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Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

WARNING: The following players background was recently relatively unknown. If you would like to discover the secrets of Prof. Renegade's past in game skip to section 1.2, Origin of Power. Do not read the hero box or One Man, Two Histories. Thank you.

Spoilers end here.


It's a good day to be a hero!
Prof. Renegade
Player: @Prof.Renegade
Origin: Science / Natural
Archetype: Tanker / Peacebringer
Security Level: 50 / 16
Personal Data
Real Name: Ranjeet Vanir
Known Aliases: The Prof., Muscle Brain
Species: Human/Kheldian
Age: 72
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Argentina Born, American Citizen
Occupation: Prof. of Engineering and Bio-molecular Photonics
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: The Citadel
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father: Pramesh Vanir, Mother: Unknown
Known Powers
Nigh Invulnerability, Super Strength, Flight, Shapeshifitng, Energy Control/Dispersion
Known Abilities
High Intelligence
* Communicator *Short Range Teleporter *Phase Shifting Suit
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No additional information available.

"Mr. Vanir shows an incredible aptitude for acquiring and then demonstrating knowledge in real applied terms. His eagerness and seemingly natural talent has not been matched in years. It is his eagerness that worries me as well. Never before have a seen a soul so willing to do something without regard to danger or necessity, only to see themselves do what has not yet been done. If a more considerate attitude does not develop, I fear he will graduate at the top of his class and immediately get himself killed." -Prof. Bernardo Pena, Facultad de IngenierĂ­a, University of Buenos Aires

"Prof. Renegade was an indispensable resource during Rikti Negotiations. What the good people of Paragon have is a hero that is not only strong enough to deal with incredible threats, but understanding enough to be able to see past stigma's and past histories, to get the job done the right way." -Serpent Drummer of Vanguard




One Man, Two Histories

The story of professor renegade is split, because in truth, he is more than one person. The professor loved by many, is not from this universe at all, but a parallel dimension. His personality has been highly effected by the kheldian absorbed in his experiments, to the point that it has been a struggle for the Professor to learn about his original personality.

Additionally, the Professor from this reality had his experiment go very differently. Instead of merging with the kheldian, he managed to absorb only the power intended, and none of the creatures will. While Prof. Scorpio, as he is called, retains all his own memories, he has shown himself not to be as durable as Prof. Renegade or able to change his shape.

The Professor

The Renegade

Origin of Power

Prof. Renegade is on Patrol

"Boom. That's the first thing I can remember. Not my parents, not a young Christmas time, but an explosion." - The Prof., from an Interview with Dr. Carter

Prof. Renegade woke up one morning in the midst of smoke and flame. Coughing, he struggled to find a way out and collapsed outside the destruction. His breathing steadied and he eventually stood, to try and get a handle on his surroundings. He was in the middle of some kind of jungle. Why? Perhaps the most confusing element was he couldn't remember where he should be. He struggled to remember anything.

He didn't have much time to think as a jeep pulled up full of soldiers. At first he was nervous, but it quickly became clear that they were concerned for his safety. Not knowing what else to do, he went with them. They mostly spoke Spanish, and he didn't really understand much, but they kept referring to him as the Professor. The Professor got a look at himself in the rear view mirror. He looked of a similar ethnicity to these soldiers. Why didn't he know the language?

They drove for several miles down dirt roads before they came to a large modern complex. Here he was given some new clothes, in the same make as the soldiers. He examined his body while he changed and noticed he seemed to suffer no injuries from the explosion.

Soon, he was brought into some kind of lab room. There was a man waiting there for him. He had black hair, a full beard and a long scar down the side of his face; the Prof. would come to know him as Scorpius A Perenius.

He was nice at first, but quickly began pressing him for information on experiments he was supposedly conducting. The Prof. didn't know what he was talking about and trying giving vague falsehoods. He had a feeling if this man knew he had lost his memory, things would not bode well. Scorpius grew angry and soon the Prof. was quite literally backed into a corner. He looked around the room struggling to remember, hoping something would jog his memory. The consoles were of an odd make, as if hand crafted bit by bit. There was writing in a strange language that looks like it could not be of this world.

