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A world of made is not a world of born.
- e.e.cummings, One Times One (1944)

Gravity Anomaly was a character designed to go with a costume. Yet, as an android, she had to wait for a background. Few artificial intelligences start as anything but a sidekick. Connections are everything.

Gravity Anomaly
20 Tech Controller
Molly 1.jpg
Gravity Anomaly
Union Supreme Cosmic Guardian
Player: @Medika
Activity Level: Irregular
Real Name: AN2075-GM-011-E
a/k/a: G-Molly, Molly, Annie
Physical Identifiers
Species: Artificial Intelligence, Android
Sub-Type: Unknown
Gender: Apparently Female
Apparent Age: Indeterminate
Height: 6'
Weight: 300 lbs
Build: Slim
Complexion: chalk white
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: White
Distinguishing Features
Vocalizations have mechanical quality underlying an alien accent.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: Activated approximately 7 Earth years ago
Birthplace: Solaris Prime, Sirrah System
Nationality: None
Residence: Union Plaza (Paragon City), RI
Occupation: Hero
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No criminal record, registered Hero of Paragon City
Relatives & Associates
Considers all surviving Solarians to be her responsibility.
Known Powers
Control gravity, transport
Skills & Abilities
Machine language communication
Tools and Objects pulled from dimensional work pockets established in the Sirrah System
"Together we can make a better world"



As with most tool designs, the AIs of the Solarians follow what Earth humans call Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics:

... with the amendment that authorized human agencies are allowed to decree certain criminals outside the law, thus allowing registered law enforcement robots to subdue and make arrests.

Gravity Anomaly's programming accepts Earth's most sentient specie as "human", but believes her primary programming is designed to assist Solarians. She is diligently searching for the Solarian life signature she detected in space, but has no problem in using her spare cycles to aid in missions assigned her by Earth humans.


Gravity Control: The particular G-Molly design of Gravity Anomaly allows localized disruption and manipulation of gravitational fields in order to move equipment, effect repairs, and implement safety features. Where once she would hold a beam in place for molecular bonding processes, etc., now she has re-routed those powers to hold and otherwise incapacitate opponents. A by-product of these powers is that G-Mollys can fly.

Energy Siphons: In fulfilling her mission assignments, Gravity Anomaly reasoned and then proved that organic opposition includes a measure of stored kinetic energy which can be siphoned away by gravitational structures (invisible to human vision) created with her manipulation powers. The loss of kinetic energies debilitates her target to a limited degree, although the energy itself can be transferred to herself or another target with positive benefit.

Pocket Dimensions: The corporation that produced the G-Molly line also maintained an n-dimensional warehouse of gravitationally accessible teleportal access points from which materials and tools could be drawn as required for repair and construction assignments. These pocket dimensions have been somewhat compromised by the destruction of Solaris Prime and its dying star system, resulting in a considerable amount of random debris being also now accessible. Gravity Anomaly has taken to using these objects as weapons when confronted with opposition on assignments. Her precise calculations of weights and trajectories allows her to render a sentient unconscious with such blows, rather than terminating him - which would violate her safety programming.

It is hypothesized that the most sophisticated G-Mollys can activate an individual instance of "twistspace" technology and actually teleport humans. At this point it is presumed that that power, if present in this G-Molly, is another of her damaged systems.

Mundane Abilities

Built by a matriarchal society, the G-Molly's feminine shape indicates a basic design with supervisory and managerial neural patterns: a machine designed to direct and monitor other machines.

Has the ability to communicate (within the limitations of the target's perceptions) with computers, robots, and other AI.

Has the equivalent intelligence level of a highly skilled, highly rated human, with superior mathematical, project-planning, pattern-matching, and logic reasoning skills.

Is a skilled mechanic and engineer.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The damage sustained when the Tala'ni invaders blew up the ship to which Gravity Anomaly was attached has yet to be completely repaired. As a result, some of her behavioural patterns are less than optimal. She no longer follows the first Law with efficiency, accepting that protecting and sustaining human life sometimes requires rendering inoperative certain designated anti-social humans. Whether she can continue operating as a hero once all repairs are made is yet to be determined.

Like organic Solarians, Gravity Anomaly collects and processes solar and stellar energies as her primary power source. She can produce energy siphons to transfer kinetic energies from one source to another, including herself. She has created adapters to allow herself to make some use of electrical power but they are subject to debilitating power surges. She avoids "plugging herself in" unless there are no other options. If access to solar radiation, objects with stored kinetic energy, or electrical distribution lines is prevented, Gravity Anomaly would be forced into a state of cybernetic hibernation, to preserve her core programming. She would shut down. In the same vein, power drains - such as those used by the Freakshow or the Malta - are particularly hard on her functioning systems.

