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The sword of justice has no scabbard.
- Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Les Soirees de Saint-Petersbourg (1821)

Crimson Vendetta is a scrapper on the Virtue Server of the game City of Heroes.

Crimson Vendetta
Crimson Vendetta 2.jpg
circa 18.March.09
Global Defenders leader
Origin: '
Archetype: scrapper
Security Level: '
Identifying Data
Real Name: Carlos Garcia
Known Aliases: Agent Vendetta
Species: Human
Age: appears to be in his early 30s
Height: 5'10
Weight: 225lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Additional Data
Place of Birth: unknown
Citizenship: United States
Current Residence: The Enigma Space Station
Occupation: '
Marital Status: single
Legal Status: '
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
accelerated healing factor
Two Impervium katanas
Masthead Herobox.jpg
"In all corners of the Globe"



Carlos Garcie a.k.a. Crimson Vendetta tends to portrait this hardcore, rough grimey person, but deep inside he does have feelings and emotions that he tries to hide but they always seem to come into play.


Crimson Vendetta doesn't really have any super powers.


During WWII Crimson Vendetta was giving a choice of weapons to choose from, he chose the katanas because he felt that you can't have a good fight using guns. Since the war, he has upgrade his katanas by giving them an Impervium coating thus giving them more durability and making them more precise. He calls them his Blades of Justice.

Additional Powers



Crimson Vendetta has an accelerate healing factor as a side effect of the Omega Serum he was injected with, he also ages slower then most normal human beings.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Carlos Garcia is still vulnerable to viruses and injuries but due to his accelerated healing they don't last long.


Just his two katanas although he has been known to use grenades that product a web-like substance to contain some of his query.

Character History

Near the beginning of WWII, the United States government conducted numerous experiments to try and create a super soldier. One such experiment was called the "Omega Project". Headed by the mysterious Man in Black and his Maxis Corps organization, the Omega Project was a complete success but at the time only produced three results, the hero Liberty Guardian, Crimson Vendetta and the heroine Sister Sentry. The Man in Black has taken the most interest in test subject Crimson Vendetta, stating that he was the best of the batch.

Official Report:

Amongst many other volunteers, a man named Carlos Garcia enlisted in the army to fight in Germany. When his commanding officer asked the unit for volunteers for an experiment that would help the Allied cause, Carlos volunteered. Carlos underwent intense training using katanas as his primary weapons. When that training was complete, he was injected with the Omega serum which gave him the ability to heal his wounds at an accelerated rate and, as was later discovered,his age progression was dramatically lowered. The "Project" also created the warriors known as Liberty Guardian and Sister Sentry. Like theirs, Carlos's original identification was hidden for military and government purposes; he served the remainder of the war as Crimson Vendetta.

An Unofficial Investigative Report:

Carlos Garcia was a prison inmate who was given the opportunity to "volunteer" for the "Omega Project". Interviews with contacts during his war duty indicate that he totally "bought into" the cover-up of the Official Report or that he has no memories of his life before the "Omega Project".

Recent Activities

After the war, Crimson Vendetta seemingly retired, dropping out of the public eye for decades. He re-emerged in the present day as a hero for hire in Paragon City: the blade-wielding Crimson Vendetta. What motivates him now is unknown, but eyewitnesses claim that he has no mercy for the scum in Paragon.

Recently his vigilante status seems to have changed. He has gathered together a band of heroes under the auspices of the United Nations: the Global Defenders. Although his right-hand man, Atom Basher is currently the face of the Global Defenders, it is rumoured and not denied that Crimson Vendetta remains their leader.


  • Project Omega participants: Liberty Guardian and Sister Sentry were products of the same enhancd-metabolism, slowed-aging serum that produced Crimson Vendetta.
  • Global Defenders: Crimson Vendetta is titular head of the UN-sanctioned group Global Defenders, the last, best defense against chaos and anarchy.
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