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Doctor Minus
Mental Voyager
· Technology Stalker/Dominator ·
Dark Melee/Dark Control
Regeneration/Dark Assault
Player: @Blgihtrix
Villain Group
Secondary Council
Real Name
Edgar Faust
Doctor Minus
December 12, 1969
Paragon City, RI
United States
Rogue Isles/Paragon City
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6' 3"
219 lbs.
Body Type
Dark Brown
Dark Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
despite his age, Faust resembles a man in his early 20's rather than his early 40's
Powers & Abilities
Dark Melee
· Equipment ·
The Mind Hook
· Other Abilities ·
Intelligent, quick thinker, master of the mind, expert at psychology and psychological warfare


The Journal of Doctor Faust

Doctor Edgar Faust

February 1995

After twenty-six years I have finally done it. I know I didn't always want to make my living trying to pick apart the human mind, but once I started thinking about it and seeing people act around me I knew this was what I wanted to do. Psychiatry is not the easiest job in the world, but I know I can make a difference with my talents. I see my first patient tomorrow and boy am I nervous, but I will be fine. These people need someone to help them cope with the issues of today. Heh, maybe one day I'll end up helping some of these "super criminals" that have been plaguing the streets.

October 1999

It's been a few years since I started this career. It hasn't been too long since I made my first steps into this life and already I am making a difference in people's lives. Some of my patients have even lost the need for my help, while I will miss these people I know I have made a huge difference in their lives. I just hope the heroes of our city can keep up the good work, they are certainly helping keep our minds free of worry from criminals, I just wonder how long that can last.

November 2002

The world had just survived a crisis none of us could have seen coming... Strange invaders, from another dimension even, came to destroy us all. I don't know what it was really about, but a lot of lives were lost, and I managed to survive it. The city had a number of bunkers prepared for civilians and I tried my hardest to comfort those among the refugees that had lost family. I know even after this I will be seeing a lot of these people soon. Some had lost friends, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers...It's a shame, but I will try to make it bearable for these people.

July 2005

Almost three years have passed since, what we now know as Rikti, attacked our world. As I expected, my number of appointments sky rocketed... Most of my patients are coping now, but a relapse is still very probable. Aside from that I've been hearing about a number of new technologies showing up, medical, military, everything. Modern medicine is about to see a break through very soon. I wonder what sort of advancements I'll be seeing in my field.

January 2009

I've signed up to test a new device developed by SERAPH, they call it "The Mind Hook", silly name I know, but they said it can allow me to connect to my patients on a psychic level. I'm not too sure what they meant by that, but they guaranteed me that it would become a major step forward for psychological science. Let's hope they are right.

August 2009

This "Mind Hook" is a strange and wondrous device indeed. I've been able to connect to my patients with such empathy that I can almost "experience" their memories as if I was actually there! With something like this we may be able to cure anyone of mental ailments! The possibilities are endless but SERAPH insists I run every possible test I can before declaring this a success. I'll begin to use some more advance features of this device in the coming months.

December 2009

Something odd occurred during my last session...I decided to tap into more unexplored parts of the patient's mind to find any source of his current phobia...I heard things that I had no idea the man was capable of...Things that I didn't know anyone was capable of...I will jot this down in my notes for SERAPH to look over once the experiment concludes.

January 2010

I...I don't know what to say...I couldn't stop thinking about that incident last month...I wanted, HAD to take another look. I had to find the source of that...horrible, awful noise I heard in his mind. I used The Mind Hook again and began to search for this...dark side of the mind...I shouldn't have done it. There are just some things the human mind is not capable of comprehending and I certainly could not bear the sight of what I saw! I pulled out immediately and sent the man home. I couldn't even accept his money for his session...I...I still have much work to do.

July 2010

I've been mulling over what I saw six months ago... This negative, or Minus Zone, as I've taken to calling it, is haunting me...I can't get it out of my head and to make things worse; I've been having nightmares about it now. The Minus Zone will haunt me for quite a while...and yet...I can't help but feel a slight pull from it...Do we all have such a place in the back of our minds? Are we all capable of such monstrous things that The Minus Zone has shown me...?

December 2010

All...ALL of them are capable of what I have seen...No one is pure...there is no "innocence!" When you boil it down we are all monsters...The people we denounce and declare "evil" are simply not so! They are embracing their true nature! They have embraced The Minus have I! No longer am I shackled by the rules and regulations of these "innocents." Faust is no more! I am Doctor Minus! Now! And forever more!

April 2011

My colleagues are starting to worry for me...They are saying that I am acting irritable...Maybe...They are all shackled...How could I not pity them and look down on them? But this poses a problem as well: SERAPH's experiment with The Mind Hook is coming to a close, but how can I abandon this beautiful device?! How can I relinquish that which has opened my eyes, made me more than just a man?! I cannot! I will NOT! I must hide the device, but they will know something is wrong then. The device must be "stolen" and I know who can do such a thing...

June 2011

I have started using The Mind Hook outside of work. I use it along with a suit to disguise my identity and prowl the streets at night. So many hideous many tasty opportunities. The street gangs are the most violent, but I find the taste of an "innocent's" emotions to be so much sweeter...After so many years of using this device I have unlocked so much of its potential. SERAPH has no idea just what they have made, but I do, and I will use it to rise above these pathetic liars and hypocrites. I have grown to like this "Doctor Minus" persona. I dare say that it may be more suited to me.

