Mistress Iyzebella

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Iyzebella 2.png
Mistress Iyzebella
Player: @Alicia Jewel
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 27
Personal Data
Real Name: Iyzebella
Known Aliases: Mistress Iyzebella
Species: Demon
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'6"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Ice-blue
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: The Abyss
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Summoning demons and controlling dark energy
Known Abilities
Hellfire whip
No additional information available.

Mistress Iyzebella is a demon-summoning demoness from the Praetorian version of Hell. She was originally sent to Praetoria to take out as many humans as possible, but a strange twist of fate (and a nasty earthquake) ended with her being saved by the very humans she was sent to destroy. Now, she walks a very thin line between saving the humans... or destroying them.



Iyzebella is clearly not human: she stands at 6'6", has purple skin, and possesses a pair of horns protruding from her forehead. Purple and black wings sprout from her back, and a rather stereotypical devil's tail whips about behind her. Her usual outfit is nothing but several ornate metallic strips covering her body, tall black boots, and small black gloves. Some spikes protrude from her shoulders, but it is unknown if they are part of her body or simply ornamental.

It should be noted that despite her outward appearance, Iyzebella is only half succubus.


Even though she is not technically evil, Iyzebella is still willing to do what it takes to get things to work her way. She prefers to resort to seduction, flattery, or anything of the sort, but she won't hesitate to use force when needed. In her quest to determine whether or not she should kill all humans, she prefers to use destructive methods that are still beneficial.


Mistress Iyzebella's date of birth is unknown, but it is estimated that she at least a century old in Earth time. In 2010, she was sent by her dark master to the world of Praetoria to destroy the humans that resided there. However, as she was attempting to summon her demon companions, an earthquake struck, causing a tree to fall on Iyzebella. She ended up in the care of the humans. This strange string of events lead her to rethink her purpose and wonder if she would be better off repaying the humans who saved her. She ended up working for the Crusaders of the Resistance, letting her walk a line between helping the humans and causing havoc at the same time.

Eventually, she was sent to Primal Earth, where she ended up on the Rogue Isles since Paragon doesn't take too kindly to demons. She didn't classify herself as a villain, though, trying to stay on "the line" she had established for herself.

Alternate Universe

In the forum RP Paragon University, Iyzebella is the new professor of Demonology and Demon Summoning. She seeks to find her purpose on Earth and continues to walk a very narrow line between good and evil. Her only companions are Hrag, Hroth, and Hravart. Her Whitmoore Wiki profile can be found here.


Iyzebella currently has six demon henchmen: three demonlings, two normal-ranking demons, and a prince of the demonic world. She is never seen without them when she is in battle, but she prefers to keep them off the field otherwise.

Hrag, Hroth, and Hravart

Hrag, Hroth, and Hravart

Iyzebella's three demonling henchmen are Hrag, a fire demonling; Hroth, an ice demonling; and Hravart, a hellfire demonling. All of their names begin with the diminutive demonic prefix "Hr" and part of the demonic names for the elements they control. The trio serves as a bit of comic relief with their lower intelligence and odd quirks. Despite this, they have impressive powers that should not be underestimated.

Although Hrag serves as the de facto leader of the group, Hravart is the most intelligent of the three. That's not to say that he doesn't have his share of stupidity, however...

Urobach and Xaphan

Urobach and Xaphan

Urobach and Xaphan, controllers of fire and hellfire respectively, are higher-ranking demons that also serve as Iyzebella's companions. They possess more intelligence and more power than the three demonlings, but they have almost no personality traits aside from loyalty and destructiveness. Their names are both variations on the demonic words for fire and hellfire with elements that generally command more respect.


Balthazar is a powerful ice-controlling demon and son of Iyzebella's master. He is the most intelligent and powerful of Iyzebella's henchmen. However, he is not very happy with the idea of having to serve her in the mortal world. His name literally means "prince of ice" in the demonic tongue.


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