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Hero Alias: Dr. Monster
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 30
Affiliation: The T.E.A.M.

Secret Identity: Dr. Miles Moss
Occupation: Portal Corp Physicist

Shard: Primal-11 ("Everlasting")
Contact: @Android

Dr. Miles Moss was once a leading physicist and respected Portal Corp employee famed for his 2010 discovery of Papa-67 (“Pinkworld”), an alternate dimension in which the Hamidon has overwhelmed all organic beings with an airborne bacteria. Fauna infected by the papa bacteria take on a pink hue and are slowly mutated into mindless monsters that act only on primal instinct; Dr. Moss and his team were tasked with exploring Pinkworld and studying its organic life to ensure that the Hamidon would not be able to unleash papa upon Primal-11 (“Everlasting”).

During his ninth excursion into Pinkworld with a small support team, Moss was attacked by a monstrous humanoid that tore a hole in his containment suit. He was evacuated to Primal Earth immediately, but it was already too late; before he reached the rift that would take him home, the bacteria entered his bloodstream and began to replicate. Within minutes, Moss’s skin had turned a shade of bright pink and genetic aberrations were already occurring at the extremities: his ears had elongated into points; his hands and feet had developed claws; and his face began to take on a scaly, monstrous appearance.

Moss’s team had developed a rapidly-acting anti-biotic (“papacillin”) designed to be administered intravenously, but the doctor lost control of his mind before it could be administered. Upon arriving on Primal-11, he tore through Portal Corp’s labs, before escaping into larger Peregrine Island. There, he was confronted by the hero Beetleman, who subdued him and returned him to Portal Corp to be treated. Though papacillin prevented the bacteria from spreading further and restored the doctor’s control over his conscious mind, it did not reverse the transformation that had already taken place.

Having been nicknamed “Dr. Monster” by the Paragon Times, Moss found it difficult to rebuild his life. Unable to find steady employment due to his reputation as an apparent supervillain, he only found redemption when a criminal mastermind, the Techspert, attacked Portal Corp in an attempt to obtain rift-generating technology. Moss was only on site to collect a small severance package, but ultimately helped Beetleman to defeat the Techspert; the two then pursued the villain to his workshop, where he is presumed to have died when the building collapsed.

Following his team-up with Beetleman and his victory over the Techspert, public opinion shifted. Dr. Miles Moss embraced his new moniker and became a superhero. However, he continued to struggle with the stigma associated with his monstrous appearance and, when not fighting crime, travelled the multiverse seeking a cure for his affliction. During his initial excursions into parallel worlds, he developed a bitter rivalry with Outline, a master thief with the ability to render himself invisible – and who most frequently uses his powers to steal interdimensional technology for sale on Primal Earth.

After several trips to worlds adjacent to Papa-67, all of which had fallen to the Hamidon in one form or another, Dr. Monster travelled to Praetorian Earth in the hope that relics from the Hamidon Wars might hold the key to reversing the affects of papa bacteria. He was still there when the Battle for the Multiverse occurred on 30 November 2012, an event which saw Rularuu escape from the Shadow Shard and begin consuming worlds. Heroes on Primal-11 managed to defeat Rularuu and banish him back to his prison, but a temporary disruption to rift technology meant that Dr. Monster was now stranded in Praetoria indefinitely.

For the next few years, Dr. Monster remained on Praetorian Earth and became a member of the Resistance, aiding the fight against Emperor Cole’s regime. Eventually, with the help of the Dark Watcher, he was able to make it back to Primal-11 in 2017. There, he joined forces with the heroes Android, Brickyard and Metal Mage to defeat the supervillain Nefario before joining their supergroup the T.E.A.M. (the Tactical Emergency Assistance Movement).

Since joining the T.E.A.M., Dr. Monster has preferred a supporting role that has allowed him to use his intelligence and tactical skills rather than his physical strength and combat abilities. When not offering tactical assistance to his T.E.A.M. allies, he has made several further excursions into the multiverse, fought a team of supervillains infected with the papa bacteria (the so-called "Freaks of Nature") and even returned to Praetorian Earth to assist Resistance forces in First Ward and Night Ward while further researching the Hamidon.

However, in early 2021, several of the core T.E.A.M. entered the Shadow Shard in order to find an explanation for Rularuu’s escape in 2012. They disappeared without trace and have yet to return, leaving Dr. Monster in charge of the group’s reserves. He has now returned to active crimefighting alongside the remaining members of the T.E.A.M., while searching for a way to contact his lost comrades.


Dr. Monster’s skin is infected with papa bacteria, originally created by a version of the Hamidon native to the shard Papa-67 (“Pinkworld”). The bacteria gives him superior strength, agility and speed as well as hardened skin that renders him invulnerable to most blunt force trauma and provides a great deal of protection against toxins and extreme temperatures.

The bacteria has also mutated his body in several ways, including by causing his hands and feet to develop monstrous claws that he now uses in combat with his adversaries. He also possesses superhuman senses of hearing and sight as a result of enlarged ears and eyes. Even before his exposure to the bacteria that gave him his extraordinary powers, Dr. Miles Moss was exceptionally intelligent; he is a master tactician, possesses a genius intellect and continues to research the theoretical physics of the multiverse.

Dr. Monster is primarily allied to the T.E.A.M., a loose coalition of superheroes that was co-founded by Android and Brickyard. Dr. Monster has become the de facto leader of the T.E.A.M. following the disappearance of its core membership in the Shadow Shard.

He is also allied to several other crimefighting organisations, including the FBSA, S.E.R.A.P.H., Longbow and particularly Vanguard, which frequently calls upon his expertise in its battles against interdimensional threats (and which launched the mission to retrieve him from Praetorian Earth following the Battle for the Multiverse).

Dr. Monster’s closest allies are his fellow T.E.A.M. members, including Android, Brickyard, Metal Mage, Springfoot and Bullfrog. His most frequent recurring adversary is the master thief Outline, who frequently uses his invisibility to infiltrate alternate dimensions and steal advanced technology for sale to the highest bidder. He has also fought the costumed criminals Laser, Datamind, Coldray and Reacto, all of whom are members of the C.R.I.M.E. syndicate.

Dr. Monster has also frequently been forced to battle the Freaks of Nature, a group of supervillains who have all developed superpowers as a result of exposure to the papa bacteria. Their leader, Badmouth, is a hideous humanoid creature whose transformation is even more advanced than Moss’s own, while other members of the group have developed varying levels of genetic mutation.

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