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Rosy-fingered dawn appeared, the early-born..
- Homer, The Illiad (c. 700 B.C.)

Coronal Light was originally designed as a side kick for Heliodromus, the most recent incarnation of Arun Mithras. She was also supposed to be an in-joke for Shadey, Arun's sometimes girlfriend.

Coronal Light
20 Peacebringer
VVCoronal Light.jpg
Coronal Light
Union Supreme City Sentry
Player: @Medika
Activity Level: Irregular
Real Name: Coralie Geraldine Herald
a/k/a: None
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Unknown
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 16
Height: 5'
Weight: 94 lbs
Build: Slim
Complexion: Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Pale blond
Distinguishing Features
Eyes glow, overflowing with light, when she uses her powers.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: May 5, 1993
Birthplace: Founders Falls (Paragon City), RI
Nationality: minor citizen of the United States of America
Residence: Union Plaza (Paragon City), RI
Occupation: Hero, student
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No criminal record, registered Hero of Paragon City
Relatives & Associates
Godfrey Herald (father), Amice Lawrence Herald (mother), Geraldine Herald (great aunt), T.O. Lawrence IV (uncle), Arthur Lawrence (uncle, MIA, presumed dead), Peter Herald (uncle, disowned by family)
Known Powers
Hard Light, Light-based Self-Illusions
Skills & Abilities
HS student, computer hacker
none albeit uses illusions of various weapons
"Together we can make a better world"



Cora is a bright and cheerful teenager with a laughable tendency to form "the crush of the week", particularly on young men about her age. She is a nerd.

She's aware that something is "not quite right" in her family, but, for the nonce her attention is focused outward and she hasn't investigated the problems at home. She claims, however, that her parents would stop her super hero activities if they knew about them, and has asked the Union Supreme to help keep her identity secret.

It is likely that she's subconsciously aware that hacking is wrong, given that she insists that she's not a hacker. However, her undoubted intelligence seems largely centered on building and using computers and computerized communication in whatever way she wants to or feels she needs to.


Coronal Light displays light-based powers that fall into two broad categories. One she terms “hard light” which she manifests as a protective bubble or various offensive blasts. The other she calls “making pictures” wherein she cloaks herself or part of herself in an alien or weapon shape. The shapes she chooses tend to be dictated by some of what she’s seen other superheroes or villains - as pictured on TV - use, such as the Nemesis staff. Most of her uses of these powers are accompanied by sonic vibrations of various intensities; so, clearly, she is not simply manipulating light.

Mundane Abilities

Speaks High School French, Spanish, and Japanese poorly. Is a skilled computer hacker, learning computer languages easily. Collects and studies comic books and comic book art.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Contrary to what she insists, it seems possible that Coronal Light has become a sentient form of light which takes on material aspects that can interact with other material objects. If she remains strictly a light form, she cannot interact with material objects. Thus it may not be surprising that all her forms are more than usually vulnerable to the light-disrupting effects of Quantum weapons.

Character History


Coralie Geraldine Herald was born to wealth. Her father Godfrey was heir to the extensive Herald and Lowe publishing corporation, which he manages extremely competently, while her mother Amice was the second of three children born to the glittering “New England old money” marriage of Jacqueline Van Dyne and Theodore O. Lawrence III. Raised in large part by nannies and governesses, Cora blissfully followed her own interests which tended to focus on the superheroes of comics, movies, and TV reports. Her most sympathetic governess, Ms Tanya Trask, encouraged this as a way to teach the child that power and skills (of all sorts, including money) could and should be used to help people less fortunate.

It wasn’t until she reached Junior High that Cora discovered how far apart her ideals seemed to be from those of her globe-trotting parents. She proved extremely awkward in social situations, preferring a book or the Internet to dinner parties and debutante balls. Deciding that their daughter needed more time with young ladies her own age, the Heralds enrolled her in Founder’s Falls Preparatory Academy where, naturally, the nerd in Cora became the butt of jokes from the school’s "popular leaders" Veronica Williams and Claire Hutchinson – whose families trace their roots through the actual founders of the city.


To get out of a tour of the fashion houses of Europe with her mother, Cora talked her father into letting her accept a job as a candy striper in Founder’s Fall’s Harvey Medical Center. There the girl found comfort in being “useful,” and spent as much time as she could from school and home there. Her interest was peaked by a comatose patient, Arun Mithras, whose chart noted that he had been brought in by superheroes after some sort of run-in with a super villain. As he never seemed to have visitors during the hours she worked, Cora took to spending her breaks in his room, talking to him about school, boys, the other patients, super heroes… anything at all. He never seemed to mind; how could he? He never woke up. Until the afternoon of Feb. 2, 2009.

Cora’d been talking to him as usual but was now reading a comic book when two people she recognized from the news – Liberty Rose and Gods-Speed – escorted in a third colourfully-dressed man whom Liberty Rose addressed as “Helios”. Heliodromus touched Arun and, in a huge and blinding flash of light, the two merged into one. Gods-Speed slapped Helios on the back and, smiling broadly, answering questions of the now-clustering staff, the heroes left the room. Cora stayed seated in her chair, stunned, and dazzled, while -- literally -- a flush of power flooded through her body. Shortly she excused herself from work and went home and locked herself in her room, determined to work out what had happened to her.

The Union Supreme

She researched the Net, discovering the formation of the Union Supreme, and proceeded to study all she could find on the US and Helios with the same thoroughness she’d given to everything that actually interested her. Immersed in cracking some of the code that kept her from information in her search, she was startled by a loud knock on her door. With a bang, she found herself assuming the shape of one of the floating Kheldians whose files she’d been perusing. That, in turn, after she figured out how to will herself back to normal, led to her exploring her new powers, sewing (thank goodness High School had insisted on Home Ec. Classes!) a costume, and creating a super hero identity for herself.

In time she managed to find a loophole in the communication code used in various super group “com links” – which led to some uncomfortable scoldings by discomfited members of her now-idolized Union Supreme. In short order, however, she proved that the US’ self-proclaimed “biggest fan” could also be useful, and Shining Centurion inducted her into the organization, 10.Feb.09.


Helios has indicated that he believes Coronal Light's powers were not actually accidentally siphoned from him, but that his sister Aurora, Greek goddess-herald of dawn, chose the moment of his "re-constitution" to play a bit of a prank, which would account for Cora not manifesting directly-sun-related powers

Cora's latest attempt at a new illusion for herself was, she claims, altered -- probably by Aurora. Coronal Light had been trying for a literally stunning version of the "Avenging Angel" archetype but, instead, got -- in her words -- "My Little Pony-fied", a winged form in a gradient of dawn colours.

Teens Supreme

When the Union recategorized it's more youthful members as the Teens Supreme, Cora was outraged but has since come to accept her place amongst her peers, often displaying leadership abilities of which she is unaware. She is currently in the beginnings of a relationship with the boy generally thought of as the teen's unofficial leader, Kid Tartarus.


  • Union Supreme: Claiming to be the super hero community's biggest fan, Coronal Light has joined Union Supreme, a fairly new organization in Paragon City.
  • Gods Speed and Liberty Rose: Dr. and Mrs. Kapetelis, publicly known as the heroes Gods-Speed and Liberty Rose, have taken the teen under their wing both as mentors and as surrogate parents.
  • TBD:


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