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Player: @Vyver

Personal Data

Real Name: Danielle Montano

Citizenship: American Citizen

Base of Operation: Outpost Omega

Species: Homo-Supernus

Age: 35

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165bs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI


A powerful mutant with potent terrakinetic abilities, Danielle has been a dangerous delinquent since birth. What first was petty vandalism soon turned dangerous as the young girl's powers outgrew her, turning her into a walking epicenter. With her parents, and her communities lives threatened, the government stepped in and whisked Danielle off to a special institution called G.I.F.T. Focused on helping young mutants control their powers, GIFT did their best reigning the earth mutant in, helping her control her powers with training and medicine. Eventually, her training and therapy paid off and Danielle, now named Seismecca was volunteered for a new government super hero program for young meta humans. Paired up with three other teenage girls with elemental powers, they formed the Femenentals, where they spent the next couple years working under GIFTs guiding hand, facing threats with their own brand of elemental heroism.

Eventually Seismecca's delinquent streak caught back up with her, as her powers and abilities fed her ego. Refusing to take her limiting medication, her powers began tipping out of control as she grew more and more unhinged in the face of her teammates. She started reveling in the destruction and mayhem, often causing more property damage than what the bad guy was worth. Fearing for not only their safety, but the safety of the city, Seismecca's teammates reported her erratic behavior to their superiors. This only exacerbated the situation, as Seis took their treachery personally, lashing out against her own teammates before fleeing the city from GIFT's soldiers sent to retrieve her.

After leaving Paragon City, the former heroine landed in the Rogue Isles. Ready to put her past behind her, break out her powers to their full extend, and make a name for herself, Seismecca trawled the island chain looking for work. Eventually, she ran across an underground lethal fighting ring called "The Zoo". Ran by a madman called Wild-Time the earth mutant entered herself as a combatant, reveling in the bloodshed. Crushing the competition under mud stained boots, Seismecca dominated the ring, tearing villains apart with her unrestrained powers and skills. Eventually, after watching his entire roster decimated under her heel, Wild-Time took an interest in the young mutant. Combing her as an up and coming super villainess, Wild-Time offered her a membership to an upstart group known as the United Underworld, and the rest is history.


A boisterous lady with a loud mouth and no off-switch, she will move the earth under your feet like nothing you know. While her fellow UU teammates make plans to gain money and tech, Seismecca's plans usually involve sinkholes and earthquakes, much to the dismay of her less crazy allies. Seismecca values personal freedom above all else. If she wants to rob a bank, she'll do it. Destroy a city block? Done. Do ALL the drugs? Line it up. Her powers, her rules.


At her core, Seismecca has the mutant ability of terrakinesis; the psychic ability to control geological minerals and rock. She has complete control over earth in any form, whether it be solid rock, mud, or sand. With the added ability of shifting the state of rock from one to another, for example, turning the rock floor of a cave into quicksand. She can also lift debris off the ground to use as transportation, or as a projectile, flinging large boulders at her enemies head's while laughing maniacally.

As an extension of her terrakinesis, she has enhanced durability and strength. Both stemming from control of the sediment that coats her skin and clothing. By controlling and lifting this debris on her body, she is capable of lifting twice the amount of a fit human being. She can also shift and collect the dirt on her body to form thick patches in places where blows are struck, reducing the force by a large amount allowing her to survive hits that would cripple normal human beings.

Also, while not a super power per say, Seismecca is adept and talented at hand-to-hand fighting, a relic of her time at The Zoo. She combines this knack for punching at weaving with her terrakinetic powers making her a formidable close-range opponent.


Her most obvious weakness is that she can't control what isn't there. Separating Seismecca from all forms of earth will completely de-power and weaken her to the point of a normal, but peak, human.


United Underworld: A nasty menagerie of Rogue Isles best and worst villains. This group has banded together to put the screws on any would-be heroes that would think about getting in their way. Their motives and methods vary by person, but they all have one thing in common, being evil.

Wild Time: What the shit is wrong with this guy. He's like...a clown gimp or something? I don't even fucking know. Crazy cool though! Dude knows how to get under peoples skin, gotta respect the craft.

Nine-Ball: Seriously, for a dude who dresses in yellow pajamas he gets a lot of tail. Good thing he doesn't care about me....I'm only half insulted right now. 'Least the dude's got some brains behind the gettup.

Pure Inferno: Best. Boy toy. Ever. I see why Nine likes controlling people, its pretty fuckin fun.

Maestro Fortissimo: Dude's got some pipes. And he aint that shitty of a person either. If I were him I'd be using my powers to explode people's heads or something though.

Becky Beatdown: Vapid. Dull. Cheerleading. Bitch. Great tits though.

Hammer Shark: Beast thinks he's some sort of genius super villain half the time, none of us have the heart to tell him otherwise. Great evidence disposal though.

Autosaurus Wrecks: Fuckin nazis man. Don't want to mess with him. Gives me the fuckin creeps.

Dominatriea: Bitch needs to lighten up I swear to fucking god. But then again if I could see every possible way everyone could be annoying I'd be that bitchy too.

Suicide Cat: Chick creeps me the fuck out, though shes pretty fun I guess when she wants to be.

Madame Machina: Like Wrecks but a chick, and a slightly better sense of humor. Which means I can stand her for like..maybe 5 extra minutes.

Horror-Frost: Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frost my main man. Dude knows whats up.

Goldglitz: A sparkly girly girl? god damn kill me now. But shes pretty cool, I think her and Frost could rob Fort Knox if they were bored one day.

Lethal Accuracy: Paging doctor hotness I gotta fever that only you can cure.


Dishing Out Dirt: Obviously.

Ax Crazy: Constant use of her powers leads to this. But she can calm herself down by taking a break.

Troll: Enjoys getting under hero's skin more than actually fighting them.

Stripperiffic: Yes, that's a mesh shirt. No, she's not wearing a bra.

Tomboyish Name: Danni. Depending on how you spell it.

The Nicknamer: Tinman, Goldie, Matches. It's rare for Seismecca to call someone by their real name/codename.

Why Dont Ya Just Shoot Him: Several times the United Underworld has captured important heroes only for them to escape. While she's not the only one, she's usually one of the more vocal members when it comes to just shooting them. Meaning she's pretty...

Genre Savvy: Laments the fact that nobody listens to her when she advises people to keep their plans secret till its too late for the heroes to react.

Buffy Speak: Being an average woman surrounded by advanced robots and machines does this.

Berserk Button: Don't call her by her real name.

Ms. Swears-a-lot: You got a fucking problem with that?

Ambiguously Brown: Her father was hispanic, and her mother was white.

Hell Bent For Leather: Wears both a leather jacket, leather pants, leather boots...

Badass Biker: She even has a patch on the back of her jacket with her name.

Character Alignment: Firmly planted in Neutral Evil, but can swing to chaotic during her more unhinged moments.

Vitriolic Best Buds: Her relationship with Pure Inferno hovers around this, and...

Outlaw Couple: You know, if Bonnie and Clyde could control earth and fire and were 10 times more awesome.

More to come.

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