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I saw Eternity the other night/ Like a great ring of pure and endless light.
- Henry Vaughan, The World, The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse (1917)

Lady Aid is an attempt to make a healer-hero for the era of pulp heroes. Meg takes a large page from my mother's background with a soupcon of Green Lantern thrown in to make it "super".

Lady Aid
Lady Aid 1.jpg
"The Ring wants it this way"
Adventurists Inner Circle
Player: @Medika
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 32
Identifying Data
Real Name: Margaret "Meg" E. Knights
Known Aliases: '
Species: human
Age: mid 20s
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124#
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Marshalltown, IA
Citizenship: United States of America
Current Residence: The Carpathian, Paragon City
Occupation: Licensed Practical Nurse
Marital Status: single
Legal Status: no criminal record, registered as a hero in Paragon City
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Esther Knights, mother; William Knights, father (deceased); Kenneth Knights, brother.
Known Powers
Magically heals, flies, teleports, and emits harmful radiation beams all courtesy of a ring.
Training / Abilities
Dedicated nurse practitioner, legally permitted to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medicines.
Ring with a large green gem
Some noticeable scarring on the inside of her left arm, from mid-forearm to just past the elbow. It does not seem to markedly impair movement of that arm.
AdventuristLogo sm2.jpg
"To bring light to the greatest mysteries of the world..."




All these uses of energy seem to be powered by a magic ring she wears under her right glove. She claims that it has demonstrated one ability at a time to her when it chooses to do so. In addition, she claims that it indicates courses of action that she should take, displaying, at times precognition and telepathic properties, as there is little reason to believe that Meg herself could know what she seems to know.


Nursing training has given her the abilities to take concise notes and maintain an objective viewpoint towards most matters. She is very organized and tends to be prompt and efficient. She is moderately well versed in medical law as well, a nurse practitioner being licensed to do many things that were once the purview of M.D.s.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Presumably, without the ring, her para-normal abilities will fade away. A few tests have indicated that this is not the immediate result when she removes the ring. However, she claims that it "wants to be put back on" insistently when the separation lasts more than half an hour. M.A.G.I. would like her to come in periodically to be tested for addiction to the ring or its energies.


Lady Aid's costume is in multiple pieces, mostly white (as befits a nurse) with blue patterning and a red cross logo. It completely covers her save for part of her head, but does not seem of itself to provide any more protection than normal clothing.

Lady Aid has never been seen using a weapon -- other than a hypodermic needle when in the appropriate hospital setting.

Character History

Farm Girl

Meg Knights and her brother Kenny -- only a year her senior -- grew up as most farm kids do, immersed in chores and the seasonal life of a family farm. However, the self-sufficient, successful American family farm was already becoming a thing of folk legend when William Knights suffered a heart attack out in his own corn field and died. Esther, having little choice, sold the farm to Big Business and the small family moved into town. Esther taught math at the local junior high; Meg volunteered as a nurse's aide at Marshalltown General Hospital; and Kenny tinkered with cars as a way to get to and from his real love: training horses at one of the farms that had gone the way of specialization rather than sell-out.

It was a normal Iowa family and there were no family legends of anyone being truly extraordinary. Kenny eventually moved to Kentucky and into the world of racing horses. Meg became a nurse and then took her Masters (in emergency trauma) and certified as a nurse practitioner.

Medicine and War

By this time, even corn-fed Iowa was seeing the return of "their boys" from the various military hot spots in the Middle East. Some came home injured and requiring extensive therapy. Military medicine, while extraordinary in the field, has its share of failures. One young man about her age, Nate Monroe, crippled -- he had lost a leg and a hand and was extensively lacerated all along that side of his body -- and depressed, nonetheless seemed on his way to recovery. So it was a shock to Meg when she came on duty that fateful evening and, in her initial rounds, found that he had died in his bed. The subsequent inquest cleared her and her shift nurses of any culpability... but that was in the future.

The Ring

When she got off work after midnight, Meg was too upset to go home. She'd spent time with Nate and her other patients, she knew them as well as she could allow herself to. And she just could not explain to herself Nate's death. She walked for hours round and round the park across from the hospital, eventually sinking down on one of the benches and dropping off into a fitful doze. She dreamed she saw Nate... and many other hands of hopeful patients... reaching towards a brilliant green glow that seemed to fill her dream.

She awoke with a start. On the bench next to her lay a ring; she was positive it hadn't been there when she sat down. She picked it up. It was heavy and elegantly crafted, with what looked like a faceted emerald that flashed when it caught a street lamp's light. To this day she cannot say why she felt the urge to put it on.

The ring slipped onto her finger easily... and started to glow. Startled she tugged at it but it refused to budge... and in her mind she started to hear ... not words and not music but something with a hint of both: emotions, soothing and urging her to not be afraid. She stopped being afraid.

At the present point in time, Meg is working with the ring as it reveals to her the things it can allow her to do using its energies. The ring urged her to come use it in Paragon City and the ring insisted she help found the Adventurists... so she says. The people at M.A.G.I. examined the ring when Meg registered at City Hall and, while they say that it is, indeed, magic, none of them could detect the sentience that Meg insists is there.

The Adventurists

The Ring insisted she be at City Hall the night the Fearless Phantom showed up and began to tell her about the history of the Adventurists. Somehow, that night of May 28, 2008, Meg found herself registering a new group, co-founding the Adventurists. She was even more surprised to find before the month was out that the group had expanded to a double handful of heroes and explorers.


  • The Adventurists: As a member of the Adventurists, Lady Aid provides the medical oversight needed amongst active heroes.
  • Liberty Rose: A heroine with a couple of years of experience in Paragon City, Liberty Rose is, in their private identities, Lady Aid's younger cousin. Liberty Rose is currently a member of the Union Supreme.
  • Green Swashbuckler: An adventurer from the past, Swashbuckler joined the Adventurists June 19, 2008. He has shown a decided interest in working with Lady Aid and she returns the interest.
  • The Dark Conspiracy: Unbeknownst to the Adventurists, a group in the Rogue Islands has arisen to oppose them for an unknown purpose.


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