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Tomatre by syrae.jpg
Tomatre showing off.
Player: @Dispari
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster, Brute, Corruptor
Security Level: 42 - 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Tomatre
Known Aliases: Toma, Tomato, Monkey
Species: Alien / Monkeygirl
Age: 28
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 160 pounds
Eye Color: Gray/Black
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Actress, Model
Place of Birth: Unknown (another planet)
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: In an open relationship
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Energy Blast, Energy Manipulation, Force Mastery, Flight, Speed, Fitness, Leadership
Known Abilities
Super strength, super speed, energy control, flight
Special information-gathering goggles
For mild sexual content.



Appearance and Personality

Tomatre hanging out in Pocket D.

Tomatre is tall and thin. She stands just at six foot even. For her height she has about an average build. She keeps in shape by exercising, training, doing martial arts, and yoga. She has short-cropped brunette hair that falls around shoulder length, and gray irises that are hard to distinguish at times. Her skin is naturally tan, leading some people to believe it's cosmetic. And her most defining feature is a two foot long, brown-furred monkey tail. Purple being her favorite color, she's always wearing some shade of purple eyeshadow and lipstick. Her fingernails and toenails also tend to be painted purple. For perfume, she often has a fruity scent that seems to be composed of strawberry and kiwi.

Tomatre's usually an even-tempered girl. She can be a little rough around the edges at times due to the nature of her people, who were a race of primitive and violent people, but most of the time she's kind and gentle. Tomatre does have fits of rage, though, as her instinct is ever-present and sometimes hard to contain. Generally these outbursts are limited to times when she's heavily angered, and she staves off the worst of it by fighting criminals in her free time. Beating up thugs and thieves helps her vent.

She's a huge girly girl, very into clothes and fancy outfits. Tomatre enjoys the feminine comforts of Earth and loves showing off gaudy clothes or go overboard on hairstyles and makeup. Tomatre's rarely seen without matching eyeshadow and lipstick, and generally steals hairstyles out of anime or magazines. She has a big love for high heels, though attributes this primarily to the fact that she rarely has to walk due to her flight ability.

She likes company, to chat and associate with people, and to have fun. Tomatre's very rarely serious about anything if she doesn't have to be. Being a "monkeygirl," Tomatre does have quite a playful and curious personality. Oftentimes she finds herself teasing, toying with, or flirting with people just to amuse herself. This can occasionally get her into trouble.


Tomatre's basic appearance.

Tomatre's background is fairly simple and short, though she often dismisses the tale and tells people that it's "complicated" just because it has some very unusual elements. Tomatre's people were a race of more primitive beings, much like humans in their earlier centuries. Her people, although strong physically, were not very intelligent. They did, however, manage to bully other civilizations using brute force, acquiring advanced technology, including ships for space travel. As a warlike race, Tomatre's people were always striving to conquer new planets and expand their territories in order to show their dominance and strength. Tomatre was sent across space in a ship as an infant, presumably for the task of conquering distant worlds once she grew up. However, her ship eventually crash landed on Earth when directions from her home planet were cut off from her ship.

Her home planet was destroyed (by means unknown to Tomatre) sometime before she reached Earth, taking most, if not all of her species with it. As far as Tomatre knows, she's the only survivor, though believes it's possible there are still others. Tomatre's actual knowledge of her people is limited mostly to what she's learned through books and videos that were on her ship, which she studied growing up. For the most part, Tomatre's lifestyle has been influenced by the people of Earth more than the customs and practices of her homeworld. As a result, she has more sympathy for humans than her people, and even considers the extinction of her people to be a karma-justified event considering their actions toward other races.

Tomatre had a rather uneventful time growing up with adoptive parents who raised her after she was found when her ship crash-landed. Tomatre grew up with an elderly couple who lived on a ranch they owned in the country. Tomatre had some limited schooling, and began to study martial arts before realizing her true potential for fighting. After her mother died in 2007, Tomatre was forced to sell the ranch and try to make her way to Paragon City where she could use her abilities to fight crime for bounty money. Currently she works alongside the PPD, cashing in any bounties that other individuals are unable or unwilling to. These days, most of her practice and training is done by herself, as she's yet to find another person who can match her fighting abilities.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Tomatre's biggest strength is her ability to generate, manipulate, and shoot energy. Her damage output is very high with her energy and physical strength. Toma is much stronger than she appears to be, and is capable of lifting a few tons of weight with her upper body strength, as long as she's channeling her energy into the task. She's able to easily lift the average van, and has been noted as lifting as much as 12 tons (24,000 pounds or about 10,886 kilograms), though her actual limit is unknown. By focusing energy into her hands she can also generate a large amount of power to deliver powerful punches. She also trains heavily in speed and is exceptionally quick, capable of reaching speeds in excess of 100 MPH (about 161 KPH). The highest speed she's been clocked at going is 488 MPH (about 785 KPH).

