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Menace Theta.jpg
Player: Vheks
Origin: Magical mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Theta Renata Faiyt
Known Aliases: Adjutant; Thei; Number LIV
Species: Human/Infernal hybrid
Age: 20 (cancer dragon?)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115lbs.
Eye Color: Deep Blue/Green
Hair Color: Rust
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian (human side)
Occupation: Paramilitary group commander
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: Boomtown
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: See "The Menace X Project"
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.




Menace Theta was one of the very first "production models" of the menace X project. With the exception of Alpha and Beta, her generation is the oldest. Being the first, they were the most prone to problems, and even those who were successful can come off as toneless, detatched or unemotional much of the time. An excellent case in point would be the twins. Theta is no exception to this generalization. She keeps a cool head through things that would have most of her (admittedly highstrung) relatives in fits. She can be cold, blunt, or harsh. But, she can also offer a shoulder to comfort and sound advice to her siblings in the project.

Character History

(Spoilers... if you are interacting with these characters and don't wish to know the truth just yet, you have been warned)

The Menace X Project

Theta's earliest memories are of steel halways and scientists; the eldest members of the Menace X project had the least interaction early on; and so many of them seem so much like the broken attempts at bringing back the feinds. While, on the surface her eyes may have once mirrored the blank stares of the nameless, Theta had an exceptional ability to watch, and learn. She just lacked the urge to immediately act on everything she saw. And so, Beta, who was by that point tormented and confused himself, mistook her for one of the souless broken Nameless, and attempted to dispose of her as such. He realized his mistake a moment too late, and stood rooted in a sort of facinated horror as the young woman fought to defend herself. Luckily for them both, Alpha wasn't far away, and he saved Theta's life. The mistake is something that Beta and Theta have avoided bringing up directly to each other (as a general rule, they avoid each other completely); but its something that neither one can quite live down, either.

Story so far

Not long ago, as more of the members matured to adulthood, Alpha made the decision to send an advance party into the Rogue Isles to begin a new, more stable and more secure base. New stimuli led to new mutations, and Alpha and Beta soon had to follow the advance party to supervise thier activities and determine what the changes meant for them. Theta was left in charge of the main base in Paragon; except for the occasional return visit from Alpha and Beta. The geographical seperation from Beta must have suited her well; and the younger memebers of the Menace were no doubt relieved that Beta was gone as well. However, disturbing news trickled in from her former student, Tau; as well as the regular and cryptic reports from the twins. Both Beta and Alpha were becoming more and more unstable. A new threat had discovered them as well, calling themselves the Arma Lucis-- they were a race of beings called "celestials" who had sworn to destroy any demons who plagued the earth. Apparantly, the Menace Soldiers counted as demons to them!

When Kappa returned to base to have a mechanical arm attached in place of the one Tanshin had severed, Theta saw her chance to act to stabilize at least one part of the situation. A meeting between her and Kappa was forced when Alpha tried to use Theta as leverage to drive Kappa off for good. Mildly frustrated, and worried for Alpha, Theta listened to Kappa's insecurities before finally telling him that he was being a fool. Alpha clearly had let Kappa get to him more than he meant to. Moreover, it was time that -someone- let Alpha know he couldn't always use his authority to force an easy answer. There were things he was avoiding that needed to be dealt with, and she entrusted Kappa to make sure that was done.

A few days later, Theta unexpectedly encounted one of the Arma Lucis for herself. Her first thought, as she stared at him across the river in Gemini Park was that he looked -just- like Gamma... her second was the question of why he hadn't attacked her if they were sworn enemies. But, Aurian Kantaros, the Celestial, was as unsure how to proceed as she was. Afterall, even if she -was- a demon, he hadn't found her doing anything remotely Demonic. In fact, she was helpful, friendly, and somehow reassuring to be around. And so, the two struck up an uneasy friendship as each one waited for the other to attack. Aurian couldn't reconcile the fact that Theta was a demonling who could behave the way she did. Finally, frustrated, Theta turned to him and asked him why it was so shocking, the human aspect to her nature gave her the same free will he possessed. After trying to disprove what she said only to find she really was part human, Aurian and Theta parted ways, more confused than ever.

File:Thei hollows.jpg
Theta catches up to Aurian in the hollows.. "Do you really have allies -here-?"

Theta went to speak to her commander, Beta, for answers. Displeased about having to see and speak to her, Beta was more than willing to drive home the fact that -they- were demons, and thus utterly different than the Celestials. He also made it clear to her what every celestial was likely to think of their blood line. Dispirited, Thei returned to paragon as the dead began rising from their graves. She was sure that Aurian would rather never see her again. But, she was also sure that he was alone in the city, and lost and confused and not nearly prepared to deal with the events surrounding all hollows eve. So, she set out to look for him. Once they met in the Hollows, she agreed to see him to the Legacy Chain. And, that should have been the end of it. It was the end of it. That was what she told herself and Beta. And then, she found him in Gemini park again, and he was happy to see her.

Recent Events

As Theta continued to visit with Aurian, things became less and less incidental, and more out of control. Finally, when Chi was injured while Theta was out of the base (by none other than Menace Beta ) Theta tried to put a stop to their relationship. Her duty, and loyalties needed to lie solely with the project, or so she and Sigma thought. However; the seperation was worse than the guilt of divded loyalties. So, Theta went to see him one more time, and Aurian took that opportunity to propose. Sneaking out for the wedding wasn't easy, but it was more than possible; and now they both have a secret that must be kept from all but those closest to them... This won't be easy, with Beta returning to the old base.

duties and perks

Theta is the third in command of the Menace X project. As such, she has to balance taking care of the main base and the children who live within, reporting back to Alpha and Beta as they build their forces in the isles, and managing the psychosises of the two Menace leaders.



Her right eye, among other things. She lost it in... an accident when she was younger, so she's blind on that side. She doesn't cover it, it's not something she feels ashamed of. It just .. -is-.

Rogue Gallery

It's whispered around the base that at one point she swore to kill Menace Beta. If that's true, she gives no outward indication of it. Thei magi.jpg

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