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About "Awakening"

"Awakening" is a collaborative project between two brand new super groups on the City of Heroes side of the game. The Hero group named The Stars of Destiny and the "Villain" group named The Esoteric Order of N'Ghai. The storyline between the two groups will be much like a novel. RP events will be set for certain days, (known ahead of time of course), and each event will act much like a new chapter in the story. Events will be summarized and chronicled onto this Virtue Verse to allow people to read about what has been happening.

Interested in joining? Visit our forums over at and sign up.


Volume One

Of course, there are two separate super groups for the storyline so each group will have separate plots of their own as well as being involved with one another. The Stars of Destiny involve a variety of strangers who become aware that there is a greater threat in the world and soon realize it is up to them to join up and try and stop the villain group, The Esoteric Order of N'Ghai, from awakening the power of N'Ghai to use for themselves to try and change the world in their own image.

The being known as N'Ghai has enough power to destroy the Earth itself were it to get into the wrong hands. The Goddess Altana comes before Reldin, giving him the task of recruiting others to stop the evil Zargon Khal from gathering forces to help him recover the power of N'Ghai. To increase his army, Zargon promises those who help him with power, wealth and everything they truly desire so long as they remain faithful to him in recovering N'Ghai's ultimate power. However...what other motives do these heroes and villains have in helping each side? Can each individual be trusted?

Volume Two

Things have changed drastically since the defeat of Zargon Khal. Some people have gone back to their lives before the events, while others were greatly affected with what happened. Alliances were made amongst few, while others were destroyed. People have been watching these events unfold, sitting back, plotting. It was time for the others to take notice of their presence. The Heroes and Villains of our story would soon be used against each other, former allies becoming enemies. But for what purposes? Only the puppeteers would know of these reasons.


The "Awakening" storyline is open to anyone who wants to join as long as they are decent role players. This means god moders and people who fail to use proper spelling and grammar may not be eligible in joining the events. However, people who play the City of Villains side of the game may also be able to participate as events will be held in co-op zones. Characters involved will be added to the Tablet of Destiny, a concept borrowed from the idea of the 108 Stars of Destiny used in the novel "Water Margin" as well as in the video game series Suikoden. The Tablet of Destiny can technically be known as the roster for both sides of the story, to keep tabs on what characters are being involved.

How to Get Involved

A channel titled as the same name as the story is now open to join. Awakening is public to those that are interested in becoming part of this brand new storyline. Both blue side and red side players will be able to keep up with event news as the channel MoTD will keep tabs of planned events. If you have any questions about joining or anything else, feel free to drop an in-game e-mail to Reldin or send a tell to the global @Robo - Reldin.

Update: The story line that's shown on this virtue verse may be used by any player as a bridge to get involved in the story. They may use the story as something they had heard as rumors circulating around, allowing new comers to become easily involved and also know in character what is more or less going on.

Which Character is Right For You?

Thinking of making a new character for the RP? Have a character that's without a super group but unsure if it fits into the story? Or have an existing character that's not a blueside toon? Well! Any character is eligible in joining the story. The only question you need to answer yourself is..."Is my character a hero, or a villain?"

When Do Events Take Place?

Events take place every Wednesday night at 8pm PST / 11 pm EST.

Rules of Engagement

Since this storyline is based on conflict, there will be specific rules when characters fight one another special to this RP. As most CoX RPers know, there are two ways to resolve a conflict. There is the text based combat and there is the PVP based combat. As such, there will be rules for each form of combat.

(These rules are a rough draft and are still in development. Changes and additions are being made until a vote is decided on the final rules.)

Text Fights

A dice roll system will be implemented into this form of combat. Matches will have a time limit of 30 minutes and will take place either at the scene of the event or in PVP arenas depending on the seriousness of the fight. This system is used to keep people from god modding as well as to keep fights fair between characters.

The dice system works like this: After the 30 minute time limit (Or before if the final strike is initiated before the time limit ends), the two characters or teams of characters will roll a dice to determine who delivers the final blow for the win. However, the losing character or team of the dice roll will be able to roll a second time to determine if they escape the battle or are KO'd by the final attack. What if a character is invulnerable to physical attacks but receives the final blow? Well, an outside person of the battle will step in and stop the brawl, thus ending the battle in a tie.

Highest roller delivers final blow.

Dice roll to escape: Roll 1-3: Failed escape. Roll 4-6: Successful escape.

Special Attacks

For some people, they give their characters special powers and abilities that are not represented by their character's power sets. Because of this, they will be required to roll a dice to use these special abilities. If the person rolls a 1-3, they will not be able to use their power and their opponent will be allowed to counter attack. If the person rolls a 4-6, they will be able to use their ability.


Finishers, or Signature Moves, are attacks that are used after a person wins a battle. It is encouraged but not required to have a finisher. A character may have up to two finishing moves. One attack is used to annihilate their opponent, while the second finisher is used to render their foe unconscious.

An example of a finisher: Reldin has a technique named Rising Phoenix. This move is used to finish his opponent, resulting in their death. When used, Reldin rushes towards his target, bringing his blade to the person's mid section. He slams the tip of the blade into them, then jumps upwards, bringing the blade upwards as well. He returns to the ground by bringing the blade downwards onto his opponent in an attempt to slice the person in two.

Note: Death kills are perfectly fine in this storyline as characters will automatically be brought back to life shortly after, but it is still encouraged to have a person's OK first before performing a death kill.

PVP Fights

PVP fights will happen like this: If characters are of equal level they will automatically take their fight to the arena and have normal match of 10 minutes. However, PVP matches will also use the dice roll system at the end of the battle. The winner will roll a dice to determine if they land the final blow to KO their opponent while the opponent will roll to determine if they are able to escape from receiving the final blow. There will be instances where these people will not want to PVP, so if both parties agree, they may use text fighting instead. If there is a tie between the two, a dice roll will determine which type of combat will take place.