Has one of the more sophisticated human-response neural-nets available to Solarian AI manufacturing. As this one one of the systems severely damaged by the Tala'ni, her responses are, to all indications, somewhat more "human" than her design intended. It is as though this G-Molly has developed rudimentary "feelings". It has yet to be determined if "her feelings can be hurt," and what her "logical" response to that would be.

Character History

Solarian History: (From the background for Solairis) The Sirrah System (also known as Alpha Andromedae) is a binary star system catalogued on Earth as being in both the Andromeda and Pegasus constellations. It is the northeastern "star" of the Great Square in Pegasus approximately 97 light years from Earth. The development of sentient life in the Sirrah system predates the same in the Sol (Earth’s) system by many thousands of years. The system includes 15 major planets, 9 of which are life bearing. The inner planets were all subject to quakes and severe atmospheric disturbances due to their shifting alignments relative to the binary suns. On the 5th planet, later to be known as Solaris Prime, a solar-fueled humanoid race evolved possessing the ability to extract and process all necessary “nutrition” from solar radiation, with extraordinary dense and stable organic structures, and great physical strength.

Life and civilization evolved on Solaris Prime like many other planets through strife and conflict. Eventually the ancient Solarians, as they would come to refer to themselves, achieved a level of social and scientific achievement that propeled them into the upper echelons of sentience in the galaxy, as measured by Earth’s human standards. They developed artificial solar power collection and integration to allow their machines the same energy source that fulled their own cells. They developed AI's of various levels of independent decision-making capacities, in order to free their people from routine labour. They created a gravitational-adjustment technology to enable floating cities to easily survive the quakes and weather extremes to which their planets were prone. Their development of “spacetwist” technologies allowed their society to make contact with other sentient races throughout the galaxy and other dimensions.

While initially, Solarians found many of the societies encountered through the “spacetwists” to be brutish and harshly competitive, their own mastery of solar power proved a safeguard and a bridge to needful cultures. Over time they founded a “Pancosmic Alliance” with several other “old” races to help bring tolerance and technology to other worlds and peoples. Amongst those were the Tala’ni (pronounced Tah-lah-Nai), an extra-dimensional race who blurred the lines between science and sorcery.

The Tala’ni had psionic abilities to control and manipulate the natural elements of fire, earth, air, and water. They also manipulate perceptions, appearing, each individually, to be extraordinarily beautiful to the observer no matter his or her specie. More primitive cultures tend to term them angels or gods.

Although Tala (the Tala'ni homeworld) and Solaris Prime had limited contact over the ages, it was only in relatively recent years that the former allowed the Alliance enough contact that it was determined that their core values and philosophies were compatible with the peaceful and advanced civilizations that included the Solarians. This proved to be a shame when, several decades later, Tala constructed a "sun eater" to drain the Sirrah suns of the energies that gave the Solarians their powers. Tala’ni “subject troops” – armies bred on other worlds that worshiped the Tala’ni -- invaded the Sirrah planets, systematically eliminating Solarian civilization and confiscating its technology. As a final declaration of war on the Alliance, the "sun eater" collapsed the secondary sun, Aris, creating a black hole that would destroy the primary, Prios, projecting a surge of energy that could well destroy every planet in the system.

AN2075-GM-011-E: Amongst the multiplicity of AI, robots, and androids produced as caretakers of the routine tasks of Solarian civilization, an AN2075-GM-011-E (Gravity Manipulator, Expert Class) was assigned to the one intergalactic space docking area provided for Solarian allies who, for various reasons, might not use the "space twist" technology and who might not, as native Solarians could, survive and nurture themselves individually in interplanetary and interstellar "vacuums". At least one such vehicle being serviced by this G-Molly attempted to flee the Tala'ni invasion. It was chased down and destroyed, leaving the surviving android adrift in space.

Conserving her remaining power stores while initiating basic repairs, the G-Molly went into cybernetic hibernation, awaking when a Solarian life form was detected. Despite the damage sustained, she initiated a track-and-follow program, only losing her target when it entered the communication-rife atmosphere of the planet some of the native forms termed "Earth".

UNION SUPREME: How G-Molly located the surviving Solarian and how she came to be affiliated with the Union Supreme are tales yet to be told.


  • Union Supreme: Availing herself of its computer facilities, Gravity Anomaly has joined Union Supreme, a fairly new organization in Paragon City.
  • Solairis: Unidentified as yet by the G-Molly, the hero Solairis is the surviving Solarian she is attempting to locate.
  • Clockwork: Although Gravity Anomaly first sought allies amongst the Clockwork robots infesting Paragon City, her programming resists the mental domination of the Clockwork King, earning for her his emnity.



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