Scorpius raised his fist in anger, and the Prof. willed with all his might that he would feel no pain. Like magic, Scorpius’ blow came down and landed, but the blow bounced right off. Without thinking The Prof. pushed the madman and sent him flying to the other side of the room. In a sudden rage he charged, but at the last second realized he did not wish him harm, even if Scorpius wished to him himself. He deflected his punch to the wall, breaking it open.

Seeing an opportunity, the Prof. jumped through the wall into what seemed at first to be a large warehouse. Then he noticed what lined the wall. Large cylinders housed men. Not normal men, but those who seemed mutated to a horrifying degree. Where these the Prof's own experiments?

He ran out the warehouse door and into a courtyard. There were guards waiting. Bullets and energy beams flew through the air, but deflected right off him. He ran in circles; guards seemed everywhere. He was soon surrounded. He began panicking, but didn't know what to do. He just wished with all his might he could leave. Just like that, he was airborne.

He flew until he felt like he might fall asleep in the air. After stealing some clothes off a line, he began traveling, doing odd jobs for money. He found out he was in Venezuela. Nobody knew who Scorpius A Perenius was, and he decided it may be best not to ask until he was in a safe place. Then he heard about Paragon City.

A city full of heroes seemed like a great place to hide. He couldn't manage to stay off the ground for more than a few seconds since his first flight, so he slowly made his way to the United States along the same paths of many immigrants before him.

Phoenix Prime

Knowledge is power!

It was good and bad timing to be a hero in Paragon. He soon found out a city of heroes certainly had a lot of dangers, but dedicated himself to helping those in need. One day he got over his head, fighting Skulls in an alley, and figured it was back to the hospital for the Prof. Bolts of electricity came streaming through the air, and he soon found himself fighting side by side with a fellow hero. Teamwork, now this is the way to fight!

Aftershock introduced him to some friends, and they formed the Supergroup Phoenix Prime. Just in time, too, because about a week later, the Rikti invaded. It was in the war that he added 'Renegade' to his name. Another hero suggested it after hearing his story, and it just seemed to fit.

Time passed for the Prof. in good form. Scorpius and his Scorpio Society eventually tracked him down, but he was beaten back each time with the help of his allies. He joined the local community college team, and soon was a Prof. in Steel Canyon. One of his research assistants got in a terrible accident one day, and the Prof. and some of his teammates were able to repair the damage, granting her superpowers in the process. That's what happens when most of the parts you have lying around come from battle.

His power increased significantly, learning flight well, and even experimenting with gadgets. Every so often he felt rage come over him once again, but he was able to control it. . . till he fought the Clockwork King. Maybe it was the inhumanity, maybe it was the intense psychic damage, but something snapped in the Prof.'s mind one day, and he seemed to grow, turning into a being of blue energy. He began destroying everything in sight, and the King got away. Good thing he was in Baumton.

The Prof. did not like this new, less rational form at all, and so developed a tech suit to help him contain his energy levels. There were some minor modifications to the suit over time, and occasionally he went blue, purposefully, when things got dire.

One day he left the city to head back to South America and try to discover more about his past. He found nothing of what he remembered, Scorpius having covered his tracks well. He returned to Paragon with only a couple of leads, to find Phoenix Prime disbanded, the members scattered.

The Knights Equitable

He began working for Portal Corp almost exclusively. Their technology fascinated Prof. Renegade, and he began developing and testing new variants. Soon enough, he somehow got stuck in a Parallel Universe. It was pretty parallel though, and he ended up working for Portal and the Steel Canyon University once again.

He met up with some heroes who were also stranded from another dimension called the Knights Equitable. It seemed a decent fit, and the Prof. longed to have allies again. It was these heroes who came to help him control his energy shifting powers. Over time, his blue form resembled less an angry giant, and more the Brightling Glories from their lore. He was in full control again.