Character Death

It is possible that a character may be killed in combat during this storyline. However, death is not forever. Should a character fall in battle, their body will be taken away by a Valkyrie, sent by the Goddess Altana. These characters may be revived anytime during the storyline after their body is taken away. But why would the Goddess Altana do such a thing...?

Update: Currently for Volume Two the Valkyrie Resurrections will be disabled.

The Tablet of Destiny

(The roster of who is participating in the storyline. Each new person who becomes part of the story will be given a star based on the list found from Do keep in mind that the Tablet of Destiny is not known in RP. It is an invisible force that bonds together the fates of many. The roster is often being updated as members of the story switch sides and new characters join in.)


Those who have become the hunted.

Tenki: Rezz (Red side)

Tenjyu: Abi Normahl (Red side)

Chisou: Illyra Aragoth (Red side)

Tenyu: Vehas (Blue side)

Chisyu: Vigilant Son (Red side)


Those who have become the hunters.

Unknown: Phanteme (Red side)

Unknown: Akmodan (Red side)

Chikatsu: Triste Nocturne (Red side)

Chizen: Ignus Portens (Red side)


Those who are caught in the middle or have their own agendas.

Tenkai: Reldin (Blue side)

Tenkan: BlueRevenant (Red side)

Tenei: Gelle (Blue side)

Tenzai: Ishaila (Red side)

Tenko: Pyrogenic Gore (Blue side)

Tenmen: Melinoe Chthonia (Red side)

Teni: Night Sai (Red side)

Temyu: Furious Storm (Red side)

Tenbou: Zargon Khal (Blue side, Deceased)

Chihi: Rognor (Blue side)

Chitai: Deius X (Red side)

Chiki: Valkyrie Randgris (Blue side)

Chiku: Lucenia (Red side)

Chiketsu: Dreamblood (Red side)

Chitatsu: Emerie Waters (Blue side)

Chikai: Blayze (Blue side)

Chikei: Hoshiko Sitara (Blue side)

Chii: Ankton (Blue side)

Chizou: Enoch Staple (Blue side)

Chimei: Nether Striker(Blue side)

Unknown: Narah Zeman (Red/Blue side)

Volume One: "Awakening"


The young man known as Reldin is suddenly approached by a woman dressed in white robes. She appeared from the heavens to warn Reldin of the coming apocalypse if the power of N’Ghai had been recovered. She reveals to him that her name is Altana, a goddess that watches over Earth. Altana cannot interfere in the doings of the people of Earth and so she asks Reldin to set out and recruit others that will aid him in stopping the mechanical being known as Zargon Khal, a follower of N’Ghai that wishes to use N’Ghai’s ultimate power for his own purposes. The young man finally agrees to help, but is still unsure if what he was told is truth. And so, he sets out from his ordinary life in search of others to help him stop Zargon from achieving his goal of world domination. Little did Reldin know though, that his encounter with Altana had made his presence aware of by Zargon. Now there is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run and definitely no way of turning back now. Reldin’s fate has been sealed, will there be others who share the same? He has no choice now but to focus on the future at hand.

Chapter One: A Chance Meeting (1/5/09)

It seemed to be like any ordinary day. People were meeting for drinks, for conversations, for company. Little did these people know that their fates would become intertwined with the fates of Reldin and Zargon Khal. And so, the Stars of Destiny have begun to gather. Was it a coincidence? Or was it indeed Fate?

The night began with Reldin sitting at the bar, along with the beautiful Jessii James as company. Before long, others began to appear, including Rognor, Ankton, and Emerie Waters. The small group drank, laughed and conversed, unconsciously thinking that it was a mere coincidence that their meeting happened to be in the same spot of Pocket D. However, more people began to gather. Heroes perhaps? Or sinister villains that would soon join Zargon and his evil deeds? Only the hearts and minds of these people would lead them to the side they are destined to join.

As some interacted with one another, others watched. BlueRevenant, Triste Nocturne and Rezz were amongst those people who watched and waited to see the scene unfold, waiting to see which path they would choose to follow. Their interest and curiosity would only grow as Zargon Khal himself made an appearance. However, prior to the gathering, several of these Stars of Destiny had already met, Reldin and Zargon included. Previously, Zargon had approached and made an offer to have Reldin join forces in bringing N’Ghai into their world. Reldin, the reluctant Hero, decided against it and chose to stay on the side to prevent the coming of N’Ghai and to stop Zargon from achieving his goals.

Again, Zargon had made the same offer to Reldin, and again that very offer was refused. As the others watched and shared their own words of wisdom, irritation and wonder, Zargon preached about N’Ghai and how he planned to use his power to bring eternal peace onto the world, creating a paradise for everyone. Reldin however, was uninterested and became irritated at Zargon’s words. Were they lies? Or was Zargon speaking truth? Either way, the first move was made and so Reldin had drawn his blade and set his sights on Zargon. Reldin would use his sword and attacked Zargon. Was it the best move he could have made? Or would his actions hurt him in the long run? And so…The Stars of Destiny have begun to choose sides. Which is the right path? Can anyone be trusted? Only time would tell. Time that is drawing near to the coming of N’Ghai…

Sub-Chapter One: Wavering Loyalty

And so, the Stars of Destiny would begin to follow the paths their hearts would lead them along. But, there was one amongst them that was being led down a crossroad. Rognor had agreed to join the young Reldin a few nights ago. However, Rognor found himself meeting with Zargon one on one.

