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Player: @Kegen
Origin: Tec
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kodie
Known Aliases: Kegan, Kegi, Cutie
Species: Warshade
Age: 20ish
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 100lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Pink
Biographical Data
Nationality: Kheldian
Occupation: Decoy
Place of Birth: Founders Falls
Base of Operations: Faultline
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Aleska
Known Powers
Fire, Ice, Rad
Known Abilities
Can change out her weapons at will
PDA, Tech Wings, Wrist Gauntlets
Likes Pink!



The original Kegi-Bot was created by Scrap Cat to be used as a decoy for Kegan. Scrap attempted to power the small robot she called Kegi with a shard crystal she confiscated from some COT. This crystal was holding the Warshade named Kodie. The process woke Kodie from her slumber and she took over the robotic suit and took the name Kegi as her own. There is, despite popular belief, only one Kegi-Bot. The numbers following her name designate the weapons she is currently carrying.

Character History


Kegi-Bot AKA Kodie started life as a Kheldians. Her parents moved away from their home world when she was just a child. Kheldian that don’t join have a short life span without a host so her parents arranged for her to join with a young girl named Aleska. The two of them soon became best friends. In the year 1922 Aleska was attacked by a man named Deedrick he used black magic to pull Kodie form her host taking her captive and leaving Aleska for dead. He traveled the galaxy in search of other Kheldian attacking them and taking their powers to increase his own life span becoming a Nictus in the process. He soon found himself on earth where he hooked up with a group known as the Circle of Thorns. These men were studying Warshades to improve their own techniques of possession. Deedrick not being as clever as he thought he was easily fooled. Betraying Deedrick they remove Kodie from him and locked her in a crystal inscribed with magical text.

Years latter while on a mission with her owner and mentor Kegan, Scrap Cat came across a box of crystals. They all seemed to give off great amounts of powers, but one more then the others. A small light purple one seemed to glow when touched. A single point of light flicked deep within it. Excited Scrap pocketed the crystals and took them home to experiment on. Scrap was in fact making a Android. A small robot fashioned to look like her owner Kegan. To be used as a Decoy when Kegan was off on business in the Rogue Isles. Scrap fitted the crystal into her robots Kinetic Modification Module and powered her up. Kegi who had shot down mentally years ago was instantly brought back to consciousness. In fear she shattered the crystal destroying it. Over the next few months, Kodie slowly became aware of where and who she was. She had subconsciously hid out in the Android for the last year. In Jan of 2007 Kodie became know to Scrap Cat. Taking the name Kegi as her own she merged completely with the Android body mutating it to serve her own needs. From that day forward Kegi-Bot stopped being just a robot made to look like Kegan and started to live life, a life that was now her own.

Powers and Abilities

Model Numbers

1000 Series V" Series
Kegi-Bot 1000 Controller/Fire/Kin Kegi-Bot v1.0 Blaster/Ice/Energy
Kegi-Bot 2000 Controller/Fire/Emp Kegi-Bot v2.0 Tank/Ice/EM
Kegi-Bot 3000 Controller/Fire/Rad Kegi-Bot v3.0 Scrapper/DB/WP
Kegi-Bot 4000 Controller/Ice/Kin Kegi-Bot v4.0 Defender Emp/Arrow
Kegi-Bot 5000 Controller/Ice/Emp Kegi-Bot v5.0 Brute/EM/WP
Kegi-Bot 6000 Controller/Ice/Rad Kegi-Bot v6.0 Stalker/EM/Reg
Kegi-Bot 7000 Controller/ Ill/Kin Kegi-Bot v7.0 MM/Bots/Storm
Kegi-Bot 8000 Controller/Ill/Emp Kegi-Bot v8.0 Dominator/Ice/EM
Kegi-Bot 9000 Controller/Ill/Rad Kegi-Bot v9.0 Corruptor/Ice/Rad
Kegi-Bot PM Warshade Kegi-Bot AM Peacebringer
Kegi-Bot BC Spider Kegi-Bot AD Widow





Friends and Family

Members of ZOMG


Rogue Isle Operatives

  • Kurai Musha
  • Izzy Bo
  • Kodie
  • Kenka Neko
  • A. Muck
  • Lotis
  • Kaydia
  • Thug Neko


Character short story

Creator Notes and Trivia

In Character

Out of Character


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