dr. Morbus in particular hold in high disregard. The only member who tolerated the Doctor at first was Gila, and this was mostly because Dismantle let Gila do what he wanted with his specimens once the experiments are done. This changed after the Doctor made one (or a dozen) too many insulting remarks to Gila, causing the lizard-man to chew off Dismantle's right arm. Since then, Gila has repeatedly threatened to remove other body parts, but asserts that the taste will keep him from eating them. Eiko-Chan, one of the Society's leaders, is the one who generally tried to reign in Doctor Dismantle's antics, which resulted in a tense but well-defined relationship between the two.

The closest thing that Doctor Dismantle has ever had to affection was a peculiar fondness for Ferocious Foosa, who he preferred to call "Specimen". This was not a feeling born of love or anything resembling it, but rather from the fact that Ferocious Foosa's tormented and often split mind was closest to Dismantle's vision of perfection. He has always regretted her escape, but only for the loss of a valuable subject for his work.



"Are we ready to proceed?"

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am superior, and you are all horrifically flawed beasts in need of repair. Remember your place and all shall be as it should be."

"Please begin speaking correctly before I am forced to BEAT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH A DICTIONARY!!"

"I am the single perfect being in all the universe. The tigers of the fifteenth green circle tell me so."

"Oh goody; another addition to the Band of Bothers [his name for The Sadist's Blade]. Tell me, are you the intellectual equal of your new fellows, or are you capable of debate beyond throwing your feces in my general direction?"

"I am attempting to bend light around an orange in order to bring a brain into the yellow temperature."

"Infinite realities, infinite possibilities. Did you ever wonder what would happen if one of the critical fulcrums of your life was altered? You could be a great leader, or a meaningless peon. I wonder if somewhere, I have actually attained what I have sought for so long."

"I know only that I am so far different from every other human in existence that I cannot even relate to them. This can mean only two things: that I am far superior to them - that I am perfect - or that I am mad. I choose to believe the former; wouldn't you if you were in my position?"

"Lizard Man [Gila] is thinking again. Someone stop him before he hurts himself."

Dr. Morbus: "If you will excuse me, I need to argue with dismantle."

"'I' shall never fail!" ((said mere seconds before the computer he was being played on lost its wireless connection, thereby illustrating the definition of irony))


"You are all INSANE!!"

The mad doctor's psych evaluation

The Mad Doctor - Doctor Dismantle's music video on YouTube

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