Prior to the meeting; Reldin had a meeting with Ignus Portens, a mysterious woman who joined with Zargon in hopes of seeking further power for her use. Her words of distrust and how Reldin should be careful of those he chooses to trust would remain within the young man.

Now…Rognor found himself being led towards the path that which Zargon walks. He found himself thinking of those he loves and cares for, allowing himself to be molded into what Zargon had wished for: a new follower of N’Ghai. Zargon’s victory would be short lived. Reldin was able to overhear about what was being discussed. With the combined efforts of Reldin and Vehas, the two were able to bring Rognor back to his senses, leading him back to the path that they believed was to be the correct one.

But what about trust? Loyalty? Would any of the stars be able to believe in one another?

Sub-Chapter Two: Time's Scar

As time moves further, conflict drags on. An ancient and mysterious being known as Furious Storm had a chance meeting with the mechanical nightmare, Zargon. The supposed god had heard of the gathering of the stars several nights ago and decided to lend his assistance to Zargon, but on one condition. Zargon would first help this once ancient and powerful being in regaining his powers and restore them to their full potential. Of course, Zargon did not argue and simply agreed then and there to help Furious, but for what reasons?

Several days ago Reldin had a run in with an Arachnos Widow named Deius X. The meeting was not very pleasant. Reldin was accused of destroying two Arachnos bases and was wanted by the group. However, Reldin was able to keep himself from being harmed by telling Deius about the situation and why he had infiltrated the Arachnos bases. He explained to her that he was roped into helping several others in finding information about Arachnos, but did not know why or cared since it was his only means of receiving payment as he had left both of his jobs. Deius did not believe him however, but was quite intrigued by the young man and decided to let him live, but only because the two were in Pocket D at the time. The woman’s beliefs would change. Her own destiny would be intertwined with the stars as she happened to approach Reldin, Zargon, Vehas and Rognor. After the conversation ended between the small group and each went their own way, Reldin had explained to her who the large machine was and suddenly Deius realized that the young man had been telling the truth this entire time.

A mysterious gentleman had shown up after Deius had departed from speaking to Reldin. The man had heard much of what has been going on with the Stars of Destiny and offered Reldin words of wisdom and revealed that his name was Eneo Maos. Eneo’s words of encouragement would pierce the mind of the young man, giving Reldin the courage and piece of mind he needed to continue on. Soon after Eneo had a meeting with the troll Rognor, sharing words of advice with the man as well. Eneo however also exclaimed to Rognor that Zargon was to be stopped.

Later that evening, Rezz had approached Reldin. This was not the two’s first meeting however. The two had met in the chalet two weeks prior to the gathering of the stars, but it was not as pleasant as one would think. Rezz had looked down upon on Reldin, even after hearing of the god known as N’Ghai. This second meeting between the two was on friendly terms. Rezz seemed to have regarded Reldin as a human being rather than someone who was an annoying obstacle to be tossed aside. The two seemed to have gotten along as Rezz explained to Reldin about his meetings with Zargon. Rezz went on to explain that he and Zargon had shared similar goals of creating a paradise, but he had no intention of serving under a god. And so, Rezz had agreed to offer his aid to the young man and had joined the Stars of Destiny.

The tick of the clock continues.

Chapter Two: Choosing Sides (1/12/09)

The Heroes of the story once again gather together in an attempt to get a better grasp of the situation regarding Zargon and N’Ghai. Of course, things never go according to plan. One after another, distractions and interruptions arise as more and more people seemed to have caught interest in the growing crowd. One such person was Pyrogenic Gore. This strange man made his way to the bar where the rest of the Stars of Destiny were gathered. Pryogenic sure made a lasting impression on the others as he quickly made sure to treat the others as if he had known them for quite some time by ridiculing Reldin’s appearance and making comments that would be found to be humorous by others.

However, it was proving difficult for Reldin to get a serious word out, to try and explain what is going on and if it were possible to come up with a plan to use against Zargon and his group. It seemed the Heroes needed to work more on focus and teamwork as things appeared to be disorganized amongst the group. On the other hand, the Villains have become quite in order as their leader has been making preparations and has his people in line and ready for the near future. The numbers for each side are quite imbalanced with the Heroes outnumbering the Villains, but even so, the Villains have a better grasp of what their situation and plans are than the Heroes.

As time went by, another person had approached the group. The Spartan warrior named Gelle made her way to the group as she and Pyrogenic have known each other. It was then she decided to lend her aid to the group after hearing and taking part in conversations of N’Ghai and gods in general with the others. When Zargon had approached with Ignus Portens, Gelle soon showed her protective personality as she quickly went to Reldin’s side. Despite her being with child, Gelle was willing to lay her life on the line to protect this total stranger. Of course, no violence occurred as Zargon expressed his words that he gave up on trying to convince these people in joining his side, but rather he would begin to use force sooner or later in bringing them to his knees.

Zargon’s speech would greatly influence Pyrogenic. He made his way to stand near Zargon’s side, clearly showing that he would rather side with a being that knew what he was doing than a young child who didn’t even have a plan. Pyrogenic’s change of mind bewildered the rest of the Heroes, especially Gelle. As Zargon and Ignus left the group, along with new comer Pyrogenic, the others would show sympathy to Gelle for Pyrogenic’s actions. However, not too long after the man that was thought to be a traitor would return in his cheerful mood and revealed to the group that it was nothing but a charade. It would seem the Heroes made two new allies after all, but will they be able to formulate a plan to rid of Zargon?

