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· Originicon magic.pngMagic/Natural BruteV archetypeicon brute.png ·
Player: @Rabgix
Villain Group
Primary Council
Real Name
Lord of the Flame
Rogue Isles/United Underworld
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Three Elemental Brothers and Father
Physical Traits
Fire Elemental
Apparent Age
Body Type
Red and Black
· Distinguishing Features ·
Changes. Most common traits are red skin and Black tattoos.
Powers & Abilities
Fire Melee
Fiery Aura
Epic Pool
Energy Mastery
· Known Powers ·
Manipulation over Flame and Fire
· Equipment ·
A pack of cigars and cigarettes
· Other Abilities ·
Flight, spontaneous combustion of flame, slight resistance to cold and water
The Beginning

Long ago in a valley lost to the ages, four powerful elemental brothers ruled the people who inhabited the valley. Each brother ruled in his own way, and each had an element to their own. The elemental lords ruled over the people for hundreds of years with great pride, as they were the first elementals of their kind to have come into existence.

The most brutal of all the brothers, was the Lord of Flame, who ruled his portion of the humans harshly and was prone to sprees of mass killing. After years of hardships,the people rebelled against their lords again, this time with great success. The lords of Earth, Water and Air were easy for the humans, as they were not as militaristic as their brother. The final Lord however, took all the strength of the rebel army to overwhelm him and lock his soul away with his brothers in a magic jar. However, knowing how dangerous the Flame Lord was, they sealed away his more dangerous persona in a magic crystal shard, where it and the brothers would be sealed for thousands of years.


After thousands of years imprisonment, the sealed jar was found at last. The finder was a failed villain named Ruldo Luxing who searched for great power and a chance of redemption in the criminal world. Upon unsealing the jar, he was possessed by all four souls of the brothers at once in their bid for freedom. For the next year, the five souls were forced to work together and compete for control of the bosdy as they went on a new spree of crime and freedom.

In this time of freedom, the villain, who came to be known as Elemental Soul, took on a less villainous role after releasing his pent up energy. The brothers in their captivity had become very docile and did not feel very villainous at all, including the flame soul. They even took names for themselves in the modern world, each after a Latin word for their element.

It was during this time that the Fire soul, then named Pyro, met a man named Joeseph Constantine who was also the Fire vigilante Blast Cycle. Over time the two began to form a sort of a friendship as the two had a common bond of flame and past crime; Blast Cycle coming from a gang of Hellions originally. On one occasion though when the two were relaxing at the Pocket D, Pyro got into a bar fight with a strange magical cybernetic monkey. Pyro for some reason could not damage the monkey and was beaten into the wall of the D easily. Pyro pulled himself out of the wall, dusted himself off, and limped out of the D, his pride wounded and not to be seen again for several months.


The fight in the bar left a sour taste of defeat in Pyro's mouth. He felt he was suppose to be the strongest of his brothers and yet he was defeated so easily by a monkey. Pyro forcefully took control of the body his brother shared with him and traveled his way back to the hidden valley where the unsealed jar lay. There he found what he needed, the dark shard of his soul trapped within a crystal, where all his malice and evil had been. Pyro jumped at the chance he saw it and quickly absorbed it into his body before his brothers could stop him. With his new strength, he could easily overpower his brothers in control over the body.

With evil in his heart now, Pyro headed to Paragon city and into Atlas Park where he met with his old friend Blast Cycle, who had recently joined The Challengers. Sickened that the vigilante had turned to a more noble path, Pyro attacked and fought Blast Cycle under the statue of Atlas. Easily defeating Blast Cycle with a slash to the side with a fire sword and with the elements of surprise and betrayal, Pyro announced his intent of destruction on the world by Fire and Flame and dubbed himself a new name. He was sick of all the heroes using the power of fire for the good of the world and aid of others. He saw fire as a tool of destruction and carnage and now wished to remind the world that. Pyro took on the new name Pure Inferno, representing how the power of fire should really be.


Letting a nearby weak hero take the bleeding Blast Cycle to a hospital, Inferno retired to the Isles for his next plan. Over the course of three months, he remained rather quiet in the Super-villain World, and even seemed to drop off the map. That is until he met up with the Infamous Nine-Ball. Inferno joined up with a group of super-villains to aid in his goals. Though it is rather unknown if he still plans to destroy the whole world, or reestablish his old empire, it is clear he seeks the destruction of Paragon. Another issue that has come apparent is his obsession with the destruction of the Challengers. This could be however his hatred with their induction of Blast Cycle, forcing Inferno to join the United Underworld in order to take them on with equal footing. Why he seeks to combat and defeat Blast Cycle so much is unknown. Maybe it is his best target for vengeance on all fire Heroes. It could possibly be the closest way to keeping his friendship with him while still remaining a villain. Or he seeks just the fun of making his arch-hero squirm under his thumb.

United Underworld



United Underworld-The group of villains Inferno has chosen to ally himself with. Originally chosen only to get at The Challengers, Inferno has grown to like the United Underworld and is very loyal to their causes.

  • Nine-Ball-One of the major leaders within the UU and the one who brought him in. Inferno has grown to respect his choices and leadership, but it seems Nine-Ball is all business.
  • Maestro Fortissimo-Another leader in the UU. The Maestro was at the end of his leadership when Inferno came. Since joining, Inferno has grown to a comfortable friendly status with The Maestro.
  • Wild Time-The craziest of all the United Underworld and one of the most destructive of the leaders. Inferno has loyally served under him, knowing that doing so, destruction would be in the future.
  • Becky Beatdown-Another one of the leaders. Inferno does not usually take her seriously off the battlefield, but on it, he trusts her as one of the most powerful of the United Underworld.
  • Seismecca-One of the more active field leaders and a member who joined shortly after Inferno. She is a elemental user like him, though a mutant, but still uses her powers in a destructive manner that pleases Inferno greatly.
  • Autosaurus Wrecks-A giant robot with a dislike for organics. Whether Wrecks considers Inferno an organic since he is an elemental is unknown. Their relationship is mixed at best. They usually agree in some methods, though Wrecks' confusion with every day practices usually annoy Inferno.
  • Horror-Frost-Another one of the many ice villains that attempt to join the United Underworld. A former thief, Frost has managed to stay in the group longer than the others. With a conflicting partnership, Inferno cannot help but get annoyed at the former thief's desire to stay a thief and not move on to super criminal.

The Challengers - A group Inferno detests greatly, mostly for getting in the way of his fighting against Blast Cycle. Now he finds himself usually against at least one of them if he ever fights another hero.

  • Blast Cycle - Inferno's Arch-Hero, and once one of his friends. The two of them go back a ways into the early days of Inferno's villain hood when he was still known as Elemental Soul. His current view on their relationship is unknown, but it is known when Blast Cycle is brought up, he tends to get angry, as if over something lost.
  • Xanatos-Inferno's polar opposite. Inferno is evil, Xanatos stands for good. Inferno uses fire and chaos, Xanatos uses Ice and order. Despite being a Challenger and his polar opposite, Inferno feels slightly more respect to Xanatos due to his returned respect to Inferno as a villain. Though is this actual respect or a witty mockery?

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In-character notes

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Out-of-character notes
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