Gods Speed

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Gods Speed
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Union Supreme Mentor
Player: Confidential
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: Richard Kapetelis
Known Aliases: The Gold Rush, Red Streak, GS, Avatar
Species: Confidential
Age: 28
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Athens, Greece
Citizenship: Greek National, American Citizen
Current Residence: King's Row, Paragon City, RI
Occupation: Surgeon, Philanthropist
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Confidential
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Massimo (father, deceased), Clara (mother, deceased)
Known Powers
Super Speed, Kinetic Control, Electricity Manipulation
Training / Abilities
MD of General Surgery, Neurosurgery, and plastic/reconstructive surgery
No additional information.
"Together we can make a better world"

"Chosen by the Gods as an example to man on how promises made must always be kept, and how oaths are sacred, even in these late days...."



Gods Speed is a member of the Union Supreme


Gods Speed was given his abilities when he touched the Caduceus[1]. The Caduceus was the staff and standard of the being known as Hermes/Mercury. This serpent entwined staff passed on a portion of Hermes/Mercury's abilities. These abilities include the ability to affect the kinetic energy around him. Side effects of this are:

Super speed: By enhancing his own kinetic energy, Gods Speed can move at inhuman speeds. His top speed was last clocked at Mach 5.

Electricity manipulation: By exciting the electrons in the air, Gods Speed can manipulate and "throw" electric bolts, or even shape makeshift "cages" out of pure electricity.

Healing: Gods Speed can enhance normal healing ability in human beings by a factor of one hundred, by lending kinetic energy to the bodies' immune and regenerative systems.

Enhanced Strength: Gods Speed has enhanced strength, probably due to simple exposure/absorption of Olympian energies through contact with the Hermes/Mercury godhead.

Kinetic Shielding: Gods Speed's altered appearance in his "hero form" is due to the ability to surround himself with an aura of kinetic energy. This energy takes form as a skintight, red, and constantly shifting/moving second skin. It negates the effects of friction on his body, and gives him complete mobility. This aura also allows Gods Speed the ability to ignore the effects of Inertia, allowing him to hit his top speed from a standstill, and also come to a complete stop from top speed, while exhibiting no ill effects on his physiology. For some unknown reason, this aura comes complete with winged boots, and a winged helmet. Theories suggest that the infamous trickster aspect of Hermes/Mercury left this "trademark" on Gods Speed's physical appearance.

Update Gods Speed has recently developed the ability to make his aura invisible. This has prompted him to adopt an actual costume, made from inertia dampening and heat resistant fibers.

New Details: In a recent battle with the Rikti, Gods Speed saw a surge in his overall power level. When his aura is up, he now constantly is surrounded by a flickering corona of electricity.

Abilities & Limitations

Gods Speed was born with a voracious appetite for learning. He is a gifted surgeon, and has amassed quite a bit of knowledge through "speed reading". His constant happy go lucky attitude is a front for a sometimes frustrating existence; it can be difficult watching time (or life in general) crawl by, when you can take thousands of steps for every half step your friends take. This has lead to an extremely short attention span, and can cause GS to seem incredibly impatient or immature. Gods Speed also has the limitation of being a normal human being. If for some reason he was ever cut off from the magic of Hermes/Mercury, he would have no powers whatsoever.


Gods Speed uses no equipment in his capacity as a super powered crime-fighter.


Richard Kapetelis watched his father work 72 hours a week. He was a mechanic, and also a handyman for the apartment building where their family resided in Queens, NY. His mother was a seamstress, and did odd jobs around the neighborhood. She cared for some of the elderly people in nearby apartments, and also watched some of the neighborhood children after school, until their parents returned home from work.

Richard's father always told him; "You work until you don't have to no more. You work hard until you don't have to no more. You remember that Richie! But be smart. Don't do what I do. You go to school, you be a doctor. You help people. That's something to be proud of."

Richard should have been named Nick after his grandfather, or even Masimo after his father, but Masimo wanted his son to have an American name, so when they moved to America, he would fit in. And Richard did everything he could to fit in. He was a member of every team, every club, and every class government he could get into. He volunteered after school. He did everything to make his parents proud. One night, when coming home from a dance, he turned the corner of his street, and saw fire engines racing towards his house.