The search for an answer continues…

Sub-Chapter One: A Scholar Never Rests

It was decided to finally formulate a plan to use against Zargon. Reldin, Rognor and Nether Striker made their way to the Midnighter’s Club to see if they could find any information regarding N’Ghai. Upon their arrival, they met Galeocerdo, an ally of Rezz’s organization. Galeocerdo and Reldin had once met before, so the young hero was able to quickly identify the shark man who was reading a book when the small group had arrived. Each of the group members went their separate ways in search of information. Galeocerdo was hesitant at helping the three as he did not want to become involved in their conflict.

Theories were being brought to attention. One of which was the possibility that N’Ghai and the Goddess Altana were linked. It was possible that Altana had trapped N’Ghai between dimensions herself to keep N’Ghai from using its’ power. Another theory that was discussed was the possibility that N’Ghai would need a host in order to be brought back into our dimension. Galeocerdo even made the suggestion that Reldin would even be the proper host to the death god, seeming how it was Zargon’s goal in making the young man stand at his side.

However, as the night went on, the plan to use Reldin as bait was suggested. He would be used to test whether or not he was truly that valuable to Zargon. Not only was Reldin to test this theory, but if he were to fail he would at least be able to test Zargon’s abilities.

But will this plan allow the Heroes to get the information they need?

Chapter Three: Valkyries of Altana (1/14/09)

Choices were made and Reldin had made an important one. However, there was something inside of him that knew things might go downhill. As a backup, Reldin had spoke to Rognor about infiltrating the enemy forces if something were to happen to the young man since Rognor had already once thought of allying with Zargon. Later that evening, Reldin had met the rest of the group and told them of the night at the Midnighter’s Club and the possible plans that will be carried out. Of course, the others thought it would be a suicide mission as the young man explained to them he would be confronting Zargon one on one in an attempt to convince the robot that he were surrendering to him. Amaura acknowledged the selfess act, and the others showed their support for the young man’s plan. It was one of the only plans the group could think of, and so, it was carried out.

The group made their way to confront Zargon and his followers. Quickly, Reldin pointed Zargon out, wanting to speak with him alone. Of course, Zargon was not amused, seeing how the entire group that aided Reldin followed as well. The others were only there to make sure nothing would happen, and Reldin reassured this by asking Zargon to speak to him one on one elsewhere. The two decided to meet in Steel Canyon, alone. The first act the young man made was to surrender himself to Zargon, to become an ally to him and his followers. Zargon of course was glad to see the young man had finally come to his senses and welcomed him with open arms. However, the terms Zargon had were that Reldin were to forfeit his friendship with the other heroes and to never speak to them again.

Zargon went on to explain to the young man that his former friends would only get in the way and that the only way to show his loyalty was to leave them for good. Reldin however, had other things on his mind. He would never dream of being able to fully forget his friends and when Zargon turned his back on the young man, Reldin didn’t hesitate. He drew his blade and quickly rushed towards Zargon, bringing the blade to grind against the machine’s back. Before Reldin was able to land on the ground however, Zargon quickly turned and smashed the young man with his mace, smashing it into his back and tossing him a good distance. It was a heroic move on Reldin’s part, but a foolish one nonetheless as Zargon did not hesitate either. While the young man lies on the ground in terrible pain, Zargon moved closer, setting a large metallic boot onto his chest. Zargon would push down greatly, crushing the poor man’s body until finally the machine raised his mace and swung downwards, crushing the young man’s skull.

The leader of the Heroes now gone…Would the rest be able to pull together and continue their ally's work?

Sub-Chapter One: Wings of the Goddess

As Reldin’s body was left lifeless in the middle of Steel Canyon, the other heroes and the followers of Zargon were made to believe that the young man was dead, never to return to their side or to be in the way. What was forgotten though, was that Reldin had the Goddess Altana on his side. A valkyrie was sent to Earth to retrieve the young man’s body, to bring him to Valhalla where he would be trained. As the valkyrie landed and laid her hand upon Reldin’s, the young man’s tortured body and battered skull returning to normal, as if Zargon had never touched him. His body was scooped up and the valkyrie spread her wings, returning to the heavens where Altana would train him herself.

Upon arrival, Reldin was taken to a special training area where he met Altana herself. To his surprise, Altana was a very beautiful woman, even if she were wearing battle armor. As the two exchanged hellos and introduced themselves in person, another woman made her way to the training area. This woman was known as the Valkyrie Randgris. Randgris made her way to stand at Altana’s side and introduced herself to Reldin. Before Reldin could even ask why he was brought to Valhalla, Altana told him that Randgris was to be his sparring partner, to prepare him to return home.

The young man of course knew he was dead, but when he learned he was to be returning home, he was confused. Reldin had hardly any time to react to ask any questions. Altana quickly had he and Randgris get to work. Several days had passed since the pair began training. Reldin was run ragged, tired and wanted to take a break from the vigorous training. And so, the goddess made the decision to combat this. She would bestow upon Reldin regenerative abilities. These new abilities would allow him to heal rather quickly, but also give him enough stamina to never tire. Another week had passed and the training continued. Reldin’s new abilities grew and his strength increased.

And so, the two continued training until they were both ready to be sent down to join their allies.

Sub-Chapter Two: The Plot Thickens

With Reldin out of the way, the villains were able to discuss plans to possibly turn the other heroes into their allies. Zargon, Furious and Deius had gathered together to discuss various things, one including the final rite for the resurrection of N’Ghai. The final rite would involve Zargon sacrificing himself in order to bring N’Ghai onto our plane of existence, allowing N’Ghai to use his mechanical body as a vessel. In order to do this, the other villains will have to keep the heroes away long enough for Zargon to perform the rite. The villains will have to defend Zargon with everything they have in their arsenal. As the conversation continued, Furious brings up the subject that perhaps it would be possible to use mind control to convert the heroes into allies, keeping them from becoming a nuisance when the final rite is to be performed. Deius agreed that the tactic could possibly work as the heroes are more than likely in shambles since their leader is missing in action.

