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Lighting up the sky
Player: Nod
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Nod Marks
Known Aliases: NeverDark, Shadow Atoned, Nod
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 170lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Licensed Super Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Striga Isle, Paragon City
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Adam Marks (Father, location unknown), Megan Marks (Mother, location unknown), Rory Marks (Wife), Amanda Marks (Daughter)
Known Powers
Electrical Blast, Energy Manipulation, Electrical Mastery
Known Abilities
Flight, simple martial arts, presumed immortality
No additional information available.

Recharged was created after NeverDark reached level 50. When Nod was ressurected, his personality shifted to match a Silver Age theme. Of all of the incarnations of Nod, Recharged is his creator's favorite. His influences include the Robin of Teen Titans and Vyse of the RPG Skies of Arcadia.

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Supergroup: Teen Squadron

Former Supergroups:


A born leader, Nod has a strong moral code and an undying loyalty to his friends. Righteous to a fault, he considers his top priority to be defending the people of Paragon from harm. In battle, he remains calm and focused, although he isn't above joking with his teammates.


Unknown to him, Nod has an inherent ability to copy and absorb various forms of energy.

Electrical Blast

Copying the energy makeup of the lightning that struck his grave and returned him to life, Nod can produce and manipulate electricity into focused blasts. Through concentration, he can drain his enemies of power, encase them in cages of lightning, or summon a ball of electricity he calls Cornelius. In times of extreme need, he can channel all of his stored lightning into one large thunderous blast.

Energy Manipulation

Subconsciously, Nod enhances his normal fisticuffs with kinetic energy, adding to them extra power. He can also focus his electrical blasts to reach farther targets or drain electricity from the air around him to reduce the strain his attacks put on himself.

Electrical Mastery

After working with electricity long enough, Nod gained the ability to form a shield of lightning around himself, which dissipates some of the energy of physical attacks.


Through manipulation of static electricity, Nod is able to push himself through the air.

Character History

After NeverDark died, he was buried by his closest friends. Shortly afterwards, a bolt of lightning struck the grave, reviving the young hero. He found himself cured of his vampirism, and instead of his dark energy, Nod had control over electricity. Returning to Atlas Park, he registered under the name "Recharged", symbolizing both his new lightning powers, his second chance at life, and his newly inspired idealism.

Unnamed Story

( There's a story here involving Nod's first encounter with Vis Vires and how the zealot betrayed Hurst. I'll put it up here when I pull it all together. )


Following a volunteer's death during a weapons demonstration, Nod visited the offices of Roundtree Industries to discuss the company's ethics violations with its CEO, Alan Roundtree. The business man was unwilling to change his policies and had his chief Rotkiv forcibly escort the hero out.

Shortly after, in St. Martial, Marks was assaulted by Vis Vires, who believed the thug to be Recharged, fighting crime in the Rogue Isles. The battle ended in a stalemate as Marks managed to escape, leaving Vis Vires enraged.

Seeking retribution, Vis Vires hired Rebecca Hurst to help him track down his nemesis. Grudgingly, she agreed, plotting to repay him for his previous acts.

Realizing that Vis Vires was mistakingly after him, Marks prepared a plan to allow him to escape the crusader's clutches. Dressing in Recharged's blue and white, he burst into a Roundtree Industries warehouse, assaulted the personnel, and punched Roundtree before escaping. Still disguised, Marks robbed the First Bank of Independence Port, ensuring that the security cameras captured him in the act.

The police chased Nod down the Paragon Youth Corps headquarters. After discussing the situation, he chose to surrender himself until the true culprit was found.

Ignorant of the arrest, Roundtree met with Gothic Defender in the hopes of finding Nod and "encouraging" him not to interfere with Roundtree Industries again. Although Gene recompensated him, Roundtree sent Rotkiv to storm the Youth Corps base in search of the hero. After an intense battle, Assembled Girl and Psykera forced Roktiv to retreat.

Following a tip from Hurst, Psykera tracked down Mandy Marks to protect her from Vis Vires; however, Hurst herself managed to knock Psykera out and kidnap Mandy, taking her to the zealot's monastery on Mount Diable.

Desperate to redeem herself, Psykera took the Unblinking Watchman to the Independence Port bank to search for clues. They found the bank teeming with Roundtree employees, scouring the building for evidence. Fighting their way through the soldiers, they found a single strange leaf in the vault and a distinct lack of security footage. The Roundtree guards had stolen it.

