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By Ridley Scott

PARAGON-Doctor North, one of the world's most renowned and famous psychiatrists, has rescinded his American citizenship.

North was also a super-hero of some renown, best known for his triumphant victory over the Circle of Thorns in the summer of 2005.

Now, Doctor North is taking a new turn in his career. Today he rescinded his American citizenship. He leaves Paragon to live in the new, fledgling nation of Cobiness, situated on the northern tip of Baffin Island. The nation formed only months ago, is the first nation of indigenous North Americans to invoke their right to self-government and represents a landmark advancement in the cause of native rights.

The nation of Cobiness was granted independence and given international recognition on January 1, 2009.

The nation's creation is not without controversy. Many believe, there has been billions of private, undisclosed dollars sent to the region - that helped incite and architect the nation's new independence. Secondly, accusations have begun that Cobiness has secretly funded massive scientific research without any guidance or coordination with the rest of the International Community.

Now, in yet another bold move, the nation has given Doctor North immediate citizenship to their nation and appointed him as their ambassador to the United Nations.

Doctor North used his new political position to immediately criticize the Freedom Phalanx. He cited several deficiencies within the organization and blamed them for failing to stop the detonation of the PAED in Brickstown. He also was adamant that the Phalanx and other hero groups were not taking the necessary actions to prevent another detonation of the PAED device. (ED NOTE: Time's website readers may read the original PAED article here).

Doctor North then went on to remind us all, that the device (planted by a sinister group of villains known as: the Supreme Society), was far more dangerous than the media have reported.

"The PAED is more than a bomb, it is a psychic amplification system. It is the worst kind of biochemical warfare we've ever seen. We haven't even measured the psychological impact on those exposed to the device," Doctor North ranted at his press conference.

"It will be my solemn duty to raise the importance of this crisis, right to the General Assembly of the U.N. I believe my proposals, while radical, will deal the Supreme Society a severe blow."

Doctor North refused to take further questions. It is believed he is sponsoring a unique resolution tomorrow at the assembly, as his first act of business.
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