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How heroic!
The American Safeguard
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50 (+3)
Real Name: Brian Jeremy Sanders
Known Aliases: Richard Sanders, "Fatty"
Nationality: American
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: Suburbia, Maryland
Base of Operations: Founders' Falls, Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Married to Penny Sanders
Known Relatives: Penny Sanders (Wife), Aiden Sanders (Son)
Physical Data
Species: Human
Age: 30 (April 18th)
Height / Weight : 6'4" / 240 lbs.
Eye / Hair Color: Blue / Black
Known Powers
Superhuman, Magic Lightning
Known Abilities
Kirk-Fu, Journalism, makes a decent Americano
The Shield
Updated: 4/4/2012 - Player: @Amarlex

"True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else." - Clarence Darrow



Brian has a rather long history and I don't really want to clutter up his VV page with an essay about things that don't really affect his character. So, here's a little list of things that are important.


Brian does not quite conform to the common stereotype of a 'goody two-shoes', patriotic hero. He is usually soft-spoken and keeps to himself when not wearing the tights and cape, usually not caring to start his own conversations unless he's with people he already knows. He has little bravado, and although he often finds himself acting as "Dad" for his peers when they are trying to "get even", he still remains a bit of a child at heart, staying up late to play the newest rehash of Modern Warfare or simply goofing off with his friends.

Brian does adopt a bit more of an assertive personality when he dons his costume, feeling that he should appear more intimidating to the criminal element. To quote Brian himself, "I just feel like a huge guy in tights should at least act a little intimidating. After all, what kind of mugger would put the knife away after being asked nicely?"

Brian abhors killing, and prides himself on having never killed or permanently crippled any of his living foes - even Rikti and IDF soldiers. This has caused Vanguard a few issues in the past, as a few officers have noted; 'arresting' a dimensional invader is almost always more expensive and risky than simply killing it. If he knows that a friend of his uses lethal force, he will always attempt to persuade them to maybe switch to rubber bullets - or, say, just suggest that they not punch peoples' heads off.


Over 9000, power is maximum, etc.


The bearer of the Safeguard's shield has abilities that far exceed the average human's. Brian has - big surprise - Super Strength, able to lift an empty freight train car above his head without breaking a sweat. In addition, he possesses superhuman endurance, agility, and durability, and at least some degree of super-vision and hearing. He can hold his breath for up to 30 minutes and is able to "leap tall buildings in a single bound!", although he still can't really fly.

In times of extreme duress, the Shield will grant Brian practically unlimited amounts of strength; instead of topping out at around 30 tons, he can push his limits upwards of 100 tons. However, this burst of strength always comes at a cost: for at least a minute afterwards, he'll barely have enough strength to lift even his own body weight, and his reactions will be sluggish and delayed, even for a normal human.

Brian seems lose these extraordinary powers when he isn't in costume; in fact, he even loses a few inches of height (and bicep width) when he's seen in his "civvies", even going from having eagle-eyed vision to requiring a fairly thick pair of glasses.

Magic Lightning

Brian's powers aren't always "on". To use his abilities, he has to actually be wielding his Shield. When he dons the shield, there's a bright flash of light and the crackle of lightning as he's transformed from a mild-mannered blogger into the American Safeguard!

Aside from just transforming into his more muscular (and better-groomed) alter ego, Brian is capable of manipulating mystical electricity in a number of different ways, from calling up a static field to disrupt robots and electronics to simply hurling a lightning bolt at something.

Unless the Safeguard is fighting a particularly dangerous foe, he avoids summoning lightning. After all, high voltage arcs of electricity are generally considered to be just slightly lethal, and that's not how the American Safeguard does things.


Fighting Skill

Brian, although his super strength does a good job of concealing this, has no formal training in hand-to-hand combat. When he first started out as a superhero, he learned most of his 'technique' from old Star Trek fight scenes, and although years of experience have made him a decent fighter, someone with formal training and advanced technique could easily best him, as long as they could match his prodigious strength and endurance.

Not Actually Superman

Although the American Safeguard is extraordinarily durable and can briefly lift a tank above his head, he does not have the invulnerability of Statesman or the limitless strength of a Ka'narrian. Bullets bruise, cold bites, and fire still burns; the Safeguard can be easily beaten by someone with ranged powers, as long as they have the accuracy to hit him and not the Shield.


((If you'd like to see Brian's opinion on your character, feel free to post their name here. I promise I'll get to it!))





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Oh. Hey. That guy! I saw him at McDonald's. Boy does he like his fries. Guy like that can't be bad. - Andy

Brian is a better hero than most of the idiots and glory hogs you see running around the city. Besides that, he's a good family man, and can hold an intelligent conversation. Plus, he's a BRO with a great wife and son. He's a good guy. - Jo

I could take him. But I don't wanna. Anyway, Brian's an okay dude. We should go golfing. I bet we could fuck up the moon from a driving range. - Web

You know, normally I'd have a lot of things to say--but my brain just blanked. He's my husband. I love him, and he's a great guy. I'm lucky for having him. Oh! Also, he needs to do the dishes. Penny

The guy let me crash on his couch this one time after I got drunk after some Mu attacked me and I forgot I was a lightweight--I mean, I was human at the time--it was after that, uh, Twez'kur guy or Mu or whatever the hell he's called attacked me in an alley that afternoon on Talos and--Y'know what? He's a... a good guy. Nice guy. Needs ta loosen up, but, uh, yeah. Good guy. - Gnit

What the shit! It was JUST NISKA. I'm not a sociopath!! - Fen


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