The Youth Corps prepared a plan to secure the footage, hoping it showed a vital clue that could prove Nod's innocence. In order to remove Roundtree from the picture, they hired Major Hellsborough to pose as a Malta agent looking for a deal. When Roundtree arrived, the Major knocked him out and dragged him to Warburg to wait for the Youth Corps to finish their plot.

Suzaku Kigara created an illusory disguise for Gene, allowing him to pose as Roundtree and sneak into Roundtree Industries to retrieve the bank's security footage. It showed that the "Nod" who robbed the bank did not use Recharged's signature lightning bolts and clearly dropped the leaf at the scence, despite never approaching any plants.

Before they could act on this information, Mandy gave Psykera a call looking for help. She had escaped Vis Vires' monastery and snuck onto an Arachnos flyer to Faultline; unfortunately, the madman had chased her down. Psykera arrived and fought him, but she couldn't stop him. Just as it appeared that he would kill them both, Hurst leapt out of a flyer, landed on his back, and detonated an explosive, killing her and severely wounding him. He limped back to Cap au Diable, leaving Mandy to show the leaf she had received from Hurst, a perfect match to the one found in the bank.

Realizing that they nearly had all the pieces to the puzzle, the Youth Corps decided to track down Vis Vires in the hopes of finding the true mastermind behind the events. Tricking Roundtree into ferrying them into the Isles, Gothic Defender, Assembled Girl, Psykera, and Flare Girl chased Vis Vires to his lair, where his injuries prevented him from putting up a fight. Using her mental prowess, Psykera pulled from his mind an image of Marks in the Giordano restaurant.

The group found the thug at the restaurant, where they used Sasha's wiles and their own abilities to beat Marks into submission and pull from him a confession. Nod was released from police custody, and Marks was admitted into the Zig.

The following night, using his mastery over plant life, Marks escaped the Zig. Shaking with both rage and grief, Nod visited Hurst's grave in Dark Astoria, swearing revenge.

Loose Threads

Still crippled from the explosion that stopped his plans, Vis Vires lay whimpering in the monastery converted into his lair, his mind shattered by Psykera. A newspaper showing that Hurst had enlisted the aid of Ouroborus and her past self to prevent her death snapped him back to normal, and he devised a new plan. If he could kill the young Hurst, the older would cease to exist.

The zealot assaulted the Knives of Artemis base where Hurst and her younger self were training. Although Hurst managed to push her teenage self to safety and repel Vis Vires, she was badly injured and realized that she couldn't hope to defeat him again.

Back in his house on Talos Island, Nod was plagued by nightmares, fueled by his experience with the inmates of the Zig. While stepping out for fresh air, he was met by Hurst, who asked him to defend her young self from Vis Vires. With a grim pleasure, Nod accepted.

Deciding to take a proactive approach, Nod called Vis Vires to Faultline. Expecting an easy fight, the madman was shocked to find that Nod's newfound psionic abilities could shut off his shields. The hero knocked his nemesis onto his back and began delivering an unending series of punches. Emotionless even when he broke the villain's nose and intent to kill, Nod only stopped when forcibly restrained by the Unblinking Watchman.

When asked what sparked his murderous rage, Nod responded in a cathartic rant on how the system was broken. No matter how many times the villains were imprisoned, they escaped and continued to cause suffering and death. The Unblinking Watchman's words, reminding him that people need incorruptible heroes to inspire them even in the face of suffering, pulled Nod back from his depression, and they returned Vis Vires to the Zig.

Before returning home, Nod traveled to Dark Astoria, where he found Hurst standing in front of her own grave. The two questioned what remained in the grave or how it could even exist, shared an understanding look, and parted ways.

Rouges Gallery

Hurst: A former teacher of pyschology at the school he attended, Nod and Hurst conflict over their views of Paragon's heroes. He still has not forgiven her for murdering a hero and several police officers who attempted to apprehend her.

Vis Vires: After clearing his name in a murder the villain attempted to frame him for, Nod considers Vis Vires his greatest foe. The two clash in their ideologies; Nod believes that it is his duty to defend the innocent with his abilities, while Vis Vires insists that those with power must assert themselves over those without.

Marks: His Praetorian double, Nod sees Marks as nothing more than a common thug. However, he also sees the path he could have taken; rather than using his powers to defend the city, Marks concerns himself only with his own pleasure.

Roundtree: The leader of Roundtree Industries, Alan Roundtree is Nod's newest foe. The hero is disgusted both with the atrocious way Roundtree treats his employees and with the megalomaniac's desire to control the world economically.

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