The Trenchcoat Terror

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The Trenchcoat Terror
Player: @GreyCleric
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: ---
Personal Data
Real Name: Edward Novak
Known Aliases: countless
Species: All Too Human
Age: '
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Kings Row
Base of Operations: Kings Row
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Edmon Maeda Satō (Son?)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
skilled fighter, brawler, detective, driver

Dark Melee is RP'd as lead filled gloves hitting people right where it'll hurt the most.



Heroic Origins

Fought as a Marine in Vietnam and between the fighting, Edward Novak fought in every bar in Saigon, taking on at least 80% of the active servicemen in country. After the war and a small vacation in France, Novak became a Paragon police officer out of Kings Row. Upset with the inability of uniformed officers to uphold the law and the growth of “costumed heroes” he became one himself.

Taking to the streets of KR, he fought every gang member and hoodlum he could find in the area. He moved on to taking on organized crime bosses and drug rings. The Terror came across a communications magnet buying up land in the Row, uprooting hundreds of people from their homes and shutting down the Ma-Pa operations. This in turn led to homelessness and higher numbers of people joining gangs. The Terror decided to take on the boss, Andrew Saxson, head on. However, Saxson had the upper hand with an endless supply of lawyers, media campaigns and paid thugs to wear The Terror down.

The Terror and The Brawler

When the Rikti first attacked, Novak gave up the fight against Saxson to aid in the evacuation of the people of Kings Row as well as fighting whatever alien forces he could, but the All Too Human Man was no match for scores of aliens with their hi-tech armor. The Terror went into retirement and decided to train another to follow in his footsteps. His protégé was the daughter of another hero and The Purple Brawler became the Terror’s successor.

The two took on even more of the scum of KR and turned their attention back to Saxson Communications Technology, who was making a fortune off of seized Rikti technology. Both men were older and ready to do battle again. The two squared off on the roof of the Saxson Tower. Saxson wore a suit of power armor made from Chief Solider armor and almost beat the vigilante, but the timely intervention of The Brawler saved his life.

Saxson spun the media into condemning the Terror and the Brawler as reckless vigilantes, not heroes. Novak went into retirement once more and The Brawler went and joined the Longbow to avoid fighting corrupt business men, choosing to fight “real villains.”

Fire of Hope

Novak went on to train one last student in his expert fighting ways, Fray Fire. She was different than the Brawler as Fray was more willing to get dirty and take on the corruption. Fray also had the advantage of actual “super powers.” Combined with Novak’s fighting knowledge, she was an excellent combatant and worthy of carrying on The Terror’s work.

The End

One night Saxson finally caught up to The Terror as the Head of SCT Security blew up Novak’s building. His body was never found. Fray turned to The Brawler in order to carry help on his legacy, but she wasn’t interested. The Brawler disappeared from Longbow Special Ops soon after to places unknown.

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