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United Underworld is a criminal organization in the rogue's gallery style of costumed villainy. Working out of their secret base in the Shadow Shard, they seek to extend their influence over the Rogue Isles, Paragon City, and perhaps the world! Their membership is composed of all manner of nefarious types whose ambitions might range from the pedantic, to the conventional, to the truly bizarre. By combining their talents with the promise of attaining all their mutual and individual goals, they stand as a vital threat to law-abiding citizens everywhere, especially the good people of Paragon City and their super powered protectors.

The members of United Underworld subscribe to the philosophy that a group of determined, like-minded villains can do more than any one of them can alone. By working together, pooling strength, and drawing upon the most fertile of minds, no force on Earth can long withstand them.

The unofficial motto of the group is that it abides by three tenants--wealth, power, and mayhem--with an emphasis on acquiring the first two while causing the third. For those who want material things, there is money for the taking. For those who desire power, United Underworld will provide it. For those who simply wish to cause damage and destroy all who stand in their way, they will have help.

Despite the lack of trust that comes with such people as might populate this kind of group, United Underworld relies on the principle that "if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." Cooperation comes when members realize that a victory for one is a victory for the all, and when one villain triumphs the rest share in the glory. Everyone works to the completion of the each other's goals, ensuring everyone gets what they want.


United Underworld
Founder: A. Nonymous
Side: Villain
Motto: Together we stand, united they fall!
Leader(s): None
Logo: Globe
Group Colours: Black and White
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): All
Recruiting: Always
Contact: www.UnitedUnderworld.guildportal.com
No additional information available.


System of Rule

Perhaps what separates United Underworld from other super groups is its unique, dynamic power structure that allows for all its members to have a chance to lead. In this way any eligible villain with a worthy scheme has the chance to put their plan forward, supported by the power and resources United Underworld!

Council of Chaos

The power to rule in United Underworld extends from the Council of Chaos, a two-tier body politic made up of primary and secondary members. Herein lies the heart of the organization, consisting of its most valued and capable affiliates. All share a vote and the right to speak on matters that pertain to them, but it is among the primary members that a leader can be chosen. It is the goal of United Underworld that all villains in the group be invited to the Council and, eventually, join with primary status.

Supreme Leader

The most important role is that of the Supreme Leader. This is because they are not expected to merely sit idly by, but rather coordinate the activities of the group, combining the plans and designs of the individual members into an ongoing campaign to the mutual benefit of all. It may also serve as that villain's chance to unveil his or her latest scheme, whatever it may be, so long as some form of profit or advantage can be gleaned from it. In this way everyone who sits in the leader's chair may conduct their meetings, guide the group, and find support in what they choose to do. Likewise, everyone else is expected to assist.

Such leadership is decided by the primary members of the Council of Chaos. No one will be appointed against their will. In such meetings when a leader is to be chosen, those who desire the post can state their intention and even argue their case until a vote is called and made. Their tenure as leader will proceed until either a span of time lasting no longer than 60 days has passed, or until they have resigned, or until they have been removed from office by a vote of no confidence from the Council of Chaos, at which point in time a new leader will be chosen.

Active Plan

What qualifies as the plan members puts forth can be almost anything. This can include running a standard Strike Force team, or any other mission arc, or a series of such teams. Crafting one or more AE arcs for the group to run is also encouraged. Going into special zones in the game, like PvP areas, and participating in zone events are also possible. The most important thing is that there is an RP context surrounding the event. This can be done by hosting a preliminary meeting explaining the details, or providing a new angle for completing a particular Strike Force, or even using the context provided in the game so long as it is played out as a genuine occurrence. Finally, it is not actually necessary that the event include any aspect of game content. It can take place entirely in a RP format, including the people of the SG along with anyone else be they player or NPC.

  • Example 1: A plan to acquire the same semi-sentient bio-weapons that razed Galaxy City might bring the group to Bloody Bay to collect Shivan Shards one night or over the course of several days. Afterwards the weapons are mass produced and tested by running a selected mission or AE arc where NPC heroes are overrun by big, slimy monsters.
  • Example 2: Obtain a shrinking ray through role-playing or in a custom-made AE arc. This ray is then used to shrink down a couple of villains within a special craft, which are then placed in solution and imbibed by an unsuspecting hero (with the player's consent of course). Once within the heroes body, the villains travel to their head to control their brain!


Main Article: Membership Policy

United Underworld welcomes a wide variety of villain types while conforming to very specific guidelines. All prospective members must fill out an application found on the official website.


The ideal United Underworld candidate would be a villain that might easily exist in the Silver or Bronze Age of Comics. This could range from the silly to the sadistic, or both. They should possess some kind of gimmick or a hook that drives the character in an interesting way. They should best be known by an alias, particularly something clever pointing to their persona. They could wear a costume, or at least an outfit or gear that exhibits some form of unifying theme. Finally, they should be a villain at heart, morally corrupt in one way or the other, as opposed to a character that is essentially good or neutral.


