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...if it indeed be so, that this other Space is really Thoughtland, then take me to that blessed Region where I in Thought shall see the insides of all solid things. There, before my ravished eye, a Cube, moving in some altogether new direction, but strictly according to Analogy, so as to make every particle of his interior pass through a new kind of Space, with a wake of its own - shall create a still more perfect perfection than himself, with sixteen terminal Extrasolid angles, and Eight solid Cubes for his Perimeter. And once there, shall we stay our upward course? In that blessed region of Four Dimensions, shall we linger on the threshold of the Fifth, and not enter therein? Ah, no! Let us rather resolve that our ambition shall soar with our corporal ascent. Then, yielding to our intellectual onset, the gates of the Sixth Dimension shall fly open; after that a Seventh, and then an Eighth --
- Edwin Abbott Abbott , Flatland (2nd edition), (1884)

Dee Nova was inspired by two artistic impulses: an infatuation with non-human skin colours, and a wish to have a plausible excuse for changing appearances mid-mission.

Hero Icon Web.png
Dee Nova
"The Darkest Star"
· Science Controller ·
Fire (rped as Dark Star Matter)
Player: @Medika
Teens Supreme
Real Name
Disa Menolly McShea
Dee, Ditz (uncomplimentary), Dis the Shea (very uncomplimentary)
Oct. 31, 1996
Palo Alto, CA
minor United States Citizen with no criminal record
Paragon City
Union Plaza, Talos Island
Student, Hero
Legal Status
Registered Hero of Paragon City
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Dr. Patrick M. McShea (father, missing), Ceridwen Kennedy McShea (mother, deceased), Michael P. McShea (brother, deceased)
Physical Traits
Originally H.sapiens sapiens
Apparent Age
originally 5’ 2”, now varies with her position in multi-dimensional space
originally 142-lbs, now varies with her position in multi-dimensional space
Body Type
originally brown, now varies with her position in multi-dimensional space
originally brown, now both cornea and sclera are black
originally pasty Caucasian, now varies with her position in multi-dimensional space
· Distinguishing Features ·
All current manifestation include small orbiting balls of flaming plasma
Powers & Abilities
· Equipment ·
none observed to date
· Other Abilities ·
amateur artist, amateur musician, amateur writer, amateur game designer, amateur astronomer



Disa is an ordinary teenage girl, somewhat above average in intelligence, somewhat sub-par in social skills.

Between skipping 3rd and 7th grade and the trauma of losing her mother and brother two years ago, Disa - never comfortable with her peers - has retreated into fantasy worlds of her own devising. The skills that did draw her peers - music, art, and facile assimilation of school subjects - also created opportunities for those peers to display jealousy or to manipulate her. Several such instances accelerated her retreat from the usual social whirl and got her branded as a “nerd” and “stuck up”.

However she does have an intense capacity for loyalty, were she to decide someone was her friend.


Dee Nova seems to draw on dark star matter from within herself, casting it out and using its gravitational properties to lock down her opponents and draw energies from them.  This can result in their disorientation and/or various “buffs” accruing to herself and her companions as energies are drawn into them.

Dark Star Matter

The dark star matter Dee Nova Produces has characteristics of heat, radiation, and gravitational pull, locking her target in place and damaging it.


Her apparently precise control of gravity on the molecular level enables her to transfer energy from a target to yet another target, resulting in more efficient muscular coordination, more rapid cellular regeneration, or more effective application of force by the secondary target, and a corresponding reduction in the original target.

Additional Powers

Dee Nova is not fixed in place in our dimension.


Theoretically, Dee Nova can take hold of someone else an move him trans-dimensionally, making him disappear from one place and appear near her in another. To all intents and purposes, this is a form of teleportation.


Dee Nova seems to hover, fly, or slide along without seeming to actually be powering herself. This may be due to control over her own gravitational field, or it may be an optical illusion caused by her movement through multi-dimensional space.



Her father’s association with Stanford University during her childhood, gave Disa access both to the Hamilton Observatory and the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Her imagination was captured by the former and she studied all she could about astronomy all the way through junior high.

The Arts

Disa is a self-trained artist in pencil and pen-and-ink, having spent a great deal of time in the Art Museum at Stanford. She has filled dozens of notebooks with sketches, charts, tables, and descriptions of various role-play games/worlds of her own invention.

As well, Disa taught herself both guitar and Irish harp, capitalizing on encounters with musically-inclined Stanford students.

Weaknesses and Limitations

At the time of her Portal Corp mishap, Disa was still recovering psychologically from the loss of her mother and brother.

