Menace Force Mu

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Menace Force Mu
Player: Can you really be sure?
Origin: Magical mutation
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Mu
Known Aliases: Nu's Twin, XXIV
Species: Human/Infernal hybrid
Age: 20
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 113 lbs.
Eye Color: One green, one blue
Hair Color: Reddish-brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian (human side)
Occupation: Paramilitary group operative
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: The Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: See "The Menace X Project"
Known Powers
Fire Control/Ice Assault
Known Abilities
Telling stories...
No additional information available.




The twins are uncanny, in that one would almost think them to be among the Nameless. The only clue that Alpha and Beta had to their actual wit and sentience is the cuttingly ironic things they say, and their creative ability to embellish the truth, which makes them impressive storytellers. The dominant emotion they seem to express is their rabid curiosity. They appear not to react to anything, to any degree of extreme. To the best of their knowledge, most of the Menace have never seen either of the twins laugh, cry, or look truly afraid or angry. Then again, nobody has yet tried to separate them...

Character History

(Spoilers... if you are interacting with these characters and don't wish to know the truth just yet, you have been warned)


The twins were, of course, not actual twins, as all of the Menace are genetically engineered. However, some oversight... or perhaps cruel joke... resulted in the same set of genetic calibrations to be combined and submitted more than once, subjects XXIV and XXVI. As it turned out, both were viable. Life, however, does throw in a few variables. There is a one-inch difference in height between the twins, and the manner in which they focus their control over heat is much like the flipside of the same coin. Other than that, they are almost impossible to distinguish from one another. They were assigned the symbols Mu and Nu when they were deemed stabilized and identified as being truly sentient. Since their creation, however, they have been almost obsessive about one another. They go everywhere and do everything together if they are permitted to do so... and they can be a handful if kept apart for long, so it is usually just easier to assign them to the same task.

Past Events

Mu and Nu were always the best storytellers. Due to their impassivity, many of the Menace assumed the twins largely ignored what went on around them. As such, they became privy to a lot of information that the other Menace were not. Their rampant speculation, and their ability to fill in the blanks with what seemed most interesting kept many a young Nameless and several of the Named up past curfew in the barracks. They were always willing to go and investigate any new rumor. The only time they ever failed to find out every detail they could was with respect to Theta. Curious as to how she received her injuries, the twins pressed her, until she finally offered to take them... below. The twins don't speak much about what happened that night, but they did not stay long enough to get any real answers. For the first and only time in their lives, they didn't want to...

Current Story

Things have been changing rapidly for the Menace X Project, and the twins have made it their solemn duty to find out as much as they can about anything that occurs... whether it is their business or not. They feel they have a duty to make as much known to the younger Menace as they possibly can... especially if it makes a good story.


Mu and Nu are very capable of controlling the subtleties of heat, from setting things on fire to encasing them in ice. It seems almost as easy for them to affect temperature as it is to affect the mood and tone of the tales they tell.


It is difficult to say for sure what would happen if Mu and Nu were separated, and nobody has really wanted to test what would happen if one of them was harmed while in the presence of the other. Their world seems to revolve around the two of them... so this seems the most likely way to wrench a real reaction from them.

To contact this character's creator

Global handle: @Trystan Laryssa and @Vheks

Creator Notes and Trivia

By now, the art of the Jinx has been fully mastered... what better way to play with it?

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