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And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains...
Within the Sound of Silence.
- Paul Simon, Sounds of Silence (1966)

Psilencer 7 is a blaster on the Virtue Server of the game City of Heroes. She was created to try out the new dual pistols powers, but also to imagine a "gun-toting" character who could and would be accepted into a supergroup with a code against killing or rules against guns. Her guns are mental constructs. "It's all in your mind."

Psilencer 7
Psi7 2.jpg
circa March 2010
Adventurists Member
Player: @Medika
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaslter
Security Level: '
Identifying Data
Real Name: Kol A'ree
Known Aliases: Psi
Species: Nalteerean
Age: appears to be between 19 and 23
Height: 6'
Weight: 145-lbs
Eye Color: amber
Hair Color: russet
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Beta Fourteen Creche, Colony Seven, Nalteer II
Citizenship: citizen of the Planet Nalteer II
Current Residence: Kings Row YWCA
Occupation: "Toli-ken", which translates to law enforcement scout
Marital Status: single on Earth
Legal Status: resident alien in the USofA
Known Relatives and/or Associates
none listed
Known Powers
Mentalist/Dual Pistol
Training / Abilities
tracking, hand-to-hand combat
appears to use a pair of Match Compensators
all weapons used are actually mental constructs
AdventuristLogo sm2.jpg
"To bring light to the greatest mysteries of the world..."



Low key but friendly. Curious about the customs of Earth.


Mentalist. Uses the energy of her mind to subdue and damage her opponents. Also creates minor illusions - such as her energy "guns" - to allow her opponent's mind to believe he is being damaged in a manner in which he expects to receive significant damage.

Additional Powers



Weaknesses and Limitations


Character History

Born in the Beta Fourteen Creche, a second generation colonist on Nalteer II, Kol was trained from early on in the use of her mental abilities in the service of her people. Such powers as she has - and those of many other powered Nalteerians - are the result of scientific manipulation of creche infants in order to produce survival traits amongst colonists. We are given to understand that other Nalteerians, particularly the royal family, have natural energy powers, but that the Colonies cannot depend on natural mutation to ensure survival. Advancing rapidly in skill, Kol chose to become a “toli-ken”, an occupation that seems to combine law enforcement with advance exploratory scouting. She bonded with the six other members of her team:

They were in advanced training when word came from the home planet of an invasion by the “beings”/entity known on Earth as the Shivan/Shiva. The war went poorly for the natives and word went out to the colonies that some of the royal family was lost. When one such returned from her sojourn on the Planet Earth to aid in the underground resistance, bringing the aid of her terrestrial consort, Nalteerians took an interest in her former planet of refuge. (Cross-referent: Registration data on Illuminare/ Bright Lady, the Justiciars) Therefore when a Mind Squatter escaped and took a vehicle programmed for Earth, Kol and her pod were assigned retrieval duty. Part of the team stayed in space while two flyers were dispatched. A winter storm, however, disrupted their vehicle controls. Only Kol survived the landing undamaged and without need for recall. Continuing her pod’s mission, she has presented her credentials to City Hall and has requested access to a significant number of data bases currently considered private. As Nalteer (and Nalteer II) have not yet established formal relations with any Earth government (understandable given that their primary government is currently deposed and in hiding), such violation of human records is being denied, pending her evaluation by human law enforcement and governmental agencies. To that end, she has been allowed to register as a “hero” in order to prove herself.

Current Activities

In mid-March, 2010, met one Ross Magnum, also in import to this world, and he invited her to join the Global Defenders Reserve. To the current date, she has met no other member of the team. Having an innate need to be part of an active team, she has recently moved to the Adventurists.


  • The Adventurists: An independent band of explorers, mercenaries, and eccentrics who research and adventure for the betterment of the world.
  • Global Defenders: A U.N.-sponsored super team operating from the orbital space station Enigma, founded by Crimson Vendetta.
  • Global Defenders Reserve: An associated team for all the heroes who haven't time to be full-time Defenders. ((The Global Defenders allows each member one alt in the main team.))
  • Ross Magnum: A lawman from another dimension, he shares with Psi the problem of being alone in an unfamiliar world.
  • Medikka: The Nalteerean is extremely interested in the workable symbiosis displayed by Peacebringers and Warshades.
  • Shivan: Entities formed from local matter and controlled by the malignant being code named by some on Earth as "Shiva".
  • Mind Squatter: An entity from (?) Nalteer II purported to insinuate itself into another creature's body to take over its mind and so live as a Puppet Master.



Kol comes from the same civilization, albeit from a colonial planet, as Bright Lady aka Illuminare or Nara, a member of the royal family of Nalteer.


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