Galaxy Archon Kyriakos

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Galaxy Archon Kyriakos
Player: Trystan Laryssa
Origin: Science
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Kyriakos / Taran Broadhurst
Known Aliases: "Ky", Galaxy Archon
Species: Nictus (Human host)
Age: 22
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel, paled by energy
Hair Color: Black, violet sheen to it
Biographical Data
Nationality: Celtic / Caucasian
Occupation: Council Galaxy / Dimensional Traveler
Place of Birth: Brickstown
Base of Operations: Striga Island
Marital Status: In committed relationship
Known Relatives: Kurt Broadhurst, father (The Council) Lora McAllister, mother (deceased)
Known Powers
(Dark/Dark Corruptor, there ARE no Nictus)
Known Abilities
Nictus energy manipulation, martial arts
No additional information available.




Kyriakos is slow to trust others, since everything he has become was the result of smooth-talkers. He has decided to make the best of his situation by burying himself in his work. If things get too deep, too stressful or too complicated, he'll whip out his notepad and resume making his reports.

Character History


Much like Strikeshadow, Kyriakos of this alternate dimension had been talked into becoming a Nictus. Like him, he too was sent to the Council for a host. However, that's where the similarities end. His failed merger with Moraux was short-lived; after leading a successful raid on behalf of the Council, they granted him an opportunity to merge with a young adjutant named Taran Broadhurst. This blending was successful, and Galaxy Archon Kyriakos was well and whole.

Past Events

Kyriakos was sent to investigate the reasons behind why Arachnos had sent an operative to this new dimension. Intelligence gathered suggested that in this dimension, a Column program that had failed... his own father's work... had actually succeeded here. Also, it was suspected that Madeline Xion was the only living descendant of the original donor of the project genetics. He followed her to the alternate timeline, and began looking into matters.

Mad Xion was much more than he had bargained for... curious, mouthy, and always invasive of his personal space, she was almost enough to make him request reassignment. In time, however, something genuine and insistent about her nature began to grow on him. He wasn't aware of it at first, until they ran into their own doubles in this dimension, and learned that they were a couple. What at first seemed ridiculous became more and more understandable over time... but he said nothing of his feelings for her, until one night, long into their assignment. They had both been suspecting that the Council and Arachnos had set them both up, and had started working together on looking for the Menace project, when Kyriakos mentioned that they were getting close to finding their mark. Once they made their discovery, they would have to go back home, and likely wouldn't see one another again, as their factions were constantly at odds. To his complete astonishment, Madeline looked at him for a moment, then burst into tears, saying that she was all for not looking anymore because she didn't want to go back if it meant she couldn't see him again. Completely knocked for a loop that his feelings were mutually returned, Kyriakos allowed himself a rare moment, and took her in his arms. They decided that night that they would find some reason, some excuse not to go back home.

Current Story

Recently, Kyriakos and Madeline have been separated by circumstance... Kyriakos ran into Menace Alpha. Stunned to know that the proof of his father's work was right in front of him, he allowed himself to be "captured" by Alpha, and taken to Menace base. Since then, he has learned much about the recent goings-on, and is appalled that his father hasn't been seen for years. His goal is to gain enough of Alpha's trust that he can take some of the burden of running the project off Alpha's shoulders, and step in where his father failed. The only trouble is, what will they do about Menace Beta?


Taran was an accomplished martial artist before his merger with Kyriakos. Now, he uses his fighting prowess as a backup to his formidable Nictus energy.


Kyriakos is an altered Kheldian, and as such has the usual strengths and weaknesses associated with his race.

To contact this character's creator

Send a message in game... it is my preference for things related to CoX. Global handle: @Trystan Laryssa

Creator Notes and Trivia

Wow... who would have thought that "OOOh! Hey! Let's go make Praes of our characters!" would turn into something as tangled-up as this...  :)

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