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Starlight-Girl Poster.jpg
Player: @JusticeZero
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Stacy
Known Aliases: Stacy the Lucky
Species: Human
Age: Unknown, apparently teenaged
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Platinum blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Shadow Shard
Occupation: Clergy
Place of Birth: Shadow Shard
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Dating
Known Relatives: Father, Keith the Lucky
Known Powers
Force Field/Energy Blast/Fly
Known Abilities
Portable medical device
No additional information available.

Starlight-Girl, commonly known as "Stacy", is a Shadow Shard refugee granted powers over energy and force by a glitch with the portal to Earth. Since her arrival, she has been a member of the The Artful Dodgers.



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Refugees from the Shadow Shard

Firebase Zulu


Stacy is kind, pleasant, and conscientious, with a profoundly spiritual aspect to her.

Stacy's Journal Entry, written in character with her unschooled writing skills.


Stacy is still rather out of place in Paragon City, and spends much of her time in the company of other refugees from the Shadow Shard. She tends to listen carefully to those around her, and often does not speak if she cannot think of anything that must be said.


She is a strong believer in the virtues of Kindness, as seen in the tales of Faathim the Kind. Profoundly insightful, she finds herself regularly serving as a sort of spiritual advisor to the Artful Dodgers. She is constantly questioning the "Kindness" of the actions of herself and others, and has told Juvie that her main reason for remaining with The Artful Dodgers is because "someone must remind you what kindness is, when the world is unkind".


She very conscientious, strongly concerned with what effect she has on others. For instance, she recently adopted a traditional 'superhero costume', which she is rarely seen without, for the reason that she feared that others might be mistaken for her by any enemies she might have acquired were she to continue wearing more normal clothing.


Stacy has absorbed and can channel force, apparently stellar in nature, for a variety of effects.

Force Fields

Stacy can temporarily surround herself, other people, and things in brilliant energy fields, protecting them from harm.

Force Blasts

Using the same energy, Stacy can hurl bursts of brilliant stellar energy at targets, repelling, battering, and searing them.


The stellar energies Stacy calls upon allows her to lift herself from the ground, flying with ease at high speeds.

Character History

Stacy the Lucky was born somewhere in the Cascade Archipelago some unknown number of years ago. Her mother was killed by the Rularuu shortly after her birth, and she never knew her; she once had an elder brother, also killed by the Rularuu.

Upon coming of age, she was engaged to be married to a Shard boy of similar age. Alas, this was not to be, as her fiancee was also killed by the Rularuu before they were declared as married. As she recovered from her loss, she learned to scout for Kora fruit, and spent some time tending to Kora gathering for her people.


During one of her Kora gathering trips, she was discovered by Rularuu, who attacked and mortally wounded her; the Rularuu discovered her accidentally, in a "safe" part of the cave, because they were pursuing a hero from Paragon City. That hero, an unnamed scrapper, came upon her in the cave during the ensuing fight, and contacted his friend, an empath, to help evacuate her to safety at the hospital at Firebase Zulu.

As chance would have it, the hospital was at capacity because of an attack by the Rularuu on the Firebase defenses at the time, so the empath attempted instead to teleport her through the portal aperture to Paragon City. The interaction between the teleportation effect and the portal caused the portal to, as Stacy puts it, "become confused", and transport her briefly through a number of dimensions of alien physics.


On arrival, she had absorbed a large amount of energy, and caused portal devices to behave erratically in her presence. After medical treatment, she was found to still be distressing to the functioning of nearby portal devices, so she was granted a resident visa and sent to Dr. Johnathan Smythe, at DATA. After the trip, Stacy was tired, and fell asleep on Smythe's floor; while he waited for her to wake up, a conversation with Antonio Nash led him to direct her to stay with The Artful Dodgers until other arrangements might be made.

Stacy spent a number of months just trying to learn her way around, while fighting homesickness and distracting herself with being helpful. She spent long hours in Pocket D looking out the window, and spent much of the Christmas season on the island outside, looking up at the sky, sipping hot cocoa and cursing the snow, which she has a particular dislike of.


Steven Sheridan devised a way to remove the energy residue from her, allowing her to use portals again; since then, she has split her time between aiding her refugee friends on Earth and The Artful Dodgers, and rescuing people in the Shadow Shard.

Over her absence, her father, who has thus far resisted suggestions to travel to Paragon City, has decided that Stacy is waiting too long to start a family, and that her unmarried state is evidence that she is being selfish for not starting a family. This has led her to become increasingly uncomfortable with her family and relationship status.

In response to her service in Paragon City and the Shard on behalf of Faathim the Kind, Stacy has been granted the status of one of the Kindly, the Shadow Shard's clergy.

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