Things were going quite well, too well it would seem. Soon enough, the Prof. was doing more development work for Portal Corp when he traveled to an Alternate dimension and again found he was not able to go back. It seemed there was something about his personal energy signature that conflicted with traveling though portals but only under certain circumstances that are dimensionally dependent. In other words, it seems that for the Prof. some portals which are two way for most, only work one way for him.

The Legion and STORM

The Prof posing with the original legion lineup.

Prof. Renegade got lucky this time around. He was traveling without a full wallet, which was not uncommon for him while hero-ing. This time he was stranded, though. Looking for resources so that he could keep battling evil, and maybe get a sandwich, he headed for Paragon City Hall. It would seem he was far from the only dimensionally jumping hero, and the city's resources were stretched quite thin. He was considering his options, when he stumbled upon an odd girl on the roof, known as Gila Girl. They began making small talk and it seemed she was in an odd situation as well. Having recently started her own group of heroes, they were in need of a bit of muscle to fill out the ranks. The Prof., thinking back on his first encounter with the hero Aftershock, gladly jumped at the opportunity, plus, it seemed they had recently gone grocery shopping.

Little did he realize the great caliber of heroes he was joining up with.

It didn't take long for The Legion to prove a mighty group. The Prof. was soon joined by members to help shut down the Praetorians which ended in a climatic battle against Tyrant himself. Clean up of the base was going along nicely, and the Prof. was itching to incorporate some of his designs, though his funds were still low. So he took some of his designs to Sir Phoenix, to see if he might know of any trustworthy developers. To the Prof. surprise Sir Phoenix decided to invest his own money into their production, and they proved quite popular, allowing Prof. Renegade more money than he knew what to do with.

While working on a super computer that would monitor crime around the city, the Prof. was analyzing initial data. He soon realized that the Legion's numbers were not enough to respond to the vast levels of superhuman activity here. He knew what to do with his new found fortune. It was time to equip an emergency response force. So STORM (Strategic Tactical Operations + Response Management) was founded.

He began to explore his powers further and with the help of Sir Jonathon Phoenix, once again, got a glimpse of his own past. It would seem there are two souls fused into his body, neither seeming complete. One belongs to a human and the other to a kehldian. It was also revealed that the alien was forced to enter through a most unnatural scientific device, assumed to have been built by the Prof. himself.

Disturbed and curious at this knowledge Prof. has taken up the practice of meditation and has successfully been able to communicate with then the alien that is part of him. Known only as 'Renegade' this part of the Prof has revealed many things but so far Prof. Renegade has told no one. Though he seems to be developing, or rather making use of, the abilities of a Peacebringer.


At one point, Prof. Renegade had been contacted by Surgeto, an agent of the mysterious Agency. He seems to have some sort of International Incident case against Prof. Renegade but details are yet still unknown. Research has revealed Surgeto to be a reputable international agent but The Agency seems a private enterprise and is steeped in questions.

On top of that the Scorpio Society had at the same time resurfaced. They made themselves known by hacking the main LISA Chanel with a threat to all allied members. "either surrender Prof. Renegade and his inventions or pay." Eventually the signal was tracked to a bunker in Bloody Bay but it had been vacated.

The method of the break in led Prof. Renegade to suspect an unlikely source for the hacking, himself. Some mystical research by Jonathan Phoenix confirmed the suspicion. Whoever Prof. Renegade really is, his counterpart in the is dimension still works with the Scorpio Society. They're back, with a real presence in the Rogue Islands and Paragon City, and they're targeting the Legion and its allies.

Personal Reflection

The Prof, Arrelin Windspire, and the Human Miracle during a Christmas Charity Event.

Recently, Surgeto has disappeared and Scorpio activity has died down slightly. Ever on his guard Prof. Renegade has been using his time not only on self discovery, but on mastering his kheldian abilities and searching out hints of his past. His work has become more time consuming than usual, and while he keeps ties open, he has stepped down from the Legion for the present time.

While still working out of the Citadel as a backup lab, the Prof. has returned to dealing with Portal Corporation more. His jaunts through the portals seems to put his mind at ease, all the while hoping that each new world might hold a kernel of understanding as to his existence.

