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Made by User:Ronaconda. My very first hero and my best. Inspired by all the Martial Artists Ive seen and known,like myself. He's the best there is when it comes to hand to hand combat, and he has picked up a few things since his binding with Kai, his alter-ego. He has gone through several changes in clothing, and Im still not quite sure what his prime one will be. He will be a legend before you know it! LEVEL FIFTY 1/12/08!

"There are some defeats more triumphant than victories."
Fist Of Martial Fury
Player: @Ronaconda
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Hian Tsudao
Known Aliases: Hian,Fist,Kai
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6'7
Weight: 165
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Reddish Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese American
Occupation: Hero,Mercernary
Place of Birth: Yokune Heights
Base of Operations: New Troy
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kai Tsudao,Yelana Tsudao
Known Powers
Martial Artist,Regenerative Abilities,Body mastery
Known Abilities
20'20 Vision,Speed,Flight, Limited Energy Manipulation
Blue Tint Shades,Specialized Vanguard Armor,Padded Leather,Specialized knives
Favorite drink is a Cherry Iced Tea with a Lemon twist



American Legion Legion of Freedom Vanguard Neverenders


Some would say he's "not a hero" to him or as the "new" guy. But he knows he is a hero. He's very outgoing,he will speak his mind about something even though it might deem weird or different to others. He thinks he's not as good or heroic as the other heroes. He wants to prove his worth to other more "super" heroes. He will take on any challenge,despite the odds. Very cheery most of the time and likes to make comments on anything,which usaully has him ending up brusied and broken. He is strong-willed and a good friend,but...those willing to hurt him or bring out his darker side,will be acquainted with Kai,Hian's other half.

Alter Ego

Who is this?
Kai,an dead warrior spirit inside of Hian,another soul. Kai manifests whenever Hian is provoked or angry enough he will form into Kai. Not much is known about him but he is very different. He fights brutally and with deadly precision.Having near bursted through a Cryo Tank Helmet with his palm. He is the darker side of Hian. Kai has recently revealed he is not as old as he says he is,maybe only 80 or 70 years from the current time. He will tear anyone apart to ribbons if they dabble in his affairs. Hian said he was born with his ability to fight but,Kai manifestation in his body might be the reason for his skill.

Clan Shen

UPDATE Feb 15,2007 9:23PM: "There was a unknown figure in the shadows,a man. He walked out of the darkness chuckling under his breath;accompanied with a tattered scarf around his neck,blood red bandages and his chest inscribed with unknown symbols. The color of the man was a dark sheem of black and red...he had a chilling presence to those around him,an essence of power. Each step he took seemed to make the people uneasy,the man then lowered his concinal,showing red errie eyes and the skulls on his shoulders seem to luster with a embrace of power. His voice seemingly daunting to those around him, the skull on his belt,glowed with an aura,seeming to growl at the sight of...worthy blood." WIP...


Born on June 14,1981 he has never seen his parents and he rarely gets letters from his sister,Yelena. He hadnt went to school until he was 14,since he was 7 he was raised by a a hermit named Yoshiusi,a old man who fed him and cared for him. When his 'father' died he was on his own,he decided to self teach himself the ways of martial arts,as he seen the hermit done several times. When he got older he enrolled into a highschool,graduating with flying colors. By the time he had become ranked number 1 in several forms of martial arts in the country and decided to take his art to paragon city.

Arrival Of Kai

July 1,2007:When Hian boarded his train to Paragon he didnt except the train to be stopped and be out of commission. The engineer annouced to the passengers that a man in a white stopped the train with his barehands. Hian wondered if this man was a hero heading to Paragon like himself,the man was very discreet,leaping out of the way. The train was out of service for a while,so Hian had time to work on his fighting.

