Emerald Razor

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Emerald Razor Current.jpg
Emerald Razor
Player: @TwilightKeeper
Origin: Technology/Mutant
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Zathanial Montgomery
Known Aliases: Teek, Twilight Keeper (former hero name)
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 176 pounds
Eye Color: Green (originally)
Hair Color: Blond (originally)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Founder's Falls
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kody (twin brother), Unnamed mother and father
Known Powers
Energy Manipulation
Known Abilities
Expert marksman, Master artisan
PDA and ipod
No additional information available.

Despite being listed as a villain, Emerald Razor is a hero. He's registered with Paragon as a Defender Class hero. However, due to story events, he moved to the Rogue Islands and has been there ever since; acting as a vigilante against the various criminal organizations found there.




Supergroup: Wolfcry Division (On detached service in the Rogue Islands)

Former Supergroups: Paragon City Police Force, New Porter Institute for Psychical Research


Turner - John Turner captured Teek's heart, full on. He would literally do anything, to help the man that is his husband, without regrets or second thoughts.

Vandellia - Teek's boss at Wolfcry Division. Sort of. Maybe. He's pretty sure he still works there, but since Ness and he go way back and are really close, it's difficult to say if Teek ever actually worked there, or simply hung out with Ness. Either way, she's the only female that Teek has ever had feelings for beyond friendship. Not that he'd admit that to ANYONE.

Anom - For Teek, Anom has always been a source of constant worry and consideration. On the outer layer Anom, much like Vandellia, is one of Teek's closest friends. While Teek wished for it to go beyond friendship, he was never disappointed that it hadn't. Anom holds a special place in the heart of Teek; he wants to hold Anom close and keep the nasty, evil world at bay so Anom can't be hurt by it ever again.

Mazin Wystan - Maz is...Maz. Probably Teek's first real crush, Mazin is one of the only people who can get Teek to blush. Much to Teek's enjoyment by the way. They remain close friends, though Teek hasn't seen Maz in quite a while.

Spiral - Most are intimidated by Sprial at first look. He's an imposing 7' tall, moss covered werewolf who makes it known that he delights in skinning humans. Teek thought he looked sexy. Despite the fact that they had nothing in common, Spiral and Teek became very close friends. Or as Sprial would put it, Allies. So much so, that Spiral eventually offered Teek a place to stay in the glade he shared with his mate, Lunar Steel.

Lunar Steel - A pink haired, bubbly, psychotic telepath. This woman scared the crap out of Teek on a regular basis. She also became a very dear friend, who would bend over backwards to help Teek. In fact, she and Spiral, were the ones who re-empowered Teek (see below).


Teek tends to be outspoken, speaking his mind as he sees fit. He's been called brash, rude and crude by those that hardly know him. The truth is, Teek's an extrovert. He loves attention, and prior to meeting John Turner, loved to flirt - with just about anyone.

These days however, he's mellowed out. Nearly impossible to get riled up, Teek has a smooth, easy-going attitude, and nearly always has a smile for friend or stranger alike. He still enjoys attention, however.


Original Powers

When Teek first hit the streets of Paragon as the hero known as Twilight Keeper, he had the ability to project and control the shadows around him. By making them semi-solid, he was able to project his own shadow to do damage, at the beginning. Later, he learned his shadow power also allowed him to tap into things the shadows 'remembered', allowing him to cause his foes to tremble in fear from shadowy recreations from their own lives.

Current Powers

Due to some unusual circumstances, Teek lost most of his mutant powers. However, a few friends of his decided to find a way to empower him once again. To this end, they managed to awaken the techno-spirit of a down Rikti drop ship's engine, and merged it with Teek, much like a Kheldian. This has given him a slew of new powers, much to his delight. He is now able to toss around energy bolts, propel himself through the air and in an emergency, create devastating explosions.

Character History


Teek's life was good growing up in Founder's Fall with the proverbial silver spoon. He never wanted or needed for anything. All of that changed however on his and Kody's 15th birthday. During a game of spin the bottle, Teek's spin landed on the boy he'd had a crush on since the 3rd grade. As he leaned in to kiss him, his nervousness triggered the first manifestation of his powers. His body started shaking as the shadows in the room deepened, and shadows began pouring out of his mouth and eyes. The gathered teens (his brother included) panicked and started yelling and screaming. This caught the attention of their parents who, after calming everyone down, sent them home. Kody was taken out of the room by their mother so their father could look after Teek. When asked what exactly had happened, Teek told the truth. Something in his father snapped, and he struck Teek repeatedly until he was unconscious.

Using his son's condition as an excuse, Dr. Montgomery took Teek to his lab under the pretense of getting Teek's powers under control. In reality, Dr. Montgomery planned on, and succeeded in brainwashing Teek, using a combination of powerful psychotropic drugs, hypnosis, food and sleep deprevation and physcial abuse. He re-programmed Teek to be an extremely dutiful son, polite, courteous, and above all else, not gay.

Though his family knew something was not quite right about Teek when he returned home with his father a few weeks later, nothing was said or done. That is, until Teek awoke from a nightmare, screaming into his pillow. His brother Kody calmed him down, and asked about the dream. When Teek answered that he didn't know what it was about, Kody revealed his own mutant powers of telepathy, by probing Teek's mind. Horrified by the scenes he saw buried in Teek's mind, Kody used his powers to free his twin from brainwashing his father had inflicted upon him. Scared, and feeling betrayed, Teek hugged his brother goodbye, and ran away from home. He was only 16 at the time, and wouldn't be seen again for three years, when he made his reappearance as Twilight Keeper.

Recent Past

Teek first met and befriend John Turner. Through an odd set of events, they eventually began dating. At first things went slowly and were kept quiet. Over the course of a few months however, they finally announced themselves as a couple to their friends and stopped hiding it. A while later, they were bound in wedlock, and after a brief separation, they are once again a happy couple.

((more to come))

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