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Pierre Poupal, aka Mr. Purple, operated as a superhero in Central America during the period 1930-1941. He worked alongside such superheroic luminaries as Xanatos, The Golden Knight, Visor, Bright Hammer, West Wing, Greenbeard, Springfist and many other members of the golden age supergroup known as the Cosmic Crew.

Mr. Purple has the ability to manipulate ambient light for a variety of purposes. He can absorb all forms of illumination, and release that absorbed energy as blinding flashes of light, or destructive laser beams. He can refract light waves to create holographic images. Mr. Purple can focus photons into "hard light" (a form of energy which acts like a solid object), and fire blasts of pure force or create protective barriers. He can fly by riding light waves. He can also turn into light. His weakness is that he needs a light source to fuel his powers, and being placed in an area of absolute darkness severely weakens his abilities.

He gained his powers after an alien abduction in 1928, alongside his ally Greenbeard who was also abducted.

Mr. Purple's name derives from his inexperience at handling his powers correctly. Unlike most experienced light-manipulating heroes, Mr. Purple's powers are always followed by a purple hue. This is due in part to Mr. Purple being partially colour-blind.

It was on December 7th 1941 that Mr. Purple met his end at the hands of Requiem and The Fifth Column. The attack took place during a Fifth Column attack on Independence Port. Mr. Purple's team-mate Greenbeard was also slain in the attack.

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