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The Congressionalist started out as Diamondskin, my nod to the light-hearted characters of the comic world. He was my homage to The Tick. For a long while, the world believed he was transformed into a crystal monster, but that turned out to be a doppelganger and Diamondskin renamed himself the Congressionalist as a tribute when he found out Statesman was dead.

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The Loyal
"For Paragon City!"
· 50 (+3) Science Tanker ·
Player: @davpa
Real Name
unknown (Subject #857394.34b)
United States Citizen with no criminal record
Legal Status
Registered Hero of Paragon City
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
altered human
Apparent Age
240 lbs
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
Super Strength
Epic Pool
Energy Mastery
· Other Abilities ·
extensive street fighting techniques


Character History

The Program

Original PLEEP Diamondskin
Subject #857394.34b was part of the Paragon City Law Enforcement Enhancement Program (PLEEP).  While Paragon City has a good relationship with it's hero community, it was felt by government officials that a more loyal and government controlled group of Metahumans should be acquired.  So PLEEP recruited and developed the scientists and candidates.

Subject #857394.34b was an early, somewhat, successful implementation of PLEEP.  He had high strength and an extreme durability.  He was given the code name of Diamondskin.

Unfortunately, Diamondskin was subject to some unfortunate side effects of the early PLEEP process.  Diamondskin can not remember any of his former identity and he developed rather extreme personality quirks.  With his personality wiped clean, he mentally absorbed the PLEEP manifest and programing directive.  Without an associated personality to give balance and judgment to the PLEEP material, he became a bit extreme and simplistic to his approach of Law Enforcement.

As a result, he became quite annoying. The PLEEP staff could not tolerate his simple single-minded dedication of Law Enforcement.  If it was not for his optimistic, friendly, and very naive nature, Diamondskin would have been classified as an unstable person.  As it was, he was annoying and lacked any real way to interact with society outside of a Metahuman Law Enforcer.  Ultimately, Diamondskin was considered a failure and too great a potential menace.  Diamondskin was put in cyro-stasis.

Then the Rikti Invasion happened.  With the need for more heroes in the aftermath of the Invasion, a technician working on his own, released Diamondskin.  Seeing his beloved Paragon City in danger, he rushed out to take on Evil and Wrong-doing-ness!

Parallel Universe arc

While fighting a Family boss, who was armed with a mystical artifact that controlled time, Diamondskin was involved in an unlikely accident. When Diamondskin crushed the mystic item, it created a rip in the Space-Time continuum, causing Diamondskin to be projected into a parallel universe. The violent action caused his parallel counterpart to be projected into this universe, the Virtueverse.

Diamondskin of Earth 9682
Trapped in the Virtueverse, this Diamondskin started working with Hyperion Force to help fix the dimensional flux that he and the Virtueverse Diamondskin was afflicted with. One thing that Hyperion Force noticed was the drastic differences between the two Diamondskins, not just in costume colors. The parallel universe Diamondskin was not simple minded and subject to bizarre perceptions. Instead, this Diamondskin was very gifted in the super-science arts, although sometimes exhibiting a bit of obliviousness in certain situations. It was revealed that this Diamondskin did not suffer the debilitating personality effects of the PLEEP process as the Virtueverse Diamondskin had. In many ways, Hyperion Force found it refreshing to not have to deal with the normal Diamondskin for the time being.

But the alternate Diamondskin, claiming to come from Earth 9682 ("Pinnacle"), was determined to get to his proper home. With the aid of other Hyperion Force members, they proceeded to build the Transdimensional Projector. Unlike other alternate dimension, this "Pinnacle" is a symbiotic dimension. Symbiotic dimensions "lie close" to each other that they share many aspects of history and people, only small variations exist between the dimensions. Because of the dimension's "close" proximity, it makes it very difficult to identify and travel to. The Transdimensional Projector was going to "slice" that dimensional wall and allow both Diamondskins to trade places and repair the dimensional flux that cause the problem to start with.

Sadly, because the dimensions are symbiotic, while the Diamondskin with Hyperion Force was building the Transdimensional Projector, the other Diamondskin was enroute to finding a way home too. As the two dimensions share a similar history, when Hyperion Force and Diamondskin turned on the Transdimensional Projector, the other Diamondskin activated his return method too at that same moment. The resulting feedback caused a massive number of temporal anomalies to be created in the Virtueverse, while flinging the other Diamondskin deeper into the multiverse.

Now very lost, Hyperion Force and the alternate Diamondskin have been searching for the Virtueverse Diamondskin. Hyperion Force and the "Pinnacle" Diamondskin traveled to many alternate Earths and encountered a variety of Diamondskins along the way. During one search, on Earth 742, Hyperion Force encountered an extreme Diamondskin. Dubbed " Diamondbrute " by Stellar Protector, Hyperion Force fought this mindless, enraged version of their friend. Sadly, when Hyperion Force left Earth 742, the Diamondbrute was somehow dragged along into the Virtueverse.