July 2nd - July 28: During this period,Kai registered as a mercenary in a local city,Yokune Heights. The 27 days flew by fast. When Hian was given a job to search for sashes of weapons in a barren area outside of the city,he was almost out of the place. So he took the job with no hesitation,even though the cilent was put down as 'Anoynomous'. He trekked out to the area that evening,when the sun was going down. He stumbled upon an old abandoned shrine. The place seemed ancient,teeming with a eerie presence. While he walking through the shrine,with the dried up moss clinging to the walls,he stepped on something peculiar. It was a symbol,the Yin and Yang sign,but it was different from the rest. When he stepped on the symbol,darkness engulfed the entire shrine floor,tendrils spiking up throughout. The smybol hissed,and shrieked;Hian sheilded his torso with his arms. The tendrils crawled up his legs and across his body,he was soon a pitch black form. A voice whispered into his mind, "You are weak...I will make you stronger...for a price.." Hian fell to the floor and the darkness receded. Hian woke up the next morning,running his fingers through his hair, "What the hell happened..." He dusted off his pants and stood up. "Was probably nothing...just fell asleep..". That morning,Hian was feeling stronger then ever,he was trekking across the town,feeling better then ever. He decided to take his leave of Yokune, and continue his way to Paragon.

Present Day

Hian has recently joined the Neverenders in an attempt to teach, or help his friend Chase Styles from his father.

Masume Yasuda


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Martial Training

Before he was even 7,he has been training in various forms of Martial Arts. He was self-taught in the forms of Muay Thai,Qwan Ki Do,Kick Boxing, Jujitsu, and Ninjitsu. At the age of 16 he mastered nearly all of these. When he reached 21 he was already top ranked in various tournaments around the world. By the age of 25 his skills developed beyond human comperehension by the essence of Kai,an old warrior spirit. When Kai had emerged from from Hian, Kai used a different fighting style no one has ever seen. Kai said it was his own style of fighting. He calls it, Shen Kai Combat, fighting with ones inner power. Whenever he would fight, the battle would go his way, he was depicting the movements of his enemy.

Unnatural Healing

Unknowningly,he had acquired a asounding healing rate of his wounds from his alter ego,Kai. If he were to be,stabbed,skewered,lashed,he would heal spontaenously. Once having been jabbed by his rival,Thorn Bandit,with one of his elongated spines, he took out the spine by hand and the gash healing instantly. But Hian can be killed if enough injury was sustained. Depending on the severity of the wound, it would heal at different rates, depending on the focus of his healing.

Body Mastery

Through mastery of his body,he is one of the pinnacles of human health. Kai's presence strengthen's each and everyone of his blows; he becomes a fighting machine. In recent days, Hian has developed feat of super-human speed in bursts. He beileves he got the ability from the result of binding with Kai; but he is not too sure. He raced Volo, the speedster, to a race to test it. Even though he lost, he knows the extent of his new ability.


Although Hian fights with his martial arts,he has some various things to help him with any type of situation.

Scrolls of Shen Kai

He carries various scrolls and small books with him,the scrolls themselves have the teachings of Shen Kai fighting, he studies them everyday. They show the ancient techniques of the lost Shen Kai fighting style.

The Infamous Autograph Book

Hian looks up to greatly to some of the famous or infamous heroes and semi-villians of Paragon City! He had the autographs of several!

  • Zathaver Draken: A hero with super strength and near indestructibility,halted Hian's train to Paragon.
  • Toketsu Taki: A vigilante with a mastery of the blade and a badass.
  • Gothic Defender: A weird man Hian met in Portal Corp. Appears to be an astral body, or something.
  • Volo: Is a speedster, the fastesting thing alive. Challenged him to a race, and lost. Sadface.
  • Double time: Spared with him to help him relieve stress! Another speedster!
  • Chase Styles: A fellow martial that fights with the 'Shade' Fist.
  • Masume Yasuda: Not a friend, nor an enemy, but Hian respects him.
  • The Thorn Bandit: A perverted mutant street thug, Hian's first true nemisis. Responsible for the death of his friend, Shadowed Skull.
  • Chill Yeti: Nothing personal against the man, besides the fact of almost killing him and being an accomplice of the The Thorn Bandit.
  • Mindswipe: A highly developed psychic master, he is one of the leader of the [Sinister Seven]. Hian, himself, wants to engage him in combat.



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