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Life begins perpetually. Gather together at last under the leadership of man...
unified, disciplined, armed with the secret powers of the atom and with knowledge as yet beyond dreaming,
Life, forever dying to be born afresh, forever young and eager,
will presently stand upon this earth as upon a footstool,
and stretch out its realm amidst the stars.
- H.G.Wells, The Outline of History (1920)

Atom Basher is a tanker on the Virtue Server of the game City of Heroes.

Atom Basher
Atom Basher2.jpg
Global Defenders co-leader
Player: @Gaelic Reign
Origin: mutant
Archetype: tanker
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: Brad Adams
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 235
Eye Color: formerly Blue, now White
Hair Color: Black
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Croatoa, RI
Citizenship: USA
Current Residence: 666 Bedlam Drive, Astoria Apartments, Apt. 357
Occupation: Former pro football player, now Adventurer
Marital Status: Attached
Legal Status: Legal resident of the United States of America
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Twin brother Bruce, mother, grandmother, and grandfather (the half-retired Hero, Professor Isotope)
Known Powers
Absorbtion of kinetic energy allows Atom Basher to have superstrength and explosive punches
Training / Abilities
Superstrength, powerful punches, extraordinary leaping
Specially designed suit, bracers
Masthead Herobox.jpg
"In all corners of the Globe"



Brash, arrogant, self-centered, and dumb as a brick. Yeah, those have all been used to describe Atom Basher. Most of them are right. He "knows" he's the Top Dog, the Alpha Male that girls want to be with and guys want to be. But he's loyal to friends and allies, and always there to do his best to cheer everyone up. Whether with his classic greeting, "Dun du du duh! There's no need to fear, Atom Basher is here!", to throwing parties at the drop of a hat. Being a natural athlete all his life, and being told he's the best, he believes it, and does his best to live up to it. He may not be the brightest light in the house, but he's picked up a few things from hanging out with some of the best Capes in the business. It is becoming apparent that his smart mouth and oafish ways bely a sharp mind. He told a teammate recently, "No one takes the fool on the team seriously...."


Atom Basher is an energy powerhouse. Thanks to his genetic makeup being altered in the Plug explosion, Brad can now absorb all active kinetic energy that hits his body. Whether the energy is in the form of punches, deflected attacks, or the energy blasts shot at him by the robots of the Malta Group. The energy stores in his body until it is needed, and then is released through his hands as powerful punches. Recently, during a battle, Atom Basher came to find out, that if he concentrated hard enough, he could release the energy through his eyes, as pinpointed eyebeams.

Additional Powers



Absorbing kinetic energy allows Atom Basher to have superstrength, powerful punches, and eyebeams. He can also use the stored kinetic energy to leap long distances.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Like any human, Atom Basher can be killed by various traumas: Gunshots, stabbings, great falls, explosions, old age, and bad health. His power nearly limitless, as kinetic energy can be transferred with ease.


Atom Basher has a tri-Kevlar woven suit designed by Mistral Incoporated's Michael Mistral. It allows Atom Basher to take numerous gunshots and survive. It is also woven with Thermox, a combination heat & cold resistant cloth. It allows Atom Basher to survive in extreme heat and cold. The only thing exposed on his bodyare his hands, which he must protect at all times.

Atom Basher also has bracers on his wrists created by Mistral Inc. They are made from a mixture of titanium and peredium. They contain a minicomputer Atom Basher uses to keep tabs on any new Heroes that register in Paragon City, the police, fire, and EMS band transmissions, the internet, and communications between Global Defenders. The bracers also contain nannites that allow him to change into his costume instantly if need be.

Character History

The Atomic Twins

Bruce Adams had gotten a job at Crey Industries, working on the Terra Volta reactor. He had developed a new gizmo he called ‘The Plug’. It was designed to stop any kind of radiation leak man could think up. On the day it was to be revealed to the City, everything went according to plan. A controlled radiation leak was done on the reactor, and Bruce’s Plug was sent to work. Brad was visiting.

Something went wrong and the twins were locked into the test lab. Brad barricaded them into the control room and they survived the explosion, waking up two weeks later. with differing powers.

Bruce bought into the whole Hero thing, and Brad tagged along, to keep an eye on him. They joined the All-Star Sentinels of America before Bruce got an offer he couldn’t refuse in Europe, designing new reactors and safeguards. He went to Europe, and Brad went walkabout, leaving his mates, his girlfriend Umbral Vixen, and his friend The Silver Marvel behind as he traveled to find himself.

Recent Activities

Brad joined Crimson Vendetta in recruiting a band of heroes under the auspices of the United Nations: the Global Defenders. Although Crimson has been rarely sighted of late, Atom Basher is currently the face of the Global Defenders.


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