For all her strengths, Tomatre does have a few simple weaknesses. Primarily, her tail is very sensitive and is her main disadvantage. In combat she tries to keep it coiled around her waist, because if she's caught off guard and her tail is grabbed, it can paralyze her, similar to grabbing a cat by its neck. If she's more attentive, though, she can withstand having her tail grabbed. In some instances, she tolerates or even enjoys having her tail tugged and played with. Her other major weakness is psionics, as she has no actual defense against it. Her mind is relatively easy to read, although attempts to control her are usually met with a very strong, defiant will. Tomatre is also easier to harm with magic than other means of force. More physical types of magic may be easier to defend against with simple shields, but indirect or intangible magic is difficult or impossible for her to deal with. Besides these major weaknesses, her physical body is no more sturdy than a normal human's, and if she isn't channeling energy into barriers or forcefields, she can be hurt by any mundane weapon or even a punch. Tomatre is also very emotional and falls in and out of love easily.

Powers and Gadgets

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Forming the Dead Light attack.

Energy Blast

Another ability of Tomatre's, the Havoc Ball.
Tomatre's signature blast attack, Shockwave.
Tomatre gathering energy for Limone Cannon.
The menacing Adrenaline Buster.

PowerBlast PowerBlast.png PowerBlast EnergyTorrent.png PowerBlast NovaBlast.png

Though not an uncommon ability for her people, Tomatre's primary fighting ability is throwing energy blasts. Tomatre can form spheres and beams of pure energy with her hands, focusing internal energy from herself into an offensive power. She can use this in various ways to fire concentrated beams, long range attacks, or widespread attacks to hit multiple foes. Though she does sometimes name her signature attacks, most of her blasts are just impromptu volleys.

Tomatre's signature blast powers

Energy Manipulation

Windslasher cutting into enemies.

PowerPunch EnergyPunch.png PowerPunch BoneSmasher.png PowerPunch TotalFocus.png

Slightly less common for her people, Tomatre also has more unique functions for her energy powers. While most energy abilities are used to form masses of energy to hurl at opponents, Tomatre can also form a type of stable energy that she can wrap around her hands and use for melee attacks. In close combat, Tomatre can use her energy manipulation techniques to hit exceptionally hard and even disorient her opponents from the sudden bursts of power striking their bodies. Due to the nature of the focused and stable energy, these melee attacks are often more powerful than her ranged blasts.

Tomatre can manipulate energy in various ways when forming it if necessary. This allows her to fire energy from farther away when concentrated on the task. With effort she can also follow enemies' movement and strike them with curving blasts or hit them more accurately when they're trying to dodge. She can also use more of her energy with a single attack to inflict more damage. Each of these strategies require more of her concentration and energy.

Force Mastery/Defensive Energy/Miscellaneous

One of Tomatre's strongest attacks, Pulsar.

Invulnerability ResToPhysicalDmg.png Flight TravelFlight.png Fitness Stamina.png

Tomatre also has various other abilities. Further manipulation of her energy abilities allows her to generate forcefields made of pure energy to deflect or soften attacks. She can also pool her energy into creating even more powerful defenses, though this is usually very draining on her physically. Manipulating energy, Tomatre can also propel herself through the air to fly. She considers this a mild form of exercise and is quite often flying, very rarely touching the ground.


An invention of Toma's.

Gadgets TargetingDrone.png Regeneration FastHealing.png Traps DroppedAoEDamage.png

Besides her basic combat abilities, Tomatre also has a small arsenal of trinkets and gadgets at her disposal.

Tomatre has reassembled a regeneration chamber from her crash-landed ship which is capable of healing a person's wounds in a dramatically short amount of time. Tomatre does occasionally use this chamber in instances where she's suffered a lot of damage which would otherwise put her in a hospital for a long time, produce scars, or otherwise cripple her.