It didn’t take long for one of the heroes to wander over and approach the villains after the discussion of mind control. It was Enoch who made his way to the group of villains, asking what they were to do and why and quite possibly even making the decision to join them if he were to hear the right information. What Enoch found out is that Zargon wishes to use N’Ghai’s power to “reset” the world, to cleanse the world from over population and the evil living amongst us. As Zargon went on to try and convince Enoch that his plan was not to destroy the world, but to save it, another person by the name of Melinoe Chthonia approached. However, not only Melinoe, but Rezz and a few others involved with Rezz’s group found their way to the group. Melinoe explained to the others that she was sent to assist in Zargon’s plan, however, Rezz tried to convince Melinoe that it was pointless in following a machine that believes it has a soul and that she would be wasting her time in assisting. Melinoe was set on aiding Zargon and had no intension of turning on him, but now even Enoch began to wonder about his own path.

Chapter Four: Depths of the Mind (1/21/09)

The minds of each individual are all different. They are unpredictable, unless there are ways for one to infiltrate the thoughts of the weak minded. Several of the heroes gathered in Pocket D, some happened to just be there, while others mourned the loss of their friend. However, the villains saw this as a victory. The villains chose to take this opportunity to use the heroes’ loss as part of their gain. Zargon, Furious, Netro, Pryogenic, Ignus, and Deius approached the group of heroes. Enoch, Vehas, Amaura, Gelle, Rezz, Hoshiko and allies of the heroes gathered elsewhere to discuss the matters at hand and the possibility of continuing on with their fallen friend’s work. Upon arrival, the heroes knew that the villains were up to no good, as they arrived in full force.

Immediately Enoch confronted the group of villains asking why they had come forward, especially at this time since the rest of the heroes did not want to deal with a conflict because of recent events. Of course, things never go the way one wants thing to go. Zargon once again extended an offer to the others to join his side, to bring peace to the world that most desire. While he was explaining his new offer, Furious began to send mental messages to people around the vicinity. These messages were to be used to bend the will of these people to make them believe in the words that were being said to them by Zargon.

Even though it was working on a few people, the villains had not expected there to be others that would be able to fight back. Enoch and another that was a part of the Ministry, Psych Physician, were able to use their own mental abilities to detect and shield themselves as well as the others from Furious’ invasion of the mind. Though many were protected from the mental attack, Furious was still able to infiltrate Amaura and Gelle, breaking both of their mental defenses and got to the point where the attack was drastically harming Amaura. Not only was the attack harming Amaura, but it was also having a great effect against Gelle.

Awhile had passed, but Furious was not triumphant in fully taking control over the heroes. Zargon had decided it was enough and took his leave after his words seemed to have no effect on the others. Somehow, the conversation turned when Vehas had mentioned who would take over for the villains if something were to happen to Zargon. Most certainly, Furious believed he would be the one to take over, but Vehas thought otherwise. Soon after, the two’s argument turned into a battle to determine who would become the new leader if something were to happen to Zargon. With Furious in his weakened state, he was no match against Vehas.

The depths of the mind are a mysterious place. Perhaps the depths of these minds contain their own agendas…

Chapter Five: Escalation (1/28/09)

The time has come. Reldin and Randgris had made their way back onto Earth, where they would prepare themselves to take the others into battle.

It was time to end this.

Several days before the first battle between the two groups, Reldin had met with Vehas and Amaura. They would be the only two to find out that Reldin was still alive. At first, it was difficult to recognize him since he was wearing his new Valkyrie armor. In their surprise, when the two found out who the person behind the helmet was, they were stunned. The two were made to believe their friend were to be dead and gone forever, but this was proved wrong when Reldin was standing several feet away from the two. After a short while, Amaura had left to bed and left Reldin and Vehas alone. Vehas revealed to Reldin that he had joined Zargon, and was unable to leave due to him being bound by honor. Reldin did not hold this against him, as he understood that Vehas was doing this for his own personal reasons…For Amaura.

That fateful evening, the forces of both good and evil gathered. Reldin appeared to the rest, finally revealing that he was indeed alive and not as easy to get rid of now. He was tired. No. Every one of the heroes was tired of this problem being prolonged. After an exchange of words, Reldin made the decision that it was time for things to be taken care of. Each of the heroes paired off with each of the villains, while Zargon floated off to observe the battle, not wanting to get involved directly. Nidhoggur, who is a member of the Ministry of Order had made the decision to side with the villains, to test the heroes and to see if they are worthy of him to be their ally.

And so the battle began.

Nidhoggur was able to best Gelle in a fight in the arena. However, Gelle was able to earn the respect of Nidhoggur. Ignus and BlueRevenant were paired off to fight, Reldin and Melinoe were paired up, Hoshiko and Netro were paired, and finally Ankton, Dieus and Pyrogenic were paired off for the other battles. After some time had passed, BlueRevenant was triumphant against Ignus. Reldin was defeated and infected with a poisoned by Melinoe. Hoshiko had fallen to Netro and her gauntlet was destroyed. But between the trio, both Ankton and Dieus were killed in battle while Pyrogenic was victorious for the villains. Only one person had proved to be successful for the heroes. Perhaps the others were not ready.

Both Ankton and Dieus had disappeared from the battlefield. The Valkyries had paid a visit and retrieved their bodies, but the others would know nothing of what happened. Gelle had tended to the hurt Hoshiko who was severely depressed and sadden that her gauntlet was destroyed. However, Reldin was left at the hands of Zargon who nearly killed the poor man once more. However, instead he was given the idea to keep the young man prisoner, to use against the other heroes. But that victory wouldn’t last long as Gelle came rushing in and picked up Reldin quickly and retreated back to her base where she would tend to him and Hoshiko.

