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Crey has many a threat. These list from most minor to most major threats of Crey. Set your character(s) in these categories based on how much Crey thinks of them as a threat. If you want, set out a very brief summary in parentheses of what you did to make Crey see you as a threat.


Lookout Phase (Very Minor)

In this phase they won't do anything more to you then harass you when you do something (minor) against Crey.

Force Phase (Minor)

They will begin using force only when they see you doing something against Crey.

Protection Phase (Lower-Medium)

Crey is finally aware that you're a force to be reckoned with. They may attack on sight though usually stay passive when they see you walking by without doing anything.

Caution Phase (Medium)

Now they know you're quite a threat. They will usually attack you if you get too close to them, though won't attack on sight nor try to hunt you down.

Warning Phase (High)

Crey is watching you, whether you know it or not. They will completely attack you on sight. They may not concentrate the base of their forces on specifically you, however.

Elimination Phase (Very High)

They are even attempting to hunt you down and kill you. They all want your head, they know you are a major threat to all of Crey.

Annihilation Phase (Extreme)

Crey sees you as one of the biggest threats around. You are on every database and are looked out for by every agent. You probably have a gigantic bounty on your head. Look out. Crey's ready to take you down.

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