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Since once I sat upon a promontory,
And heard a mermaid on a dolphin's back
Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath,
That the rude sea grew civil at her song,
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres
Too hear the sea-maid's music.
- William Shakespeare, "A Midsummer-Night's Dream", II ,i,1 49 (1595-1596)

Sea Maiden was designed as yet another attempt at a water/ocean-oriented Heroine; a difficulty in the CoX environment where there is no underwater, despite appearances. Additionally, she was inspired by @Coreth's creative use, with Winter Tornado, of the game's mention of the Order of the Four Winds.

Sea Maiden
Sea Maiden VV2.jpg
(L) as "fished up" (R) as registered super hero
Union Supreme
Player: @Medika
Activity Level: Irregular
Real Name: Modesty Danzig
a/k/a: Coral
Physical Identifiers
Species: meta-human
Sub-Type: Unknown
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Height: 5'
Weight: 94 lbs
Build: Slim
Complexion: Originally Caucasian, now Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Originally black, now Blue
Distinguishing Features
Subtle markings on her face are actually gills.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: '
Birthplace: Toba, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Nationality: joint citizen of the United States of America and Japan
Residence: sea cave near Union Plaza (Paragon City), RI
Occupation: Hero
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No criminal record, registered Hero of Paragon City
Relatives & Associates
Known Powers
Skills & Abilities
free diver, scuba diver, Ocean biologist
Gauntlets of the Sea, also a small mystic Trident
"Together we can make a better world"



Something of a loner and, perhaps, a little shy, Sea Maiden is seldom in the public eye.


"The sound of the sea in both its aspects: to heal - because we are all of the sea - and to harm - as an unsentimental, unstoppable force of nature." (Empathy healing/ Sonics)

Claims to "sing" to sea mammals and fish, albeit whatever communication links she establishes do not seem to extend to unequivocal control and command.

Mundane Abilities

Weaknesses and Limitations

Character History


Modesty Danzig was born in the city of Toba, Japan, daughter to Edward Danzig, an American employee of the Mikimoto Pearl Company there, and his Polish-born wife, Marta. Raised largely by a pair of Japanese nannies and a mother who loved her native tongue and was not especially apt in English, Modesty did not become as fluent in her father's language and culture as he might have hoped. Modesty fit into the local culture, and was particularly attracted to its association with the ocean. She did, often, visit the Toba Aquarium, the 26th oldest aquarium in the world, emphasizing the protection and breeding of marine creatures in danger of extinction. Additionally, she developed a fascination with the Mikimoto Island ama - pearl divers, most of whom are, traditionally, women, and became - by the age of 8 - an accomplished free-diver (one who does not use an air tank) herself. Mr. Danzig retired relatively young, and the family moved to Corvallis, Oregon, where Mr. Danzig became a part of the political science department of Oregon State University... and Modesty enrolled as a college student, majoring in Ocean Sciences. Oregon State University is, after all, the first sea grant college in the United States. After one year in Oregon, she entered the foreign exchange program and returned to Japan as an exchange student to Waseda University.

Champions of the Elements

While visiting a small Japanese monastery on the coast, Modesty was presented with a pair of gauntlets decorated as with living sea weed, and told that she had been summoned to become the next Champion of the Sea, part of the Ancient and Secretive Orders of the Elements. The gauntlets were both the symbol of her office and a source of power, as long as they were used to safe guard the sea, the mother of life and major factor in the weather patterns and life-structure of the planet.

She served in this capacity well, albeit unknown to the general world population, for three years. Then in the midst of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, she vanished. In the summer of 2009, a Japanese trawler found a strange girl in their fishnets. She was barely dressed in bits of seaweed and coral, and so blue and still that they thought her dead. But when one of the sailors lit a cigarette and tossed the match overboard, she sat up and utter such a strange and piercing scream, that all around began bleeding from their noses and ears. Seeing this, she modulated her cry to something harmonious and almost inaudible... and a glowing mist pulsed out from her, healing those she had, apparently inadvertently, damaged.

The blue girl, who seemed more comfortable in water than on land, clearly had no memories of how life on land functioned and had to be re-educated, albeit she learned many things quickly. The fact that she now occasionally refers to the time she was missing as when she was "the sea", may be chalked up to her still mastering her various languages along with refamiliarizing herself with their cultures.

The Union Supreme

The captain of the ship turned his unexpected passenger over to the Japanese government who, in turn gave her to ELITE, who - once genetic tests determined her identity, despite the obvious alterations to her physical form - asked the UN organization Union Supreme, which already claimed another member of the Orders in its ranks, to help her re-orient to the surface world and her place as a hero. 090719, Sea Maiden became a member of the US.

In the aftermath of the incident which dealt with the treacherous Obsidian Blade (resulting in the death of its heroic wielder Shadesworn), it was determined that Sea Maiden is not actually a Guardian of the Sea although her human-self used to be. She has returned her gauntlets to that organization and continues her mostly-sea-based patrols with the Union.


  • Union Supreme: A joint US-UN hero organization, devoted to peace-keeping and aid around the world
  • Sea Prince: One of the first team mates to whom she felt anything but alienation. Wanting to call her familiarly by a name to which she could relate, he has named her "Coral".
  • Liberty Rose: An avid scuba diver, the US healer and the Sea Maiden share a love of the ocean.
  • Whalers and other corporate large-scale over-fishers: Sea Maiden seems driven to be an environmentalist where the sea and its creatures are concerned.


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