Night Widow Revenant

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The Wraith
Night Widow Revenant
Player: @P-trizzy my nizzy
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Widow/Scrapper
Threat Level: 50/33
Personal Data
Real Name: Cameron Ten Revenant
Known Aliases: Cam, Rev, 'Boyah'
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: Unknown.
Weight: 195 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Naturally Blonde, Died Red.
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Arachnos Soldier
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Mercy Island
Marital Status: Dating Jesteria
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Standard Issue Night Widow Claws, Katana




Shanking bitches.

Cameron Ten Revenant was born to Micheal Revenant and Jessica Revenant in Rhode Island, Paragon City. Ever since he was old enough to speak, he had always wanted to be a hero and he had no trouble hiding it. He wanted to be the best hero without actual powers in the world... However, his parents thought he was aiming far too high and wanted him to go to school and get an education instead.

(Work in progress.)

Joining Arachnos

The Venomous Web

Cameron knew changing the rogue islands would be hard. He would have to get as close to Recluse as he possibly could, and there was one way to do that... Join the Ranks of the Arachnos Soldiers.

(Work in progress.)

The Venemous Web

"Jesus, no wonder Sands was so pissed..."

After being promoted to Blood Widow, Arbiter Daos called the newly named Blood Widow Revenant in. He was assigned to a special force of Arachnos Soldiers known as 'The Venomous Web.'

Upon arrival, Cameron was greeted with two young men. One was Operative Lance Lancaster, a homosexual man who appeared to be albino, with pale skin, white hair and red eyes. The second refered to himself only as Operative Cupcake. His Arachnos armor was white and pink. Cameron immediately hated his guts.

The rest of the squadron moved in. An elegant, serious young fateweaver, known only as 'Refined', a tall, serious Crab Spider calling himself Operative Sicarious among others.

(Work in Progress.)


Leaning on the face of the Lord himself.



A tiny, petite young woman from Paragon City. Rev met her in the D and immediately grew interested in her when she responded to his infamous 'Ey gurah' with a 'Ey boyah.' Ever since then the two have been very close, and are currently dating, despite their difference in 'occupations.' The relationship between Rumor and Cameron is a Romeo and Juliet sort of deal.

Flame Wheel

A woman Rev met in the D, she's helped him out with a few problems he's had over his career.

Squad Members

Operative Lancaster

A gay, albino Bane Spider. Lance Lancaster is a good friend to Revenant, and Rev views him as one of his closest, even if Lance dosn't think Rev is.

"My lady."

Longfang Slug

A young, nerdy young man in a huge powerful suit of Crab Spider Armor. Slugs is the weapons technician of the group and though he is quiet and shy, give him a new gun and he loses his mind. Revenant and Slug are best friends and Rev is determined he's going to get Slug laid, wether he likes it or not.

Operative Sicarius

Rev and Sicarius don't get along. Sicarius thinks Rev is too immature and Rev thinks Sicarius is too stuck up and bossy.

Operative Marks

The second manwidow of the group, Marks asked Revenant to help him get a one night stand once. Revnenat fucked him over.

Nether Widow

Andrea and Revenant share similar goals - Both want to over throw Ghost Widow. However, while Revs intentions are pure, Andrea's are not.


The Fortunata Fateweaver of the group, Refined is elegant, classy and a bitch. Rev thinks she's fine as hell, though she'll have nothing to do with him.


Operative 'Princess' as Durand tends to call him is another close friend of Rev's. He's a huge moron, but he's loyal to a fault. I won't say he's competent, 'cause I'd be lying but he's a great cook.


A small, petite drow that Rev's had a few one-night-stands with.

Operative Ryals

Ryals is one of the Bane Spiders. Together with Jago and Lancaster, they form a trio of pure destruction, mauling anything in their way with their powerful maces. Ryals is close to Rev, but he has a bit of a temper.

Operative Wilson

Forever and always nothing more than a wolf spider...

Webmaster Durand

The Venomous Web's 'fearless' leader. Durand hates Revenant, but can see his competence and ability. Rev enjoys screwing with Durand, and thinks the the consequences of scrubbing the bathrooms is well worth it.


The second leader, Arrivederci is much more lax and kind than Durand though she is strict. On more than one occasion, Rev's mentioned her ass is fantastic.

Night Widow Devora

A spiteful night widow who seems to dislike everyone in the group. Rev thinks she's funny as hell when she gets pissed.

Operative Korlan

A serious crab spider that means serious business.

Dr. Fenix

The medical professional of the group, Dr. Fenix is feared by a large majority of the group because their lives lie within his hands and he won't be afraid to make a 'mistake.' He often threatens those who irritate him with strange medical expirements.

Operative Caine

This guy is tall as HELL.

Executioner Jago

Executioner Jago Freeman is the third of the Bane Spider Trio. He and Rev are close friends as well and they often look for fights together.


A quiet, strange young woman known as 'Sean.' Rev thinks this woman is incredibly creepy.

Blood Widow Hawkins


Operative McGogle

An irish crab spider with a drinking problem.


A charming young blonde who's the Arcane Specialist of the group. Her Mu Electricity makes her a powerful opponent.



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