The Heroes had lost, but they were far from taking defeat. There would be another time, another day where they would fight the villains once again…

Final Chapter: Deus Ex Machina (2/11/09)

The destinies of many are brought together by single acts of kindness, destruction, and even natural disasters. People are forced to work with one another in some cases, where even they have never gotten along. Times are changing and complete strangers are beginning to band together to fight against unknown forces every day. What made these series of events so different than the rest? It was because these individuals were the ones who involved themselves. They were the ones who decided to push their fates forward and to become intertwined with the others.

It was time to prove that Zargon’s fate as the victor would not be set in stone.

The forces of each side gathered. The heroes gathered to discuss their plan to rush at the villains, to not give them a chance to survive. The villains gathered to perform the final rite to bring N’Ghai back into this dimension. Every person was ready to fight. Every person knew what they had to do. It was their choice. It was…their destiny.

Zargon, Ignus, Vehas, Amaura and Melinoe made their way to one of the portals that was placed in the middle of Pocket D. Reldin, Rezz, Actuality, Enoch, Purge Initiation, and Randgris made their way to meet the other group, ready to put an end to all this. Right as Zargon was getting ready to become the sacrifice to allow N’Ghai passage through the portal, the heroes approached in full force. But they were a few seconds too late. However, this did not stop them from trying to defeat the villains. Soon after their arrival, Randgris would make the first move by firing an arrow straight for Vehas, hitting him in the chest. Vehas simply pulled the arrow out, and the wound would heal right after.

The battle had begun.

Members of each side began to pair off. Randgris and Vehas were the first two. Actuality and Ignus were the second to pair off. Enoch and Amaura were the third pair. Hoshiko and Melinoe were the fourth pair to do battle. And finally, Rezz would take a stand as the fifth hero to do battle against Zargon as Reldin had fallen and was unable to fight due to still being under the influence of the poison he had received from the last battle. Purge kept Reldin company, making sure he were to be alright while the others did battle. Time had passed. Egos were bruised. People were suffering from wounds and defeat. But alas, it was finally over. Reldin was finally able to gain control of himself and gathered enough strength to deliver the final blow to Zargon, destroying his physical form once and for all.


But was it truly over? A strange aura surfaced from the destroyed robot and entered Reldin’s body before the portal closed shut, trapping the death god once again. Although, no one noticed this event, everyone thought to believe the ordeal was finally over and done with.

But in fact, it was not over. Not yet.

The Stars of Destiny would soon find out that their fates have been sealed. Trapped. Chained together and bound while unseen forces would soon enter the fray…And nothing would ever return to normal…

Sub-Chapter One: Disappointment

Ignus sat where she always sat when she needed to do heavy thinking: atop the bonfire in her makeshift home. The electrical burns and cuts she had suffered at the hands of the heroes had been cauterized and treated. But those wounds were a trifle to her real concern: the death of Zargon.

Had the robot been like any other employer, Ignus would have simply shrugged and went on her way. But Zargon had promised more than riches and power. He had offered what she had always wanted: a way to cleanse the world of the wicked species call Humanity. And though gods and their servants often lie about their offers, the mere possibility that Zargon and N'Ghai could deliver was enough to win her support.

But Zargon was gone. Before he could make his self-sacrifice, the heroes had interfered. Hatred roiled in Ignus's heart, hotter than the fire under her. The heroes had saved the world; a world of degenerate scum. Rapists, bullies, warmongers, oppressors, drunks, exploiters, tyrants, and the multitude of frightened, ignorant people who refused to do anything about them. Ignus hated them all, and she hated more the ones who saved them. The world had come so close to being saved from humankind, but now.....

Ignus floated down from the bonfire, coughing a bit at the smoke around her. She opened one of the two packs which held all her possessions, rooting around until she found a picture. It showed a younger version of herself, before she became Ignus; back when she was still just Ingrid. She looked at the shy, akward and unattractive girl in the picture, and spoke in her smoke-cracked voice.

"We failed. But I'm not giving up. We came so close; too close to quit. You deserve better. And I'm going to make sure you get it. A world without such petty evil in it. The world you should've had."

Ignus looked at the magical tomes in her pack. She had magic lore to call on. She had access to the Midnighters club, Oroboros, even Vanguard. If there was any lore on N'ghai to be found, she would find it. There had to be a way to continue what Zargon had started. And then her dream could come true. She slipped her pack over her shoulder, and set off for the university in Cap au Diable.

It was time to get to work.

Sub-Chapter Two: The Tempering

At the villian side bar, Triste waited, sipping her chocolate martini, a habit that annoyed her now that she thought about it. Someone else's habit, like the ritual of coming to this crowded chaotic place, that Triste carried out because she didn't possess her own, just those that were given upon her creation.

She was brought out of her musing by the presence of another. Silent as a ghost Melinoe had the habit of arriving but the chill Triste felt in her organic components told her Melinoe was near.

"So the portal was opened..." Melinoe simply stated, no tone to her voice to betray her feelings of the matter.

"Yes it was," Triste acknowledged.

"Now what?" Melinoe asked,. "More intrigues? More 'games' like that 'con-man' Enoch plays. Just like a philosopher he is, he needs to made to drink hemlock."

Triste paused a moment, surprised at what seemed to be an emotional reaction from Melinoe, perhaps not by any emotional display but by her words. "Ashen is pleased so far. That was the forging. Now comes the tempering. Those without true conviction will be like chaff and fall to their mundane pursuits of mortal trivial matters, those that stay true to their destiny will be the ones of interest."

"I shall bide my time then. But I cannot forget my summoned purpose."