September 2011

I have spent the last few months planning Doctor Minus' "theft" of The Mind Hook. SERAPH will abandon their project and no one will suspect me. It is so simple, I will continue my life as Doctor Edgar Faust, but I will enjoy the life that all humans truly desire...the life of true, limitless freedom.

December 2011

It is done! Minus has stolen all of Faust's notes, equipment, and most importantly...The Mind Hook. I was questioned, as expected, but no one suspects me of the theft. I made sure to have some evidence point to a new "villain" who is none other than Doctor Minus. I will become a god amongst these pathetic "innocents" and I will make them see the truth! They will see what humans really are: Evil...

Januaray 2012

In order to allow a free schedule during my time as "Faust" I quit my current job in order to move into private practice and even managed to open up my own firm. It is small, but I have unlimited time to myself now. Doctor Minus is now my true identity, but it shames me that it took me so long to realize it...I have found a way into the Rogue Isles. I hope to find others who have the same goals as me, but I doubt that will be too difficult.

February 2012

As expected. I found a group of "villains" by the name of United Underworld. Many of them are off the charts when it comes to sanity, but they are a powerful and well known group. Not to mention: filled with delicious negative emotions! I have begun working for them as of today and have quickly risen to a suitable rank. There is no Faust now...only Minus!

The Minus Zone

The Minus Zone is a simple term developed by Doctor Faust while he still had much of his sanity intact. This space in the human mind is so untapped that no one even knew it existed until Faust touched it for the first time when he began the trial phase of The Mind Hook, a revolutionary piece of equipment that can allow the user to connect or "hook" to another person's mind. At first Faust simply heard the strange and animalistic urges of the Minus Zone, it disturbed him to say the least. Faust began picking through his patients' brains over time to find the source of these horrible thoughts, but when he finally came face-to-face with it, it changed him forever. The images and the things he heard forced him to pull out almost instantaneously; he ended that particular session early and refunded the patient.

Faust tried his hardest to forget that event, but he couldn't help but wonder if every man, woman, and child had something so monstrous in their minds. He forced himself to try again and again and every time he slowly lost himself to the dark forces of The Minus Zone. Over time Faust started to actually enjoy this region of the mind, and often dived into his own Minus Zone. After a year of using the device Faust realized that it could do more than just connect to another's mind, but also transfer mental energy back to the user. He theorized that this may have been intended to allow the user to experience his or her patient's past but Faust learned that this mental energy could make him faster, stronger and soon Faust was but a persona for a more terrifying individual...Doctor Minus.

The Journal of Doctor Minus

February 2012

My life seems to move so much faster as Doctor Minus. As Faust, noteworthy events only occur at yearly intervals at best. But Minus? Amazing events seem to occur daily. In just a few short days I have grown into considerable power, joined with a notorious group of individuals ripe with negative energy, and met some of their hated of which could become quite problematic for me should I ever face her alone. I see great things happening for me in the near future, and I'm sure Faust and I will both have a part to play.

I came into contact with the girl again...Luficia is her name. I helped her over come Wild Time's childish bullying by mind linking with her...a few very interesting thoughts came up when I was in her head. None I will write down for fear of my allies finding this journal; some secrets are best kept to one's self until the time is right. She accompanied me on a few jobs I wanted to get out of the way and this proved even more enlightening. The girl is too trusting, something I can easily use to my advantage, but I will continue to observe for now...She mentioned she was seeing a Psychiatrist...I think my alter ego may have a new patient soon.

March 2012

Nine Ball has approached me about a special task he wishes to enact in the near future (possibly during his third reign as leader.) I will not divulge any specifics here but it seems I may play a critical role in this little scheme. It will be an interesting adventure to say the least.

My powers have also begun to manifest in new and wonderful ways. My control over the Minus energies is astounding; to think a medical tool could have been such a deadly weapon! Soon my powers will reach their apex and I will have full domination over The Minus Zone, but until then, I will continue to hone my skills and working alongside these Underworld people.

April 2012

The other day I received a message via the United Underworld communicator...It was from the clone, Green-Havok. He said something about a target in Warburg, so I and several other members moved in to assist him. He was confronting the hero Johnny Turbo regarding an audience with Red-Havok. I could feel Red's presence near-by but despite my presence Turbo still tried to block Green's progress. This, of course, led to a conflict and Red was forced to meet Green on his own terms. Things seemed to be going well as Autosaurus Wrecks and Seismecca showed up to lend a hand...but then things got slightly complicated when Luficia showed up to back up Turbo should he have needed it...and he certainly needed it. We proceeded to fight our adversaries while Green confronted Red. Luficia tried playing on my weakness but it proved to be of little effect due to an ample supply of negative emotions coming from my allies. I noticed Green's vitals fluctuate, so I was forced to abandon the fight to assist him. Turns out he didn't need it by the time I arrived. The conflict was ended when the heroes made their retreat, but Green sent his message to Red (Apparently this was all about Green proving he was superior to Red.) Overall it turned out to be a pretty good day. I can't wait for more opportunities like this!


Doctor Minus' abilities all derive from the Mind Hook that he wears. With it he can draw negative emotions from his victim and empower himself with them. He can use this negativity to strike down his foes and increase his own survivability. Over time he will also be able to dominate his foes by using their own Minus Zone against them, he will be able to terrify them, force them to attack their allies and even stop them dead in their tracks.


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