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Darker grows the valley, more and more forgetting:
So were it with me if forgetting could be willed.
Tell the grassy hollow that holds the bubbling well-spring,
Tell it to forget the source that keeps it filled.
- George Meredith, Love in the Valley (1883)

Medikka is a warshade on the Virtue Server of the game City of Heroes. She was created when I had the (non-unique) notion that each server was a dimension in the Multiverse and might have a Medika somewhat different than my original on Justice Server. Variations on a theme.

The Demure
Left as Medika; Right as Medikka
Global Defenders member
Player: @Medika
Origin: Science
Archetype: Warshade, formerly a Defender
Security Level: 30-something
Identifying Data
Real Name: Sable Madeline Davis (human)/ Mordekkai(Kheldian)
Known Aliases: Med, Medika
Species: Human-Kheldian symbiote
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 119#
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: white, formerly black
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Canton, GA
Citizenship: citizen of the USofA
Current Residence: The Vault penthouse, Steel Canyon, Paragon City, RI
Occupation: Formerly a Doctor specializing in meta-human medical care; currently classified as “Disabled”.
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Ward of S.E.R.A.P.H.
Known Relatives and/or Associates
General Nathanial T. Davis (father), Argent Blackwood Davis (mother, deceased), Charlotte Ames Davis (stepmother), Jeremy N. Davis the Second (half-brother).
Known Powers
those of a normal warshade
Training / Abilities
souvenirs from her life as a medic
Masthead Herobox.jpg
"In all corners of the Globe"



Medikka is initially shy, stuttering and uncertain of her welcome. As she becomes more comfortable with the people around her, her stutter lessens and she can be quite vocal on matters that interest her, like being tremendously concerned when other people are being placed in physical or emotional danger. Occasionally her speech changes, deepening in timbre and echoing slightly, reflecting the fact that Mordekkai is expressing its opinion.

She has almost no conscious memories of her life before the portal accident, and even the time of recovery thereafter is very hazy. Without a past, with no one but her former protege as a tie to what she was before, she might be expected to be a depressed personality. That is not so because she does not remember any of the emotional trauma that would have accompanied such an eventful youth. She is, therefore, in her own mind, not a tragic figure. However, that does not keep her from being in need of a solid foundation for her future life's experiences.

One major change in her, of which she is not aware, is that the original Medika had a very strong fear of heights. The warshade Medikka loves flying.


Quoted from the entry on Nictus:

"Every Kheldian energy being retains the patterns of its past hosts, and can use these patterns to transform itself and its current host into an energy-based duplicate of that creature, gaining new abilities in the process. The Dark Nova form is patterned off a race called the Hulnanim that lived in the lightless depths of a gas giant planet. The Dark Nova form retains the ability to fly and to shape and project Dark Energy bolts of incredible power."

Dark Nova Powers:

Flight Dark Novas Fly

Dark Nova Emanation (Ranged) The target's attack and movement speed is reduced by the Dark Nova Emanation.

Dark Nova Blast (Ranged) The target's attack and movement speed is reduced by the Dark Nova Blast.

Dark Nova Detonation (Ranged) The target's attack and movement speed is reduced by the Dark Nova Detonation.

Dark Nova Bolt (Ranged) The target's attack and movement speed is reduced by the Dark Nova Bolt.

Additional Powers


The original Dr. Sable Davis was a licensed physician and surgeon specializing in meta-human medicine. She had a bent for research, aided immensely by having eidetic memory. In her spare time she sketched, usually people. She'd learned Japanese when her father was stationed at Tachikawa Air Base, Tokyo, and picked up a useable amount of Russian when her father was studying it for the military. As a youngster, Sable read many of her father's books on military history.

Medikka has no memory now of any of those skills, albeit, when she's not really thinking about it, her hands remember how to use a knife or sketch pen/pencil. When asked to perform, though, she gets flustered and even the kinetic memories seem to vanish.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Medikka seems unaware that she's been spending more and more time in the Kheldian flight form. Although the human part of her seems to do most of the talking most of the time, there has been some speculations amongst observers that, perhaps, the Kheldian is, in fact, the dominant partner in this pairing and is only biding its time before taking over completely.

Part of restrictions the Federal Bureau of Super-Powered Affairs put on Medikka when she re-registered as a hero was the requirement that she come in for weekly testing, particularly concerning the possible re-emergence of her telepathic powers. She is also required to participate in various rehabilitation sessions in order to bridge the loss of so many background memories and skills. Her overall financial affairs were reverted to the terms of the trust her grandmother set up during her original coma. Thus, in some ways, although technically an adult, Sable Davis is a ward of the state.


Medikka owns various "trophies", such a a Darkwand and a Nemesis Staff, from her original career as a superhero. Now, however, she does not remember how she got them or why, and uses them simply because they are useful.

Character History

Born Aug. 7, 1985, Sable Davis is a mutant whose “power” was an extremely high IQ. She also had an extremely ambitious workaholic father. Having pulled himself up by his bootstraps from a backwoods Georgia recruit into a general in the U.S. Army, Davis was determined that any child of his would similarly succeed. Although Sable’s mother died of an accidental overdose of prescription sleeping pills while Sable was still a child (the military hushed up any rumour that the death might have been suicide), Davis' daughter tried very hard to please her strict father. She skipped several grades of school, excelling in biology and chemistry, gained early admittance to college and was set to make the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest doctor ever to graduate from Harvard Medical School… when a laboratory accident put Sable Davis into a coma for more than a year.

