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Kegan 3.jpg
Kegan in Portal Corps
Player: @Kegen
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kegan
Known Aliases: Keggers
Species: Human / Valkyrie
Age: 20ish
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Pink
Biographical Data
Nationality: Valkyrie
Occupation: Founder of ZOMG
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Faultline
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Isabeau(Sister), Kara (Mother), Kurai (Clone)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Katana Sword, PDA,
No additional information available.



Daughter of Kara the Valkyrie Kegan came to paragon in search of her sister Izzy. Once reunited with her they joined the Angry Angels in their crusade against evil. As a Valkyrie she was immortal and unable to love. But …. Her heart had a mind of its own. So following her heart she chose mortality. Unfortunately her love was not returned and in anger she froze her heart so she could never be hurt again. She now uses this anger to protect her self from those who would try to harm her. Covering her self in a coating of thick ice when she feels danger. Unfortunately every time she does this Kurai Musha gets stronger.

Character History


Origin of Kara and Helgi: The “Lost” Lay of Kara

Helgi Was protected by his wife Kara the Valkyrie. She would fly over him in battle, granting him luck and the victory. One day while fighting Hromund he swings his sword to high and cut off Kara’s foot killing her. With Kara dead Helgi’s luck has run out and Hromund cuts of his head. Odinn sends the Valkyries to collect Kara and Helgi and bring them back to Valhalla.

Freyja is not at all happy that Helgi has gotten Kara killed again. Freyja is allowed to choose half of the warrior slain in battle, and as custom dictates is allowed first choice. She chooses Kara, since this is in fact the third time Helgi has gotten her killed. Odinn is greatly annoyed at the loss another Valkyrie to Freyja, but he must follow the rules. Kara did if fact fall on the battlefield so Freyja is allowed to choose her. Odinn in turn takes Helgi. Kara goes to Folkvang to live with Freyja and the other Valkyries while Helgi stays in Valhalla to train for Ragnarok. In Folkvang Kara gives birth to twin girls Kegan and Isabeau “Izzy”.

Kegan’s Story:

Time moves slower in Folkvang so by the time Kegan and Izzy are 16 a great deal of time has passed on earth. The great warriors and their sons left Valhalla and Folkvang to fight in the Rikti Wars (Ragnarok). At this time all of the remaining Valkyries and their children travel to the northern part of Scandinavia and settle in a village they call “New Folkvang”.

Thing are different in New Folkvang. They no longer follow Odin as the time for the old Gods has passed. Now on earth, they are no longer immortal. This means they have to be more careful. After years of watching over warriors on the battlefield they have picked up a few things. The Valkyries start to train their children in the art of combat. Children are thought varies techniques including marshal arts, archery, and swordsmanship. They also study literature, history and religion. One day after lessons Kegan and Izzy go down to the lake to cool off. Members of the “Circle of Thorns” attack the girls. Izzy is captured by them and taken away. On her 18th birthday Kegan leaves New Folkvang and heads for Paragon city in search of her sister.

Searching for Izzy

Powers and Abilities

Kegan studied many forms of combat while at home with the Valkyries. However she excelled at the Sword. Once the came to Peregrine she started using a lighter Katana sword given to her by Azura. Although she is no longer impartial (for now) her Valkyrie blood gives her excellent regeneration powers and she is nearly impossible to kill. Due to an accident of love she now has the power to control ice. (Keggers)



Friends and Family

ZOMG in Action

Members of ZOMG

Members of PVU

Rogue Isle Operatives

  • Kurai Musha
  • Kenka Neko
  • A.Muck
  • Pwnce
  • Thug Neko
  • Arctikat
  • Kodie



Character short story

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