Captain Midnight

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Captain Midnight
Captain Midnight logo.png
Union Supreme Member
Player: @Captain Midnight
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 28
Identifying Data
Real Name: Jason MacAllister
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Paragon City, R.I.
Citizenship: Confidential
Current Residence: Confidential
Occupation: Crime Scene Investigator for the Paragon City P.D.
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Confidential
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Jack MacAllister, great-grandfather
Known Powers
Black belt in several martial arts style, including karate, savate, judo, and jujitsu; almost superhuman willpower.
Training / Abilities
Excellent deductive skills
"Together we can make a better world"

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Captain Midnight is intended to be a "legacy" hero, connecting the Golden and Silver Ages of comic books.



Jason MacAllister grew up hearing stories of his "Granpa Jack" who was actually the mystery man called Captain Midnight during the later 1930's and throughout the 1940's, fighting alongside the other heroes of Paragon City during World War II. He had been given the name "Captain Midnight" by an ambitious reporter and decided it had the right sound for a hero. After the war, Jack wandered the world, following any lead in his quest to hone his fighting abilities. Finally, lost in Tibet, stranded in a blizzard and near death, he was found by a sect of monks that worshiped the goddess Kali. Sensing that the man they had found was the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, the monks trained him in the art of wielding the Netherforce, both for attacks as well as defense. After what seemed like 5 years, the elder MacAllister left the monks to return to Paragon City. As he turned to wave goodbye, he saw only a blank cliff. Making his way to Paragon City, he learned that not 5 years had passed, but 60. Feeling out of place in this new world, he continued to fight crime as Captain Midnight, until the stress of wielding the Netherforce began to take a toll on him, causing to him age to the point he should have been. Not wanting the name of Captain Midnight to be forgotten, he began training his great-grandson Jason, who had just finished his time as a US Army Ranger, to take up the mantle of hero. Lacking the mystic knowledge of the monks, Jack could only teach Jason several martial arts and meditation techniques to strengthen and bolster his will, trusting in the younger MacAllister's martial art skills to give him an edge in combat.

After a 3 year period of intense physical and mental training, Jack retired, and Jason took over the war on crime in Paragon City as the new Captain Midnight.


Jason MacAllister is a very grim, driven man. He is determined to end crime in Paragon City, almost to the point of obsession. This is not to say that he is humorless. Quite the opposite, he has a rather dry wit and a hearty laugh when something strikes him as funny.


Captain Midnight possesses no superhuman powers. He is instead a world class martial artist, holding several black belt or master ranks, including karate, savate, judo, and jujitsu. He also has an indomitable will and an unshakable belief in himself and his abilities.


Captain Midnight, for all his skills, is just a man. He can be hurt like any other man, although his unbreakable will often allows him to ignore most pain.



Captain Midnight is one of the few heroes with the appellation "Captain" to have actually held a military rank, having served in the United States Army Rangers as an Infantry Captain. He holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Forensics Sciences, and is a skilled computer programmer and hacker, as well as a brilliant, if intuitive, detective. He also has an intense dislike for the idea of wearing a cape.

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