"We don't doubt your resolve," Triste reassured her. "We hadn't forgotten that you vowed that you would sacrifice Zhargon yourself if that was what it took to help him suceed."

"Most of the Dead dream of returning to the Living. But that is never truly possible, so we then shall settle for the Living joining us."

Sub-Chapter Three: The Game Begins

The robed and masked figure lay kneeling in the dark throneroom his gaze downcast. "Zargon is dead my lord."

The man's words were laced with fear as he gazed up at the man sitting so nonchalantly on his dark throne. A small smile could be seen despite the shadows cast upon the man's face.

The robed man flinched as the dark figure spoke in a voice that echoed deafeningly in his mind "Then it is time we become fully involved in this affair." The robed man rose and bowed "I shall inform our agents immediately."

Volume Two: Chains of Fate


(Coming soon.)

Chapter One: Time Will Only Tell (2/25/09)

Things were supposed to return to normal after the defeat of Zargon, but things would only get worse for the Stars of Destiny. Everyone was given a short break after the events that each person endured. Their wounds healed. Plans were being made. But also it gave time for another to appear, to warn the Stars of the coming events for the future.

Akmodan. A traveler of time and a healer who uses time itself to reverse the effects of broken bones, wounds and intense pain approaches Reldin. Although, Reldin is unaware that others have come to join he and Akmodan. Hoshiko and new comers Triste and Phanteme listen in while sitting at the bar while Reldin had his back turned to them. The being known as Akmodan knew much about the Stars of Destiny and what they had done, but also what would be done. At this time however, Akmodan was only interested in speaking to Reldin, while the others continued to listen. Akmodan finally reveals that the people involved with Zargon Khal are known as the Stars of Destiny, which would also explain the reasons to why Zargon had used the words “Fate” and “Destiny” so frequently when he spoke. Akmodan went on to explain to Reldin that later on the Stars of Destiny would split and some would work to create a new order for the world while the others would stand and fight against such a thing. Rezz was one of these people that Akmodan pointed out that would work to create this order. Of course, Reldin was in disbelief as he knew that Rezz was a trusted ally. However, to prove that he wasn’t lying, Akmodan mentioned the name of Reldin’s Star of Destiny, which also shared the name of the katana the young man carried with him. Though, he was still in disbelief, the others would begin to question Reldin and he himself began to question if Rezz would truly be one of those that would lead people into war.

But was this the whole truth? The others would never know, but Akmodan was filling their minds with lies and deception, a few things that not only he would be the one to use, but others as well. Akmodan is a jealous person. He is jealous of Reldin and his success and power that the Stars of Destiny would give him. In fact, Reldin is actually one of the leaders that would help to create this new world order of Peace. There was no conflict. There was only peace among the Stars and Akmodan wanted to make sure he would become the new Tenkai Star by causing trouble within the time stream.

Akmodan is but only one puppeteer, and the others would soon show themselves.

Sub-Chapter One: Over The Edge

Another chance to further prove that Rezz could no longer be trusted would arise. However, it was another person pulling the strings on the many puppets. The evening had started like normal. Reldin had met with Rezz and Actuality. At this time, the two were comforting Reldin for something that happened earlier. But this evening would be ruined as an unknown force was able to bend Rezz’s mind to do their bidding. This being caused Rezz to suddenly attack Reldin, though he had no control or was even aware in doing so. At first, those that were around them were confused by the brutish act, Reldin himself confused at the sudden move. There was no speaking to the man, he was set on making a relentless attack against Reldin, and those around them would have to get involved.

Reldin did not attack, not at first. He allowed himself to be hit by the uncontrollable Rezz, his body healing quickly after each blow he took. But once Abi Normahl took it upon herself to try and stop Rezz from attacking, she too would be harmed when Rezz reared his head back and sprayed both Abi and Reldin with venom. Abi would be the one to be harmed the most by the venom, the venom eating away at her flesh since she stood in front of Reldin and used her vines to tie herself against him, which also made it difficult for the two to move. Finally, after enduring much pain from the venom, Abi let herself go and Actuality was able to move in and recover her to take her to the medical facilities. As soon as Abi was out of sight, Rezz made another attempt to send Reldin flying back by delivering another punch. Since Reldin was able to maneuver once again, he managed to move out of the way and grabbed hold of Rezz’s arm, using it to launch himself to kick at the man’s thigh. Though in comparison, it didn’t cause much damage, but there was enough force to cause Rezz to stumble forward, but also the kick was able to break the trance.

Rezz returned to his senses and did not realize where he was or what he was doing. While the others tried to explain to Rezz about what was happening, Reldin began to slowly slip into his own uncontrollable trance. Reldin himself would rush towards Rezz, transforming into his valkyrie form and tried to deliver a blow to Rezz’s head with his katana. Luckily Rezz was able to act fast, but also it sent himself into a rage as he quickly moved to slam a fist into Reldin and Rezz would drive his fist into Reldin until he was sent through a wall. Before things could get any worse, the others restrained Reldin and both Abi and Actuality were able to bring back Rezz from his enraged state.

A storm is coming…

Chapter Two: They Might Be Heroes (3/4/09)

The past few days have been rather difficult for Reldin to cope with. After thinking much about what he had to do, and what he began to realize, he made the decision that he was no longer able to trust anyone and that the others should share the same fate as Rezz. He would somehow, someway, manage to take out each and every one of them, to make sure the future events never happen. In order for that to happen, he would have to somehow turn the Stars of Destiny against each other, to get them to destroy each other instead of Reldin having to directly do it himself.

