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Credit to @Vandalist
Talisien Wylder
Player: @Talisien Nightbane
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper/Night Widow/Corrupt
Threat Level: 50/50/14
Personal Data
Real Name: Michael Curtis Wylder
Known Aliases: Talisien,Tali, Tal
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary and thief-for-hire, president of the Wild Bunch Riders.
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Honed senses, martial arts mastery, parkour, espionage and stealth mastery
Dual Beretta 90two Type F,G pistols, CQD Mark V ATAC Fight combat knife, widow blades, and assorted body armor and chemical grenades, bombs, and gasses.
No additional information available.

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Equipment and Abilities

"I get the job done, who cares how I do it?"

Talisien's main weapons are the ninja claws he wears on the back of his hands. He uses these claws as climbing tools as well as weapons. In the Rogue Islands, Talisien has been seen wielding an Executioner's Mace, which he claims he obtained through previous work with Arachnos. He seems to wield it sufficiently, giving merit to the claim he had once received Bane Spider training.

Talisien also uses many secondary weapons, ranging from a pistol named "Kathy" (after his foster mother, who he swears is a serial killer), a baseball bat, throwing knives, and a sledge hammer.

Talisien also use grappling hooks and free running in tandem to move while in Paragon. The grappling hooks are attached to his gauntlets. In the Rogue Islands he's mostly been seen moving simply with free running.

Talisien has been called a natural leader and tactician by friends and fellow heroes, ironically off-set by his penchant for running into battle when emotionally charged.

Talisien also is skilled with field medicine and uses a variety of herbs and medications to heal during fights. He's not been seen using them in the Rogue Islands.

Talisien has also aquired a suit of combat armor, which is currently not identified as any particular model. The suit is made of base protoarmor for protection against enemy attacks. The helmet, which locks into the neck, contains a voice modifier and combat scanner. On the left gauntlet is a control button to call in the aid of two Arachnobot Disruptors when he needs.


"The biggest weakness of any human being is pride. The second is mediocrity."

Talisien is human. While he is extraordinarily agile and can definitely hold his own in a fight, he does have limits. He can fatigue after long amounts of combat, and he can be seriously injured. He has been seen spitting up blood after lost fights, and has broken 5 ribs, his left arm twice, and dislocated his shoulder while working as a hero. Also, he has little resistance to mental attacks, other than force of will. He can be mind controlled and has been known to be possessed in the past by other spirits, such as that of his own split soul.

Although he claims to be unbiased, Talisien has been known to be wary of metahumans and often dislikes working with many of them. For this reason he often works alone and doesn't call for help often, since he is one of the few true humans in the Jadewire. If ambushed or outnumbered, he'd attempt to fight alone regardless due to pride. Also, he's been quoted giving rants comdemning "metahuman superiority" and claiming "a human can do anything a meta can." Recently he's been seen aiding and socializing with members of the Empyrean Mandate, and it's rumored he may have joined. It should be noted many of his friends are metahumans, and he does not treat them differently than his human friends.


"I can be understanding, or I can be a prick. You say 'tomato', I say 'fuck you.' Don't like it? File a complaint at City Hall."

At first encounter, Talisien has often been labeled blunt, rude, and unsociable. He often does not talk to his fellow heroes, but when he tries to speak and doesn't get a response he often becomes sarcastic and quick-tempered. He's also been labeled unsympathetic, extreme, and unfair. Around his friends, Talisien can be kind, compassionate, and loyal. Occasionally he has been friendly to strangers. He explains the sharp contrast in behavior as "People who are worth my time will know they're worth my time."

Talisien is known for his "never say die" attitude. He's been known to fight on despite all odds, even though this has gotten him in over his head after his entire team abandoned him while fighting Romulus Augustus. Despite being an excellent tactician and strategist, Talisien often lets his emotions get the best of him. He is known for being easily irritated and angered, which was proven by Rook simply picking on him causing him to be so pissed off that Nightbane was unleashed.

The most significant change to Talisien's attitude lately is obviously his ever-increasing bias towards metahumans. While he is quick to point out that he has metahuman friends, he has been overheard many times ranting about human merits and virtues, condemning metahuman pride movements and supremacy groups. The way he sees it, if a metahuman is a good person then Talisien will have no problem with him/her. If the metahuman "scores high on the asshole checklist", then he/she is another prime example of a bad meta. Talisien has also often pointed out how sexist slurs like "my bitch" and homophobic slurs like "faggot" have become accepted by society, but he is condemned for calling a metahuman "a mutie freak."

Talisien has a very addictive personality, which is made apparent by his chainsmoke and recent abuse of alcohol. He does not attempt to hide his vices, going as far as to announce he's intentions to get inebriated. He also seems to be quite promiscuous at times, jumping from partner to partner, occasionally on a very frequent basis.






Deceased Acquaintances

"The second we stop forgetting about the dead, they truly die."

Reaction and Perception of Talisien

-Feel Free to post IC comments here- "No one gives a damn. You're wasting your time."





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