Menace Tech Psi

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Menace Tech Psi
Player: Trystan Laryssa
Origin: Magical mutation
Archetype: Controller
Threat Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Psi
Known Aliases: CX (110), Simon
Species: Human/Infernal hybrid
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eye Color: Slate
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian (human side)
Occupation: Technician
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: "Boomtown"
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: See "The Menace X Project"
Known Powers
Fire control
Known Abilities
An uncanny knack at knowing how things work
No additional information available.




Psi has been the resident tech expert at Menace Base since before his voice even started to deepen. He is small, lithe, dexterous, reliable, and extremely smart for his age. Having spent much of his time working alone on the base systems, his already shy personality has been exaggerated. He knows the others refer to him as the strange kid that doesn't talk much, and so it's easy to just keep being that way. He does, however, have that need for contact, that urge to touch and play with things, that restless energy that his brethren also share... this manifests as constant fidgeting. He always has something in his hands, his tail twitches like a cat's does when it's watching something, and his eyes are always on the other menace... he likely knows far more about their habits and idiosyncrasies than they realize!

Character History

(Spoilers... if you are interacting with these characters and don't wish to know the truth just yet, you have been warned)


Psi was at the base at the time of the Rikti Invasion, but was too young and too small to do much of the fighting... however, it was due to Psi's scouting and jury-rigging that the base remained both as secure and operational as it did. After that, the others began to turn to him by default to determine how best to secure the base, test defenses, and maintain general operations. He was good at keeping the machines running, keeping people notified of any malfunctions, and keeping the increasingly problematic clockwork out of the ventilation shafts. As he got older, he began to study the clockwork in his spare time. Despite many cuts and bruises from their cruel mechanical blows, he found them fascinating, and knows enough of their habits to find clever and obscure ways of keeping them away from Menace Base.

Current Story

Recently, Psi has been caught sneaking out of the base by Menace Chi, whose impulsive curiosity tends to set him on edge. As much as she complains about the fact that he's "boring", she seems intent on continuing to poke, prod, nudge, tickle, play with his hair, play with his tail, admire his incognito uniform, pick everything up, and ask questions about everything he's doing. As much as this admittedly distracts him, he's finding himself increasingly endeared to her... nobody else thus far has taken such an interest in him, and her energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

She's managed to drag him on various missions, around to different places in the city, and even out to the Pocket D nightclub a few times. Recently, however, she has begun asking him about the ventilation shafts and various tunnels she's been climbing through to explore old areas of the base. He has mentioned an offshoot that is technically inaccessible, and that he's been told not to venture into, but that if he shifts the grating aside he could actually fit into. Chi's delight at this news has caused him to abandon his better judgment and sneak down there with her the next time they are unobserved...


Aside from his technical genius, Psi has the innate ability to control and manipulate heat and fire. Such powers are common among the menace, but Psi has managed to hone his finesse at using them, and has learned a few handy tricks.


Psi is naive when it comes to people and the big city in general. He is wary of people, for the most part, but if somebody were to manage to win his trust, they could very likely fool him into believing what they wanted him to.

To contact this character's creator

Global handle: @Trystan Laryssa

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