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Close not thy hand upon the innocent joy
That trusts itself within thy reach. It may,
Or may not, linger. Thou canst but destroy
The wing'ed wanderer. Let it go or stay.
- Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, Forbearance

Flitterby was, simply, my attempt to come up with a fairy. The fact that she proved an exercise in language and mischief was accidental. Sure it was.

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"Zzzzatz za sting!"
· 10 Magic Scrapper ·
Kinetic Melee
Player: @Medika User:Liberty Rose
Real Name
Heliotrope (kept a profound secret from EVERYONE)
Flit, Flitz (her own name for herself)
"Bornz when a babyzz laughs. Mayzo you waz za baby, yezzz?"
"A flowerz bed"
Banished member of the Seelie Court in Fairie
Kings Row, Paragon City
Tavern on the Edge
Legal Status
Legal ward of Liberty Rose; Registered Alien Hero of Paragon City
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
None admitted to.
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
varies between 10" and 4'.
varies between a few ounces to 45 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Is a pixie with wings and a pair of antennae.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Flight, Magical Cantrips
· Equipment ·
Anything that comes to hand.
· Other Abilities ·
* A pool of spells used primarily for romantic Re-decoration and object-animation.
  • Edetic Memory (but poor comprehension and communication skills)
  • Various Fey hand-to-hand combat disciplines



Some see her as cute, others see her as an incredibly annoying pest.


All of Flitterby's current powers seem related to simply being fey.

Kinetic Melee

Flitterby uses her opponent's energies against them in hand-to-hand combat, utilizing techniques developed in Fairie over eons of magical combat.


Flitterby has always seemed a minor force of nature in and of herself. She now applies this willfulness to surviving close encounters of the violent kind.

Additional Powers


Eidetic memory. Only pretends to write down orders she receives as a waitress. Which does not mean that you will receive what you order - if she decides you'd like something better.

Weaknesses and Limitations


Character History

Flit as she looked originally

Elizabeth Ross (Liberty Rose) was surprised to learn that her mentor Medika had had her made an alternate director of the non-profit corporation that was the Champions Super Hero Group. Upon the demise of almost the entire group in a Portal Corps accident, Ms Ross was deemed the last surviving compos mentis non-civilian member of the board of directors. As such, she was heavily involved in informing the next-of-kin and in shutting down the physical and legal facets of the organization. In the process of “turning off the lights”, she discovered Flitterby in one of the groups’ micro-environment storage units. The pixie insisted that she was a “innozzzent prizconner” with no idea how she’d come to be in Champions’ custody. The courts were a tad wary because the Champions had had a reputation of good judgement, but, eventually, Flitterby was released into Liberty Rose’s custody.

Over time the fey claimed that she had been a member of Oberon’s court, banished by him for playing pranks, and sent to “Big Folkzez Worldz” until she learned to “behavezz”. Bits and pieces later, Rose was pretty sure that Flit had been punished for the crime of wanting to switch from flower fairy to ice fairy and stealing some of Jack Frost’s pixie dust. Rose suspects that Flit also stole the magic bow, but Flit insists it’s a gift from Cobweb. For somewhile, the small fey was a source of amusement and annoyance as she attempted to turn the heroine’s apartment into a fairy grotto .. with ice traps for the unwary. Dr. Mystic and Gods Speed helped salvage Rose’s secret identity from the fey’s endeavors – but relief really showed when the Tavern on the Edge opened. Flitterby moved into its rafters and appointed herself its substitute hostess, waitress, and watch-dog.

Apparently her behaviour was deemed greatly improved, in that Flitterby’s Christmas (’08) present from Oberon was a restoration of the pixie’s ability to fly, with a vague promise of “more to come if you continue to improve.” Or so her friends have translated what Flit told them.

Recent History

Baroness Heliotrop

Two years later (10.05.20), Flitterby was again summoned to Oberon's Court, this time to be surprised by being named a Court Baroness, given a new set of tasks… and a new set of powers. This, in effect, dumped the pixie back in "Big Folkzez Worldz" at the beginning, having to work her way back up again as a fey martial artist.

Stories (External links)


  • Seelie Court: Ruled over by Oberon in Fairie.
  • Tavern on the Edge: Flitterby is officially a waitress there.
  • Night Patriot: The owner of the Tavern not only let her stay, he pays her for her work.
  • Ghost Wife: Hostess of the Tavern
  • Jack Frost: Flitterby earned her banishment by stealing his "icy pixie dust".
  • Lord Winter: With her stolen ice powers, Flitterby has, more than one winter, put herself in the way of Lord Winter's chilly plans for Paragon City.
  • Unseelie Court: The Seelie and Unseelie may be enemies or simply in competition; it's difficult for humans to tell.


Flitterby was originally an Ice/ Arrows Blaster but the combination - though true to her origin - was not effective together. Somewhere around L30, she was re-rolled.

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