He has also been called upon by the Vanguard to aid more in the struggle against the Rikti. The Prof. originally signed on as a peacekeeper, but when Rikti forces sought to tear down negotiations he was thrust into the front lines. In the end he managed to locate and take on the Lord of War himself [[1]] with the help of staunch ally Arrelin Windspire.

New Relationships

During this time of reflection and development, Prof. began spending more time in the land known as Cimerora. There he met a pleasant woman named Sophia Conti. He has met her once before in an alternate dimension while doing work for Portal Corp (of course this was an alternate her). In that dimension they had been married. Curious as to the possibilities in this reality, Prof. Renegade agreed to a date.

Unfortunately, there was some confusion at the time. Sophia's apartment was attacked by goons. While he was fending them off she was overcome by emotion and killed one. Then it seams she accidentally poisoned the Prof. A strange misunderstanding. Since then they have met again working in the field. While they dispute exactly what happened that evening, as well as the use of excessive violence in apprehending criminals, the Prof. still interested in her, if slightly cautious now.

Prof. Renegade has also taken on the responsibility of legal guardian of Aeriola Naerth. While the act was primarily to keep her safe during her trial, he has worked with her closely for brief periods during this time and enjoys the mentor like relationship. For the most part though he leaves her on her own. If asked he responds that she is more than capable and does not need constant guidance especially with a legion of heroes around her but in reality he does not feel comfortable getting too close to her for some reason.

Professor Renegade is still a part of the Legion and an active hero, but his work has taken on a role of researcher and patron more often than being on the front lines. With the new attacks on Galaxy City and First Ward, this may all change yet again.


Glory Energy mode.

Prof. Renegade's powers come in the form of Photonic Emission and Control. What this means is he's able to disperse light from his body and then manipulate it to his liking. This shows itself in various ways.

Invulnerability Invincibility.pngInvulnerability: Prof. Renegade can shift his body structure to that of a hardened light form. When he does so he seems to surround himself in a dull glow. This not only increase his effective density but also adds a reflective property to his body allow him to take considerable more punishment and avoid some blows all together. The more he concentrates on this the tougher he becomes, though it can be draining.

SuperStrength Haymaker.pngPhysical Force: Using the advanced density as described above, the Prof's body can not only take more physical force he can manipulate it back, giving him a level of super strength. In this way his blows have more force to the point that he can shake the earth with his foot and send enemies flying.

BB Flight.pngFlight: By temporarily replacing some of his internal structure with light the Prof. gains a weight/mass ratio lighter than air. Allowing him to travel through the air at moderate speeds.

EnergyManipulation ConservePower.pngEnergy Breakdown: By focusing his light, not on himself, but on others, the Prof. has recently developed a technique that breaks down the mass of energies, while doing mild damage. This debuff of defenses, as its been described by others, increase the ability oh his allies and himself, to do further damage to the target.

Icon Dimension Shift.pngShapeshifting: The Prof. has become much closer to mastering the ability to mold his body into hard light and creating a new desired form. His first major form was a being of anger, similar to a Brightling Glory (see image). Through practice and meditation, he has mastered other forms, such as an alien insect form, and a great energy beast. These days, he rarely uses such abilities and prefers to stay humanoid, but does occasionally appear with long hair and angel-like wings while on patrol. He believes the religious connection gives citizens a sense of peace.

With his new found knowledge of his past, Prof. Renegade has been able to transform his shapeshifitng and occasionally display the abilities of a Peacebringer.


The Prof. possess a few skills of note that are not super-human.

Knowledge: The Prof. has slowly uncovered a vast array of knowledge in the fields of biology and engineering. Much like his early powers, he cannot remember the origin of this knowledge, though he can recall a great deal of information that has been proven to be correct. He has since written numerous papers, received tenure at the Steel Canyon University in three dimensions, and in studying himself, received further knowledge in a field he calls 'Bio-molecular Photonics'.


With his skill in engineering the Prof. has developed several devices. Much of these have been developed for mass production and helps fund STORM.

