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Liberty Rose is a healer-heroine on the Virtue Server in the City of Heroes MMORPG.

Liberty Rose
Rose costumes 1.jpg
Liberty Rose circa June 2007
Union Supreme Councillor
Player: @Medika
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: User:Liberty Rose/Level/ Liberty Rose
Identifying Data
Real Name: Elizabeth Howland Ross Kapetelis
Known Aliases: Libby, Rose
Species: meta-human
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 118-lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: white
Additional Data
Place of Birth: San Antonio, TX
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States of America
Current Residence: Union Plaza (Paragon City), RI
Occupation: freelance designer for Icon; part-time graduate student in Clothing and Textile Design, Paragon University
Marital Status: married
Legal Status: No criminal record, registered Hero of Paragon City, identity publicly known
Known Relatives and/or Associates
husband: Dr. Richard Kapetelis aka Gods Speed; parents: Prof. Margaret Howland, Ph.D (history, archaeology); OoC, OoL (SCA); Prof. Elliot Ross, Ph.D. (biogenetics, horticulture); daughters: Rose Margaret Kapetelis and Clara Rose Kapetelis aka Tesla Teen (adopted); sons: Todd Massimo Kapetelis, and Todd Richard Kapetelis aka Lightning Teen (adopted).
Known Powers
Bio-energy generation, released as destructive blasts, healing waves, flight, et al.
Training / Abilities
Artist, clothing designer, scuba diver, linguist
None observed to date.
No additional information.
"Together we can make a better world"


Character History

FAMILY: Elizabeth Ross' parents met, fought, and married over a heirloom rose in an abandoned churchyard in a ghost town southwest of San Antonio, TX. Professor Ross was attempting to save the historical varietal of flower, originally brought west by some long-forgotten settler. Professor Howland was doing government-required historical research, preparatory to an archeological dig of a pre-Columbian burial over which the church and environs had been constructed 100 years or so previously. Their conflict was intense enough that the two resolved it by falling in love. Nine months and two research papers later, Elizabeth was born.

However, both academics were more wedded to their researches than to living together, so Elizabeth spent most of her formative years being shuttled between her father's home in Corvallis, Oregon and her mother's in Berkeley, California. Nonetheless, she felt she had a loving childhood with lots of opportunities. With her father, she learned to rough it, camping with his exotic horticultural expeditions to discover new plant genotypes. Under her mother's tutelage, she learned social, linguistic, and research skills, while traveling in various foreign countries. Nevertheless, the skills that drew her most were sketching in various media and swimming both competitively and as a scuba afficianado. Growing up as she did, Elizabeth was more comfortable with adults and intellectuals than with children her own age. She still displays remarkable gaps in her knowledge of popular culture.

MUTATION: Once she hit puberty, however, she became subject to inexplicable fevers, whole-body pain, and other symptoms that were, initially, taken for an unknown cancer. Her travels became punctuated with prolonged hospital stays. Professor Ross, with his understanding of genetics, was the first to suspect that his little girl might be a mutant. The white hair did, after all, indicate something peculiar in Elizabeth's make up. It was Professor Howland, however, who made the contacts necessary to keep Elizabeth's identity protected, to find an expert in meta-human medicine to deal with the persistent "illness", and to get her the training a meta-human needs to use her powers safely. That mentor was Medika, a physician-heroine operating out of Paragon City.

IN PARAGON: A year and two days after becoming a Justiciar (for whom she served as historian, a High Justiciar, and unofficial team artist – and romantic interest for the psychopomp Gods Speed), Liberty Rose was honored as Hero of the City, 9. July.08. Having set several previous dates, Gods Speed chose that evening’s celebration as The Moment to get married. The ceremony was held in the Tavern on the Edge, Jareth Rune (Night Patriot) officiating, and Midnight Paladin and Champion Girl standing with the happy couple. As is the nature of super hero weddings, the reception was disrupted by a brawl between Omega Maiden and Midnight Paladin which barely averted major destruction of Paragon City.

Intending to devote herself to her family and to more humanitarian causes, Liberty Rose resigned as High Justiciar from the Justiciars on 18.Aug.08. On 11.Jan.09, she and Gods-Speed joined Solairis and many others in forming the Union Supreme.

Other Contacts

Almost a year ago, Liberty Rose appeared on the Paragon City heroic scene as a protege of Medika (aka Dr. Sable Davis, aka Medikka), co-leader of The Champions, a group known for its dimension-spanning heroics. After the tragic Portal Corp accident that decimated that team, Liberty Rose formed a partnership with another new hero, Major Victorious. In late June '07, at the invitation of Solairis, the duo became members of The Justiciars.

Since then, Liberty Rose rented an apartment in Steel Canyon and, at various times, took as room mates Flitterby (a pixie exiled from Oberon's court), Bright Lady (a castaway from the planet Nalteer and girl friend of her old partner, Major Victorious, and provided crash space for Flametongue and Hydrosphere of the Justiciars. Other contacts of note are Marian Seabrook (Opal Mind) a Salamanca librarian, Reese Webb (Web Woman) a computer hacker, Zeegan Hosani (Afire) a photographer, Korythalia an ex-Blade of Artemis mercenary, and her cousin Lady Aid a co-founder of the Adventurists.

After their marriage, Liberty Rose and Gods-Speed make their identities public. They maintain an apartment on Talos Island and quarters in the Union Supreme's buildings at Union Plaza, both of which see the couple hosting many notables of Paragon City and the super heroic community.

Union Supreme

Liberty Rose became a constant in the Council of the Union Supreme, taking on administrative duties once she became pregnant with twins. The extended pregnancy involved some sort of dimensional interface, leaving Rose herself more and more translucent as time passed. When the pregnant Liberty Rose was kidnapped by The Unbidden, and the energies released in the birth of her babies (9. Nov. 2010) were used to reincarnate The Unbidden’s leader Omnus, the Union went to the rescue. Omnus had harnessed the energies of various tapped dimensions to build his own. His subsequent defeat produced an inadvertent collapse of dimensions, totally destroying both Omnus' nascent dimension and at least one other. Gods-Speed and Liberty Rose worked out the legalities and, on the day their own babies were christened (March 2011), they also adopted Liberty Teen and Tesla Teen, teenaged versions of their babies from one of the destroyed dimensions.

Known superhuman powers

Elizabeth's bio-energy manipulation powers developed very slowly, manifesting at the age of about 5 years as a charge of static electricity whenever someone else touched her. Shortly thereafter, it was observed that she could concentrate and heal small abrasions by generating a small bio-energy field. "Kiss and make it better."

She has developed energy blasts of various intensities for offensive purposes, and coherent energy swirls -- both localized and projected -- as a means of healing others. She has found that her energies can be directed against the magnetic field of the earth and -- a more recent discovery -- against the ambient energies emanating from urban areas, allowing her to fly. The more energies available to react against her own, the faster she flies

She continues to practise and extend her ability to generate and control her bio-energies, having -- towards the end of her time with the Justiciars -- shifted to manipulating energies at a smaller scale, e.g. repairing computer data corruption and subtlely short-circuiting power input devices. In addition, she has discovered that by realigning someone else's bio-energies, she can cause light waves to, temporarily, move around them, rendering them, in effect, invisible.

Other Abilities

In her civilian ID, Elizabeth Ross works as a freelance designer for Icon, and as a commercial illustrator in a variety of media, including computer art. She also is an avid scuba diver.





The Champions super group was, in fact, located on the Justice Server. Most of its members migrated to World of Warcraft® in what was claimed to be a Portal Corp malfunction.

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