And that is when Reldin remembered Ignus. He knew she would try and continue what Zargon had already started. Reldin was able to find Ignus when she and Narah Zamah were speaking to one another. To Ignus’ surprise, Reldin was not there to spew his usual heroic speak, but instead he offered his help since he expressed that he no longer cared what the others were doing or even their well being. However, she was smart to the young man and insulted Reldin instead of considering his offer. Soon after this, Vehas would approach the young man and Reldin and he both went somewhere else to talk in private.

Vehas would never know about the conversation between Reldin and Ignus.

Before getting too far away from Ignus and the old man Narah, both Reldin and Vehas would bump into someone that turned out to know one of their allies. He introduced himself as Turn Back and explained that he was sent by Rognor to help by taking his place while he rested underneath Atlas Park. Both Vehas and Reldin were surprised to learn this since they haven’t heard from their friend Rognor for quite some time and were glad to know he was still alive and well. Soon after the trio got to speak, Vigilant Son would pay them a visit. While the others were with him, Reldin explained what had been happening the past few days, telling them about the information he learned from Akmodan but also the strange behavior Rezz began to show. Both Vehas and Vigilant agreed that Rezz would have to be stopped if such a prophecy were to be coming true about the future events that would split the Stars of Destiny. Vehas brought up the idea to visit Cimerora, to see if the past would be able to tell them about the future. He also suggested that it would be best to keep an eye on Ignus since he too knew of what she was still planning and suggested to Reldin that if she did something that would affect everyone, they should move in and remove her once and for all.

A declaration of war was made…A declaration that would tear apart the relationships between the Stars of Destiny.

Sub-Chapter One: Annex

The next day, Abi had met with Reldin, taking him off to the side in Pocket D to speak to him about what has been going on. Reldin, with his back turned, told Abi about what he found out that could happen and that Rezz couldn’t be trusted anymore. What Reldin didn’t know is that Rezz had walked up from behind Reldin, watching the two speak.

After an exchange of words and extreme feeling of frustration for Abi, both Reldin and Rezz fought once again. This time however, Reldin was able to deliver a single slash for Rezz’s stomach. Things were much different though. The weapon property of Reldin’s Valkyrie blade was much different than before. Instead of delivering a physical blow, the blade phases through the target and causes the person to suffer from hallucinations. In this case, Reldin was able to make Rezz believe that the blade had done severe physical damage, slicing through his stomach, but it would also make Rezz believe he is feeling the pain from the attack as well.

After, Rezz had went berserk in his confusion and rushed off to tend to his so called wounds. Though, Reldin himself was confused to how he was able to perform such an attack. Abi rushed along with Rezz, trying to convince him that nothing was wrong, but she was never able to get through to him until much later when the effects wore off. Vehas would show up in time to see both Abi and Rezz run off to their base and asked Reldin what was going on. Reldin told Vehas what just happened and out of nowhere Vehas offered to make Reldin a new sword. Vehas took Reldin to his home, The Shadow Shard, where they would visit a relative of Vehas’. The sword was forged with Vehas’ spine and possibly infused with a small portion of Ralaruu’s power.

Later that evening Reldin returned to Pocket D after receiving his new weapon. There he would meet with Abi once again, and the event from earlier would nearly repeat itself with Rezz approaching from behind. This time however, Rezz jabbed a syringe into Reldin’s neck, injecting him with a substance that would cause him to go unconscious. Others would quickly gather, but it didn’t take long for Rezz to just pick up Reldin and carry him off to the Ministry base where he would conduct an experiment to find out why and how Reldin was able to cause harm to him. After some trial and error, Rezz would soon find out what exactly sent Reldin over the brink, forcing him to change into his valkyrie form. Immediately, after this happened, Rezz used a device that would drain Reldin of this energy and it would transfer over to Rezz, giving him a suit of valkyrie armor as well. However, Abi was standing nearby, watching Reldin suffer from Rezz’s experiment and soon collapsed after Reldin had been drained. Rezz quickly went to assist Abi and took her to the other room, leaving Reldin alone.

Somehow, someway, Reldin was able to escape. He knew now what to do. Words that Narah had told Reldin long before all this happened burned into Reldin’s mind. It was true. Reldin would be the one to start the war among the Stars of Destiny.

Chapter Three: Ambush (3/11/09)

(Coming soon.)

Sub-Chapter One: Dark Rites

Red lightning lit the dark room as Phanteme appeared with an unconcious Reldin over his shoulder. The occupants had been waiting for this moment "The ritual is ready my lord." One of the masked servents said. Phanteme tossed Reldin into the center of the magic circle they had prepared with blood and dark rites. "Then lets begin."

Sometime after the ritual Phanteme sat upon his throne. A bemused look upon his face as he toyed with a metal cube inset with a large red ruby. One of the pawn's approached his features indistinguishable just like the rest of the foot soldiers of the Chess. Phanteme turned to him "What is it?" the pawn bowed his head. "What shall we do with Reldin my lord?" He said. Phanteme paused for a moment then said calmly. "We don't need him, set him loose so his friends will waste their time chasing after him." He chuckled at the thought. The pawn bowed himself out "As you wish."

Sub-Chapter Two: Harvest

Giga stood in the D having just finished a conversation with Rezz and Ryna. Most of the people had cleared out as it was drawing near sunrise leaving her alone and isolated. Unaware she was being watched she was taken by surprise by two assassins. Even with the element of surprise she quickly countered the two men. With a combined effort Xenerus Revnik and Allen Gabriel managed to take her down, after a long battle which left most of the club in ruins. With Giga over his shoulder Xenerus along with Allen left the D.

Hours later in the dark Throne room the metal cube sat upon the chair its ruby seeming to glow brighter, though there was no light to reflect."Two down."

(( may need work))

Chapter Four: (TBA, 3/18/09)

(Coming soon.)

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