All applicants should understand that United Underworld is an RP group that expects its members to be IC at virtually all times. We have high RP standards to be adhered to constantly. Behavior must conform with the "Rules of Engagement" as listed on the Right to Menace consent form. All characters, even if they have elements that range in the ridiculous, should be played with a realistic intent.


Game names must be spelled correctly whenever possible, without unnecessary or improper use of periods, apostrophes, or hyphens. Improper capitalization, extra letters used to frame words, or the use of "leet speak" can also disqualify names. Substituting the letter "i" for an "L" and vice versa is permitted. Handles that are simply a first and last name, like "Dan Cooper", will not be accepted. However, adding some kind of special title to a name may be acceptable, such as in "Count Otto" or "Emperor Zenon". First names with some kind of descriptive last name may also be tried, such as "Tommy Mysterious". Certain character types that carry memetic implications may not be approved unless otherwise augmented by a more compelling theme. This can include such cliches as demons, vampires, catgirls, or others.

Activity and Alternate Character Policy

At United Underworld we understand that players have different responsibilities in the game and in real life, but activity is important. All members are expected to log in and play on a regular basis, at least twice a week. An absence in excess of 20 days without prior notice can result in demotion or dismissal.

So long as players remain consistently active they may introduce alternate characters into the group. The amount of alternate characters allowed depends on the highest rank achieved by their original character in the group. This is currently determined as follows: primary council members may have two alt's, and secondary council members may have one alt. However, only one character per player may serve as a primary member of the council. Different characters may be rotated into the primary council position through various means, but only one at a time. Alternate characters may skip the application process, but must still be interviewed by at least two primary council members.

Interview Process

Prospective villains will typically be interviewed by the Supreme Leader or primary council member before being asked to join. At this point they are usually given the rank of "Initiate" for an undetermined amount of time before gaining council status.


Main Article: Hall of Villainy

United Underworld prides itself on a highly active roster of developing super villains. The following is a listing of its valued membership without including non-combative types such as administration or base builders.

Name Rank Origin Status Summary
Autosaurus Wrecks Primary Council Technology Active Unstoppable cybernetic death machine
Becky Beatdown Primary Council Science Active Super strong Valley Girl with an army of clones
Horror-Frost Primary Council Technology Active A thug with cryogenic technology ready to make it big
Madame Machina Primary Council Technology Active Calculating cyborg with an affinity for machines
Maestro Fortissimo Primary Council Mutation Active Musical mastermind with a deadly singing voice
Nine-Ball Primary Council Natural Active Eccentric psychic with a fixation on billiard balls
Pure Inferno Primary Council Magic Active Elemental of flame with a burning desire for vengence
Seismecca Primary Council Mutation Active Former hero whose love of destruction measures on the Richter scale
Shogun of Sorrow Primary Council Technology Active Resourceful modern-day ninja, assassin, and master of technology
Wild-Time Primary Council Mutation Active Insane mafia goon with mental and temporal powers
Goldglitz Secondary Council Mutation Active Dazzling mutant with golden hair and a lust for wealth
Malevolency Secondary Council Magic Active Dinosaur eel-shark with a violent thirst for blood
Misnomer Secondary Council Technology Active Fallen hero with identity issues
Super Rikti Secondary Council Science Active Advanced Rikti with the combined powers of Omega Team heroes

H.E.N.C.H. Men

Main Article: H.E.N.C.H. Men

The Human Engineered Nano-Cybernetic Hybrids, or H.E.N.C.H. Men, make up the main branch of the United Underworld army. Comprised of clones outfitted with cybernetic enhancements and armed with advanced weaponry, their function is to carry out menial duties and para-military operations.

Outpost Omega

Main Article: Outpost Omega

Located in the remote recesses of the Shadow Shard, Outpost Omega is the secret, untouchable base of operations used by United Underworld. Floating on a distant rock in the vastness of empty space with built-in defenses manned by a garrison of H.E.N.C.H. Men, the only practical means of entry is by special portal code sequence granted only to United Underworld members.


Main Article: History of United Underworld

United Underworld is a group dedicated to decisive action, grand schemes, and subtle plots! As such they are involved in many activities that must be recorded for posterity. A complete and ongoing history of the group's crusade in their endless bid for power is constantly being chronicled.

Upcoming Events

This is where events of special importance may be listed, including internal United Underworld activities, as well as functions dealing with other groups or the entire server. Check here regularly to find out what may be happening in the future. At all other times, members of United Underworld meet every Sunday and Thursday evening at 8:00 PM EST.

  • No new events are scheduled at this time.

Questions? Contact @Drimble Wedge, @Blightrix, or @Mephitis in game or check out our web site at www.UnitedUnderworld.guildportal.com for more information.
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