Finally, Pinnacle Diamondskin was able to isolate Virtue Diamondskin to a cluster, or String, of dimensions. Unfortunately, some form of "static" prevented any clearer search. Investigating the source of this static, Hyperion Force discovered some form of mechanism creating the interference. Also, a minor villain from the Virtueverse, Thermite, was found guarding the machine with a small group of troopers.

Dealing with Thermite and the machine, Hyperion Force continued to follow leads that lead to the base of The Traveler. It was revealed that The Traveler planed, through the use of newly discovered technology and studying the Virtue Diamondskin's unique ability to adapt to dimensional realities, to merge a String of dimensions together. The act of merging dimensions would release an immense ammount of unknown energies that The Traveler was interested in harvesting. Some of the dimensions in this String was Pinnacle as well as Virtue.

Hyperion Force engaged The Traveler's base. The Traveler had many villains under his employment, such as Disorienta, Short Circuit, and The Skunk, as well as having major support from the Union of Dire Ambition. It appeared that the Union was providing The Traveler with troop and equipment support. The super-villains has been reported to be normally associated with a group called Entropy Legion, who also seem to be in league with the Union of Dire Ambition.

Able to rescue Virtue Diamondskin, Hyperion Force fought with the Entropy Legion villains, the Union of Dire Ambition troops, The Traveler, and the machine that was merging the dimensions. In an epic battle, Hyperion Force was able to shut down the machine. Sadly, some dimension were merged durning the battle. The native home of Diamondbrute was one of those dimensions, as well as many others that Hyperion Force had visited on their journey. The Pinnacle Diamondskin returned home to asses the damage and to search for a possible way to reverse what the Traveler had done. The Virtue Diamondskin was left in his home dimension of Virtue, unaware that he was even gone, thinking he was in Cleveland most of the time.

Men and Monsters and Imprisonment

Recently, due to yet another mishap with a mystical artifact, Diamondskin found himself shunted to another dimension. When he returned to the Virtueverse, a few weeks later, he was found changed in many ways. His body had fully taken on the crystalline structure that had been introduced into his cells. He also appeared to be cured of his mental delusions. Now, more powerful then ever, Diamondskin tries to find his place in a world where he finds himself looking more like a monster than a superhero.


Currently, the Congressionalist is trying to catch up on the time he was in stasis, he is finding it hard to keep up with the changes. Galaxy City is destroyed, Statesman and Sister Psyche dead, he is feeling overwhelmed at the moment. While mostly cured of his mental instabilities, he find his time away very hard to deal with.

Despite his odd outlook on life, he never waivers in helping his friends. He is still a true hero, always ready to sacrifice himself if the need arises.


PowerPunch EnergyPunch.png Strength

Thanks to cellular augmentation through unknown processes, but involving some form of crystalline replacement or augmentation in his cellular structure, the Congressionalist possesses immense superhuman physical strength that originally enabled him to match individuals such as the Statesman, but recently greatly increased after performing rigorous prolonged weight-lifting training.

Fitness Stamina.png Stamina

The Congressionalist's muscles produce considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human, granting him superhuman levels of stamina.

Invulnerability Invincibility.png Durability

The Congressionalist's body is also highly resistant to physical injury. He can withstand high caliber bullets, temperature extremes (including direct exposure to fire and cold), corrosives, disease, falls from great heights, and severe blunt force trauma without sustaining injury.

Invulnerability Unstoppable.png Reality Adaptability

A side effect of the crystalline structures in his cells, the crystals appear to have a unique frequency signature that is adaptable to the dimensional frequency he occupies. In other words, he "becomes" a native of that dimension, able to survive as one born of that reality. This does not grant him any additional powers, but allows him basic survival as if he was born there. The extremes of this side-effect power, for example if the dimension was pure plasma, is unknown.


Weaknesses and Limitations

He still has lingering issues with his grip on reality. The stress of trying to be the hero Statesman was is also wearing on him.


  • Nivera: The Congressionalist holds Nivera as his trusted guide. Almost looking to her as a mother figure, he will seek out Nivera when he feels lost and confused
  • Union Supreme: having been freed from a prison in another dimension, the Union has taken in the Congressionalist as he adjusts to the time he lost
  • Diamondbrute: this alternate dimension version has severe hatred upon seeing Diamondskin. Probably subconciously the brute knows that there should not be 2 of the same person in a given dimension, but his only way of dealing with it is by going into a rage. Diamondskin just wishes that the brute was not more powerful then he is.
  • The Traveler: Not much is know about this strangers. He was encountered on Earth 742, the Diamondbrute's home. He seems to have an interest in the various Diamondskins across the multiverse. But for what reason?


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