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Backslide relaxing
Player: @Fox Lee
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: -
Personal Data
Real Name: Lydia Blackesfield
Known Aliases: Slide
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5'3" (160.5cm)
Weight: 183lb (83kg)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dusty blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: North-American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: ?
Base of Operations: Galaxy City
Marital Status: Uninvolved
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
A conduit of kinetic energy; can absorb and expel energy to achieve various force effects. Also to move at extreme speeds.
Known Abilities
Trained in battlefield tactics, urban street smarts.
None of note.
No additional information available.

Backslide is a fairly new Project Corona character who evolved out of Fox's love for flat-chested skinny girls with long legs and nice butts. As a character, she is a homage (read: bald-faced ripoff) to a friend's speedster character-since-beta on the Freedom server, Swift, who had finally attained level 50 a few days before Slide came to be. She was also strongly inspired by C.A.P.E.S member Cartwheel (who really impressed Fox as a "blapper" build), whom she would probably idolise if the pair ever met.



Tomboyish at the best of times, Backslide has an outspoken, opinionated and rebellious personality. On the up-side, she's tough and gutsy and always thinks for herself; on the down-side, she's confrontational, contradictory and argumentative, and gets annoyed when her rebellion doesn't draw an angry response. She also has a very short attention span; she gets bored quickly when nothing interesting is happening, and will happily tell people that they're dull or boring.

Backslide is prone to dishonesty and rudeness - usually just for the sake of it - and has a rather smug attitude toward those who don't match up to her street smarts. She will openly make fun of people she considers "dumber" than herself, including not only teammates, but hostages and victims too. In short, she's a brat.


Young mutants and orphans are both somewhat renowned for being "problem children" - a role which Backslide, who was both, seemed to fully embrace. She had been sheltered in the Blackesfield Home for Disadvantaged Children for eight years when her mutant powers started to become evident, and was already a disagreeable child - the power to assert her will only encouraged her bad behaviour. Returning to the orphanage only on occasion, Lydia spent most of her time running with street gangs, engaging in vandalism and petty theft to satisfy her rebellious nature.

Predictably, Lydia wound up being arrested when she finally got herself in more trouble than she could handle. During her time in Juvenile Detention, authorities became aware of her mutant powers, realising that it wouldn't be safe to keep her with ordinary children. thus, she was given a choice - be transferred to a higher-security detention centre which catered to meta-humans, or to join up with Project Corona, who took an interest in the girl's case and offered to take responsibility for her if she came willingly.

Obviously, Lydia chose the latter, though ultimately her behaviour has changed little. She pointedly kept her adopted "street" name, Backslide, as a gesture of rebellion. Still, while she skips most of her classes, she hasn't ditched the Project entirely, which means she must be making some progress.


Backslide is a member of the Supergroup Project Corona. Since she spends most of her time skipping class, she doesn't have any particularly solid relationships with other students. She probably had some respect for the former Project Corona trainer Backbeat, since they share similar backgrounds and outlooks, but would have been disillusioned since Backbeat left the Project.

Powers and Abilities

Backslide using a kinetic blast

Backslide's powers stem for her mutant nature, and obviously share the same nature. Her body generates tremendous kinetic force, which she can instinctively manipulate to achieve various effects like firing energy blasts, throwing unreasonably strong punches for a skinny 16-year-old, and moving at speeds beyond ordinary human capability. Not surprisingly, she has been unable to adapt her mutant powers to aid her teammates, instead preferring to focus on her own success.

Slide is a very intelligent girl, but - by virtue of ignoring schooling for most of her life - her brains have gone into street-smarts rather than book-smarts. She's savvy and streetwise, clever and adaptable. She also has the teamwork training that Project Corona requires of its students, much to her disdain.

Weaknesses and Limitations

True to her nature, Slide's powers are energy-intensive; she comes on strong, but wears herself out quickly. Her trainers at Project Corona are trying to teach her to be more efficient, but she's very difficult to teach anything. Similarly, she's rather contrary and uncooperative when it comes to teamwork, despite the Project's focus on strategy.

Slide is also more courageous than she is durable. She's pretty tough for a 16-year-old girl, but not compared to most supers, and way too eager to prove herself - her short attention span and feisty attitude often get her into trouble when her constitution can't match them.


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