The most frequently used tool that Tomatre owns are her goggles, which are an experiment by Tomatre to teach herself more advanced and varied technologies. As a result, she's managed to integrate a large array of useful tools into the goggles. They are capable of examining and reading a person's combat abilities and can read information such as: physical strength, maximum speed, body temperature, heart rate, height, and weight. The goggles are also equipped with infrared/night vision and x-ray vision, CB, AM/FM and other forms of radio communication, a clock, camera, and even functions as a telephone and web browser.

Besides her more commonly used tools, Tomatre also has various other gadgets and devices that she uses more infrequently. Among these inventions are forcefield generators, explosive mines, turrets, gas traps, cloaking devices, and body armor.

Miscellaneous Information

Known Associates

Rogue Entertainment
  • Chi Kaminari: Chi is a curious girl that Tomatre's known for years, but has only just recently come back into contact with her. The two spent some time getting caught up and attending a few events with RE together. Since then the two have grown together romantically, and Toma considers Chi her "main" girlfriend at current.
  • Elexa: A raccoon girl who Tomatre met first day joining RE. They have been working together on some projects and have also been spending some time together outside of work, pursuing a long-term relationship. Tomatre and Elexa are still close, although with Elexa traveling outside the country, the two aren't dating anymore.
  • Sibby Styles / Sibrina Styles: After Elexa, Tomatre has spent the most time with Sibrina. Having met her at a party, Tomatre learned that Sibrina was new in RE and decided to spend some more time with her. The two have grown closer and have done a few scenes for some productions, and are currently working on a movie together.
  • Talia Endell: Talia is a girl that is very shy and reserved. She tends to follow any orders or suggestions that Tomatre makes, which Tomatre enjoys exploiting. Tomatre has taken Talia under her wing as an apprentice and has been training and teaching her how to use some of the abilities that she herself employs.
  • Lich's Grasp / Jessica: Jessica is an amusing friend that Tomatre enjoys picking on. Though the two haven't spent much time together exclusively, she's usually around when Talia or Kiska are. Jessica seems to have the same sort of submissive personality that Talia has, and Tomatre frequently teases her for it.
  • Volcanic Sprite / Kiska: Kiska is another person Tomatre knows mostly through Elexa. The two haven't spent a lot of time together, but she usually gets to see Kiska when Elexa or Jessica are around. Tomatre has been trying to get to know her better, but usually gets distracted trying to hook her up with Jessica.
  • Rapture Wing / Sasha: Tomatre ran into Sasha in the D. Having seen her around the club fairly often, she finally decided to talk with her. The two grew into a fairly good relationship, and have been good friends for a while. Currently, Sasha is on an extended vacation.
  • Dynamistress / Dinah Geof-Craigs: Tomatre met Dinah in the D and was soon introduced into the Pariah Project by her. Tomatre is interested in the group itself, but also hopes to get to know Dinah on a more personal level, since the two have a lot in common. Tomatre's extended work with Rogue Entertainment has pulled her away from the Pariah Project for a while, but she still tries to keep in touch with Dinah when she can.
  • Sagirus Vixen / Taria Sagit: Taria is a younger girl, introduced to Tomatre through an older friend. Like many of her friends, she teases Taria quite often. The two have gone on a few outings, and Tomatre tries her best to keep in touch between her work and other friends.
  • Scorching Blaze: Blaze is an interesting and playful demoness girl that caught Tomatre's attention. She's just as silly and happy-go-lucky as Tomatre herself. The two had a brief fling before Blaze realized Tomatre was too much of a free spirit to hold onto. More recently, they're pursuing a tentative friendship.
  • Bane Smasher: Apparently, somehow, at some point, Tomatre managed to offend Bane. Tomatre is unclear on the details, but knows that sometimes her personality isn't very widely-accepted. Tomatre made an attempt to apologize and offer to make it up to Bane, but was only threatened with physical violence. The two are currently not on speaking terms.

Organization Affiliations

Tomatre is part of a few organizations, both in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

Pariah Project: Tomatre is a member of the Pariah Project, introduced to it by Dynamistress. Though the group has had very little activity as of late, Tomatre does try to lend a hand when she can. She recruited a few people to the group before her attention was mostly turned toward Rogue Entertainment.

Rogue Entertainment: Tomatre's main focus is on Rogue Entertainment. Most of her current friends and associates are from RE, and she spends a lot of time at the penthouse. Tomatre was introduced to the group by Rina Adams and Elexa, and has since been working as an actress and model. She also signed up as security due to her powers, but so far her services have not been needed. Since joining, Tomatre has appeared in small parts in a few productions and films, and is working with Elexa on a film where she will be a main character.

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