Short Range Teleporter: This small device can snatch the energy signature of an individual, and then pull them through space to one's current location. The Prof. carries one with him at all times. A more basic version, with a shorter ranges, was developed and mass produced for emergency response personnel.

Professor's Containment suit redesigned for more general use.

Portable Medical Unit: This hand held device scans for injuries under the skin and applies a very basic regeneration field, that can keep individuals stable. It can be very useful when dealing with supers, who have unbreakable skin. While the Prof. no longer carries one in the field, it is used by Emergency Response Technicians.

Communicator Wristband: The Prof. took an old Communicator device he had created and the basic device that Gila gave him when he first joined the Legion and created an updated version. This wristband is now used by most members of the Legion and their allies. It allows for basic audio, even across dimensions. The user can activate the a side switch to use the wristbands camera feature, to allow other members to view their current environment. The camera feed is displayed to others via a small hologram.

The wristband also acts as a key card, granting access to the Legion Headquarters to the wearer.

Cryo-Tech: This wonderful device was originally built into a robotic arm cover, that could be used by the wielder. The idea was that it would eventually be part of a whole suit, to be deployed by fire fighters. Cooling units inside can be aimed almost intuitively by the user, and dispersed in a controlled fashion to subdue flames.

The original design has since been abandoned and replaced by new small models that might replace a sprinkler system or be built into small robots. This is still in development. Strangely, the original arm unit seems to have gone missing.

Armor Suits: Prof. Renegade originally designed a full tech suit to help him contain and control his personal energy levels. However, as he worked more and more with technology based heroes, he began to design full suits to be used by normal heroes to emulate powers, as well as for mutants to help control their personal abilities.


Energy: The Prof's ability to manipulate light seems to have its own, slowly recharging, internal power source. In extreme situations, this can run out, or be drained, rendering Prof. Renegade powerless.

Will: In the Prof.'s early career his biggest weakness was being alert for his powers weren't active unless focusing on them. In this manner anyone who was quiet could sneak up on the Prof. and knock him unconscious with a blunt object. After years of practice this is less of an issue, as there is always some aspect of his power present.

Psionics: Psychic damage pierces the Prof's defenses like a baby crying during the sermon.



Prof. has had many secondary suits and uniforms over the years. Currently he sports the following. I stole this idea from another SGs Guild Portal. I don't remember which at the moment. The basic idea is to post reference shots of your characters costumes in a standard front/side/back format.

Classic Professor

Here we have Classic Professor Renegade. Besides some alteration of the face proportions and the addition of the cape, this costume hasn't changed since launch.

Midnighter Prof.

What originally was the Professors teaching suit has recently been modified to a darker color plus hat and cape. Prof decided he needed something a little less conspicuous for certain missions but the suit alone wasn't quite heroic enough. He gets looks sometimes from students until they learn where he got his latest robotics example

Roman Prof.

Hes been spending allot of time in Cimerora, so decided to spend a little time trying to fit in. . . . There's a reason he doesn't teach history.

Blue without wings

Blue Prof.

Blue Prof has gone through many different changes, he is after all a shapeshifter, but he has finally settled on this for the time being. Generally Prof shifts to this form when trying to focus on his energy powers or when he's communicating with "Renegade".


  • Prof. Renegade first appeared in Beta, but his preliminary design started before then.
  • In picking his powers I at first based them on my favorite hero, Colossus. As I began playing the game and discovering what mechanics I enjoyed he became a bit more like superman, though it was completely coincidental.
  • His personality is typical absent minded professor mentality, and is based partially on Mr. Fantastic. The biggest difference is due to the Prof.'s memory loss, his social skills and knowledge of modern culture is quite lacking.
  • I have been accused of being racist for playing a character of color when I myself am Caucasian.
  • While Prof. Renegade is the character I am most known for my main at the moment is actually Gold Cop.
  • Prof. Renegade was my first character to hit 50.
  • Prof. Renegade has been on three servers.
  • Originally, his powers were based on reverse engineered Rikti technology. However, as the Rikti story became known it fit less, where as the Kheldians fit quite nicely.
  • All uncredited art is done by myself.
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