As her human consciousness does not yet understand what she has become, she has no idea of the full extent of her Dee Nova powers. As such she should be considered undisciplined and potentially dangerous.

Strong emotions tend to move her in multi-dimensional space, causing her to change appearance within normal space.


None observed at this time.

Character History


Dr. Patrick McShea was a Fellow at Stanford University when Disa was born, and she grew up in the university environment, more comfortable with adults and college students than children her own age.

When she was 14, she had the horrible experience of waiting at the library for hours - when her mother failed to pick her up as arranged. An unusual October rain had made the night-time roads slick and Mrs. McShea's car, in attempting to avoid a motorcycle that had gone into a slide in front of her, was hit by another faster moving car, spun into oncoming traffic and struck head-on. Both she and her son were killed instantly.

Shortly after the practical aspects of the car accident were wrapped up, Dr. McShea turned in his resignation, accepted a job at Portal Corp in Paragon City, and moved himself and his daughter to Rhode Island where they lived in a company-provided apartment complex. Disa was enrolled in Galaxy City High School.

Power Origins

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010, Disa McShea’s G.A.T.E (Gifted and Talented Education) class was scheduled to attend, with their instructor Mr. Rolan Green, a special Portal Corp exhibition which, the students were told, might include a very short trip via a portal to a safe dimension.  The intent was to allow the students to use a Portal Corp simulator, though, apparently, student gossip skipped over that feature of the field trip.  The students were required to have signed permission slips from their parents for the field trip.  Dr. Patrick McShea, himself a Portal Corp researcher, had no compunctions about signing for his daughter to attend.

Since her mother and brother’s deaths in a car accident two years earlier, Dee consistently brought home reports of “not performing up to expectation”, despite having been placed in an accelerated program due to testing well in math, music, writing, and art.  Dr. McShea had, amidst his own grief, watched his little polymath become a withdrawn couch potato, reading mostly science fiction and living her own private fantasy life in her sketchbook and journals.  He hoped the wonders of Portal Corp science might give them something to talk about once again.

As happenstance, Dee became detached from the group and disoriented (having not been paying attention to the tour instructions).  Hastening to catch up with her class mates, she ran into the wrong portal, not being able to hear over the racket of the machines, the cautions of the technicians working on establishing the etherial connections.  

Quote: “I was in a wierd place, lots of lights and colours.  Sort of an M.C. Esher meets Cubism.  And then everything went light and dark at the same time.  I thought I was being whirled in a blender and squeezed through a strainer all together.  I kinda lost track of time.  And then... I was in the Pocket D.  Not that I knew it was the Pocket D.  I’d never been allowed to go there before.  I’m not old enough to drink, you know.  At any rate, I asked where the nearest Portal was ‘cause Daddy and I lived in the corporate housing Portal Corp keeps in Galaxy City.  I figured Daddy would be worried about me not coming home with the other kids.  But then a couple of kids in costumes - DD, MM, and P-1; they’re my team mates in the Union now - came and told me the portal wasn’t working because of the meteors that fell on G-City.  I was pretty shocked. And it was even worse when DD told me to look in a mirror.  I kept changing colours and didn’t look anything the least little bit like myself.  I was purple AND it was the 17th of September!  That was how it all started.”

Manifestation of Dee Nova

The Union Supreme

Records indicate that Disa’s period within the portal coincided with the Union Supreme’s final assault on the dimensional vandals calling themselves the Unbidden.  The villain Omnus  managed to collapse at least two dimensions.  This, apparently was connected to the explosion of a dark star in the zone Disa accidentally entered.  Somehow this convergence of events resulted in Dee being reintegrated as a being who exists across several dimension, although her human consciousness - at this point - only views and accepts the one she is used to.

Introduced to the life of a super-hero by Moonlight Marvel, Daring Dragonfly, PlayerOne, and Hypothermion, Dee currently resides at Union Plaza, hoping that searchers will find some trace of her father in the aftermath of the Shivan assault on Galaxy City.


  • Union Supreme: A U.N. sanctioned supergroup in Paragon City; teens of the group were the first to encounter Dee after her return from the Portal Corp mishap.

  • Portal Corp: Ever since Disa disappeared through the experimental portal, elements at Portal Corp have wanted to study the results.
  • The Unbidden: Given the coincidence of her origin, this villain group may eventually decide that Dee Nova’s power can, again, resurrect their leader Omnus.


  • Dee Nova owes a tip of the hat to Space Paladin who pioneered 4th dimensional appearance changing.

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