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So, you've made a page and want to delete it. If you're sure you don't want your page on the Wiki anymore, please add it to the list on this page, give a reason why, and sign it with the -- ~~~~ tag (that's 4 tilde ~ symbols). You are also advised to add the page to the "Deletion Request" Category. A sysop will delete your page at the earliest opportunity.


Things to Know

Flagging Pages for Deletion

To easily add a page to the list, copy the text below. Then, click the Edit button for the "List of Deletion Requests" section. At the end of the list, paste the text and make the necessary edits, then click Save.

[[Page Name Here]]
* This is my reason for deleting this page. -- ~~~~

Please use INTERNAL [[wiki links]] for your pages. External (http) links won't show up as red when the page is deleted.

Renamed Characters

If you've renamed a character, instead of deleting the page, you can move the page to the new character name (which automatically sets up a redirect from the old name to the new). If the target page already exists, then blank out the old page, and put the following at the very top:

#REDIRECT [[new page name here]]

Valid Deletion Requests

Note that the sysops will only delete pages from this list if:

All other deletions should be discussed on the Virtueverse forums.

List of Deletion Requests

Current List

Please place your deletion request(s) in-between the two lines below.

False Empathy

True Empathy

False Empathy (Retired)

Archive List

The Archive List has been moved here.

Related Pages

This page is often populated as pages are deleted, as redirects to the deleted pages become target-less.


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