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The Basement is the home of the teenage supergroup, The Artful Dodgers . Located under the southwest section of Kings Row in a bricked up subbasement of the former Kings Garment Works, the space has become home to many disenfranchised meta-teens. Although crude, the kids have been able to make it livable using donated equipment and funds from such sponsors as GIFT, DATA, The Crey Corporation, Portal Corp, MAGI and members rumored to belong to the organized crime syndicate known as The Family.

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1. The name "The Basement," although obvious, has only recently been proposed as the official name of The Artful Dodgers' base.

2. Because there are no beds other than wicker cots, pallots, and Frankenstein like examining tables in the base-editor, The Kids role-play that they sleep on the couches scattered around the base.

3. Unknown to each other, both Juvie and Princess Powerfull had considered the same couch as their bed long before the two became a couple.

4. The Community Desk's Bulletin Board has become an active role-play prop representing the Forums on The Artful Dodger's Homepage.

5. The Powers Research Wing started its life as a battered desk and a couple of donated bookshelves tucked into the corner of the medbay and given as a gift to Probationary Martyr by Juvie.

6. Probationary Martyr's Parents upgraded the Powers Research Wing as a surprise Christmas Gift to their Daughter.

7. The highest wooden platform in the Magic Research Wing, over the Magic and Natural Enhancements Research area, is jokingly referred to as Juvie and Princess Powerfull's Make-out loft.

8. Most of the bases power comes from old "Brown Betty" generators left abandoned by the Kings Garment Works.

9. The Teleport Chamber was originally a tech chamber, but was converted to magic when one of the players started complaining about migraines due to the tech teleporter's constant strobe-like effects.

10. The Basement is actually only a small bricked off corner of a much larger structure that stretches for miles under Kings Row.

11. One area of the bricked off basement is a tunnel that leads to Independence Port and was used as the most northern and final stop in the Underground Rail-road.

12. The Basement was discovered by Juvie and his friends when they sought shelter during the Rikti Invasion.

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