His parents, and most of the tenants in their building were killed. Leaving Richard alone. He vowed to his father and himself, that he would work as hard as they did, and do his best to help those in need.

Years later, Richard became the youngest ever attending surgeon at City General, and after helping the daughter of a doctor on the west coast, He was offered a position as a partner in an affluent Beverly Hills plastic surgery group.

After years of grueling hours, and thankless work, Richard was glad to take the position, and live the life he thought his father would want of him.

Richard's skill as a surgeon became legendary, and he soon became the toast of the town. His clientelle was soon made up of movie stars, rock stars and bored socialites. His success was fast, and fruitful. He soon forgot the reason he had entered the medical profession in the first place, and was quickly caught up in this fast and furious lifestyle. 5 Years later, after attending yet another party (this time in San Francisco), Richard made the mistake of driving home after a few too many Martinis.

The road became blurry, and seemed to not want to stay in one place. The air was thick with mist, and the road slick. Richard's convertible was no match for the upcoming turn, and careened off into a rocky hillside and burst into flame.

Richard was thrown from his car, and slammed into the rocky ground. He lay there for awhile, his car too far from the road, and too far forom civilization to be seen. He lay there, paralyzed and bleeding. He knew he would die there, and became overcome with anger. How could this happen? His life was wasted.

"Not yet" A voice replied.

"Who...Who's there?" Richard barely made the reply audible, and blood was catching in his throat. A figure stepped toward him. The fire from the burning car wreck framed the figure and obscured his features.

"I offer you a chance to go back and undo what you have done. I offer you a chance to keep your promise to your father, as such promises are sacred, and are meant to be kept." The figure spoke, and gestured towards him.

"I don't understand! Who are you?"

A brilliant light shone from the features of the man before him, and blinded Richard for a moment. When the light subsided, there stood a man with golden skin, holding a strange serpent encircled staff. He was wrapped in robes, which seemed to move of their own accord, blowing in a non-existent wind. The figure was something out of greek mythology, wearing winged sandals and a winged wreath of olive leaves around his head.

"I am he who is known as Hermes, also Mercury. Mine is the domain of speed, commerce,and urgency. With this Caduceus, given freely by Apollo's grace, I preside over magics, alchemy, and medicine. You are of my domain, and as such, one of mine."

"I have been sent from the gods of Holy Olympus. Apollo, also God of medicine, herald of the sun, has charged me to impart upon you gifts, if you would do our work."

"Too long has the presence of the gods gone unwitnessed. And too long have you forgotten your oath. You are of a bloodline that was once close to the gods of Olympus, and you shall be our herald on earth, as I am the herald of Olympus itself."

"What do you want me to do?" Richard found himself able to sit up. His pain was gone.

"You have a choice, my friend." Hermes/Mercury held out his right hand, holding the Caduceus, and his left, holding two coins.

"You can take hold the Caduceus, and do our work, or take these two coins and continue your journey to the boatman on the river Styx. Hades will greet you well there.

"I....I understand."Richard said. "I will take your offer. I don't see much choice after all..."

"You misunderstand, mortal. The choice has always been yours. You simply have forgotten yourself. I am just giving you that choice once again, for the last time. As I said. Such promises are sacred, and should be held as such." Richard realized, this promise wasn't being offered on his behalf. It was being offered on behalf of his father's soul.

"I accept. I only hope I may prove myself worthy."

"That remains to be seen." Richard reached up an took hold of the caduceus. There was a flash of light, and when he awoke he was home in his bed. His wounds were healed, and he could feel the lightning of the gods running through his veins. He was now the recipient of an incredible gift, but what to do with it? He walked to the television, confused and worried about what is new life would bring him. He flipped the set on, and felt the blood rush from his face. The news flash told him of the Rikti. He saw the images of heroism and horror in Paragon City. He now knew where his work would begin.

He took a part of the money he had gathered and invested it, as he would need it to live on. The rest he used to open a free clinic in Paragon city. He would live there and help the needy as both Richard Kapetelis MD, and as Gods Speed; protector of the weak and helpless.

A few months after his emergence as a costumed hero, Gods Speed was approached by the Bronze Juggernaut about possible membership in the Justiciars. Gods Speed was inducted into the Super-group by Solairis, the Justiciar Prime. The induction was witnessed by members Gallious and Doc Arcus.


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