When she awoke she was too old to beat the record… and found that her father had essentially disinherited her… as well as remarrying to a woman just a few years older than she was. Unfortunately and fortunately, Sable’s maternal grandmother had also died while the girl had been comatose, leaving her a well-protected financial legacy, partly in protest of the general’s callous disregard for his first-born daughter.

Paragon City and the Champions

Sable also found that the accident had endowed her with psychic powers that allowed her to heal – or harm – by simply thinking about it. Sable thereupon moved, in late 2004, to Paragon City to put her powers to use as a doctor to super heroes. To gain practical field experience she, for a time, partnered with a controller code-named Grey Lensman. He gave her the code-name Medika. Later she joined the Champions super group as their primary physician, eventually rising to the rank of co-leader along with founders DevilAngel and Banshee.


Taking a SideKick

In June 2005, Dr. Davis was contacted by Professor Howland-Ross of Berkeley, CA, whose teenage daughter Elizabeth had been diagnosed as a mutant whose energy-generation power seemed to be killing her. Sable Davis, as a known expert in meta-human medicine, seemed the ideal doctor to deal with Elizabeth Ross’ persistent "illness", and to get her the training a meta-human needs to use her powers safely. Elizabeth took the code name Liberty Rose.

On Sept. 8, 2005, while Liberty Rose was still an initiate, a traffic accident prevented her from joining the rest of the Champions in a Portal Corp mission although she arrived in time to witness the tragic end. As the group was returning with a captive nictus, their portal malfunctioned, ripping many of them apart and flinging others into the great unknown. Of those who managed to actually completely materialize on the Paragon City side, only Medika and the nictus Mordekkai were still breathing. The two agreed to join as a warshade in order to survive. The damage they had endured, however, was so extensive that neither half of the new warshade was able to retain anything close to complete memories of their pasts or their previous abilities. The warshade Medikka was, essentially, a new entity.

Later investigation indicated that an infiltrator from Dr. Aeon had sabotaged the portal in revenge for a successful mission the Banshee had pulled off in the Rogue Isles. The perpetrator was arrested and successfully tried, although that was cold comfort for family, friends, and associates of the lost Champions. From protégé, Liberty Rose was thrust into the position of being the last surviving, mentally competent Champion. She cared for Medikka and assisted the Legal System through the process of determining what to do with the properties and effects of the essentially defunct super hero group.


As Medikka recovered, she went through a disturbing stage of imprinting on people with whom she had contact, most particularly Liberty Rose. Most upsetting was how Medikka started changing physically, coming to look more and more like Liberty Rose. (Her black hair, for instance, turned white – a condition the mutant Elizabeth Ross had always had.) After consultation with various physicians and psychiatrists and determining that Medikka could now manage independent living, Liberty Rose moved out and started her own career as an independent hero.

Global Defenders

Medikka, independently wealthy though no longer licensed as a physician, has gradually been exploring her own warshade powers, temporarily partnering with various heroes in Paragon City. In 2009, she encountered Crimson Vendetta and was invited by him to join his newly-formed group, the Global Defenders.

As her friendships amongst the Global Defenders have grown, they - particularly Ruby Raptor and Golden Blizzard, with the help of the mind-witch Opal Mind, forced the nictus Mordekkai to agree to a more equal partnership with his human host, allowing her to retain her memories and place as the dominant partner, at least in social affairs. Sable has expressed some concern about the nictus as she has gleaned from his mind the mostly-suppressed memories of being a condemned being "on the run". She still "loses time": disappearing off her team-mates radar for random periods and returning believing only a few days or a week has passed when the reality is that a week to a month may have slipped by. Sable is coming to understand this and regularly checks her memories of time's passing with her team mates. It has, however, put a significant, possibly fatal, strain on her romantic relationship with Golden Blizzard.

In late March, 2010, a mission in the reactor at Terra Volta caused some sort of reaction in the nictus Mordekkai, necessitating that Sable don armor designed to, as much as possible, contain the nictus energy that started "leaking" as a result of that radiation exposure. The problem is periodic and believed to be temporary. She can, in social situation, be seen in the blue, gold and white costume that she donned after coming out of ritual mourning for her Champion friends. File:Med costumes.jpg

Next Gen

After a series of misunderstandings in her on-again, off-again relationship with Global Defenders' some-time-leader Golden Blizzard and his subsequent withdrawal from the Global Defenders, Medikka, too, left the GD. Under advice from her old friend Liberty Rose, she decided to enroll in school and try to re-earn her doctorate. Even without healing POWERS, she could still re-learn the art of being a care-giver. She was accepted into the Talos-based academy for mutants, known colloquially as Next Gen. There she keeps a very low profile, being very dedicated to her studies.


  • Global Defenders: Looking for a new life unrelated to her past, Medikka has joined the UN-sanctioned group Global Defenders, the last, best defense against chaos and anarchy.
  • The Justiciars: For a short time, Medikka - at Liberty Rose's behest, belonged to an auxiliary of the Justiciars. However, she found herself underutilized in that position and never developed a true place in the organization.
  • Liberty Rose: Her former protege still looks in on Medikka, ever hopeful that her memories will have returned.
  • Golden Blizzard: Medikka has given her heart unabashedly to her Defender teammate.
  • Psilencer 7: The Nalteerean is extremely interested in the workable symbiosis displayed by Peacebringers and Warshades.
  • Mordekkai: The Kheldian symbiote who shares Sable Davis' body is an unrepentant nictus, with strong urges both for self-preservation and for power.
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