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Hi! ni! ya! Behold the man of flint, that's me!
Four lightnings zigzag from me, strike and return.
- Anonymous, War Chant (Navaho)

Tesla Teen was designed as a companion to Liberty Teen, the twin offspring of Liberty Rose and Gods-Speed. She appeared earlier in the game as Liberty Lightning and Lightning Rose, played by G-S' Player as an excuse for why G-S was absent from the game for awhile.

Tesla Teen
Tesla VV 2.jpg
(L) Tesla Teen (R) Lightning Rose
Union Supreme
Player: @Medika
Activity Level: Irregular
Real Name: Clara Rose Kapetelis
a/k/a: Rosie, Tesla, Sparky, White-top
Physical Identifiers
Species: meta-human
Sub-Type: Unknown
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 16
Height: 5'
Weight: 94 lbs
Build: Slim
Complexion: Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Distinguishing Features
Biographical Data
Birthdate: 10.Nov.2010 (alternate dimension)
Birthplace: Talos Island (Paragon City), RI
Nationality: minor citizen of the United States of America
Residence: Union Plaza (Paragon City), RI
Occupation: Hero, student
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No criminal record, registered Hero of Paragon City
Relatives & Associates
Dr. Richard Kapetelis (father); Elizabeth Ross Kapetelis (mother); Todd Kapetelis (brother); Solairis (godfather); Tom Riley/ Old Ranger (godfather); Champion Woman (godmother); Raven Moonshadow (god mother)
Known Powers
Skills & Abilities
"Together we can make a better world"



Generates and controls electricity, particularly in the form of lighting.

Her genetic makeup apparently intensifies the electrical nature inherited from both her parents. Her body generates bio-electricity in massive bursts which she generally uses as blasts or blows to incapacitate and drain her opponent’s energies. When she concentrates on finesse, she can produce electrical cages to contain an opponent, or warp bio-electric fields to create apparent invisibility of herself or a companion.

She has shown no signs of developing the healing powers possessed by her parents and brother.

She can both fly like her mother and travel at super-speed like her father used to do.

Mundane Abilities

Is able to communicate with her brother... and with the baby Kapetelis twins of this dimension... via something she calls “twin telepathy”.

Has been trained in self-defense, investigative techniques, and super-hero culture (law, relations with public agencies, charity work, etc.) since toddler-hood by various members of her home dimension’s Union Supreme.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Runs through her energy supply very fast when working full bore.

Has some of her father’s impulsive, impatient personality traits.

Thinks herself the dunce in a super-smart family; tends to rely on her brother to “do the research”.

Character History


Clara Rose and Todd Richard were born in another dimension to that dimension’s Liberty Rose and Gods Speed. Upon their birth, their father passed on the caduceus to his protege, Neil Connor - the former Ignition Kid, and retired to continue his career as physician, philanthropist, and father. As the twins were conceived before the original Gods Speed gave up his powers, it seems very likely that his children's genes were affected by the magical caduceus. The babies both tested to be mutants, like their mother.

When the twins were two, Arachnos managed to trace the still-active heroine Liberty Rose’s civilian identity and kidnapped her children, to be used in energy-production experiments by Dr. Aeon. The event triggered the twins’ mutation and, together, they disrupted Dr. Aeon’s base enough to allow their Union to pinpoint the location and rescue them. Thereafter, Night Wonder, et al, came up with a way to “chip” the twins with a unique recall code similar to that used in the city’s medical ‘portation technology. AND the Union began a program to train them as next generation heroes. It was at this point that Dr. and Mrs. Kapetelis “went public” with their identities as super heroine and former super hero, confident that the general public would be as willing to help them safe-guard their children as the Union was. At age twelve, Rose and Todd made their debuts as sidekicks to Gods Speed II (“Uncle” Neil) - using the code names Lightning Rose and Liberty Lightning (later to be changed to Ignition Kid). Four years later, they watched in horror as a dark-clad speedster, claiming to be part of “The Unbidden,” stole the caduceus from GS II’s chest and spun them into a dimensional vortex.

The Union Supreme

15.April.2009 Twins appear in Atlas Plaza. Twins.jpg

Arriving in our dimension in 2009, the two assumed they’d been sent back in time and set out to find some way to keep the arrival of “The Unbidden” from killing the people they considered family. They found their access codes to the Union HQ worked and so they tried to stay hidden while using the super-group’s research facilities, a task made a little more difficult by Clara Rose’s impulsive nature and need to be out and active. Not knowing how their presence would affect the timeline deleteriously, they both tried to say as little as possible about the how and why of their presence “out of time”. They registered as Tesla Teen and Liberty Teen, again trying to leave no anomalous public records. The Union soon deduced their presence and tolerated the time-travelers, believing that their reasons would be clear in time. Todd and Clara Rose ignored small differences between their past and the “back in time” they thought they were in.

When the pregnant Liberty Rose was kidnapped by The Unbidden, and the energies released in the birth of her babies (9. Nov. 2010) were used to reincarnate The Unbidden’s leader Omnus, the Union went to the rescue. Omnus had harnessed the energies of various tapped dimensions to build his own. His subsequent defeat produced an inadvertent collapse of dimensions, totally destroying both Omnus' nascent dimension and what was left of the older twins’ drained dimension. There was no going home. Gods-Speed and Liberty Rose worked out the legalities and, on the day their own babies were christened (March 2011), they also adopted the older twins.


  • Union Supreme: Not officially members of the current organization, the twins are able to access the Union facilities and comm by virtue of their being members in the another dimension and using their futurist gear.
  • Gods Speed and Liberty Rose: Dr. and Mrs. Kapetelis, publicly known as the heroes Gods-Speed and Liberty Rose have recently become parents.
  • the Unbidden: Led by Omnus and presumed deceased in nascent dimensional collapse.
  • Dr. Aeon: An alternate dimension version; presumed deceased in dimensional collapse.


The twins, having been raised when their parents were active members of the Union Supreme, consider all the Union Supreme members, whom they know, to be "uncles" and "aunts". Tesla, in particular, tends to forget that the current dimension of USers are NOT the people who've known the twins all their lives.

To avoid confusion, the teen's are generally known by the civilian sobriquets of Todd and Tess, while the infants are TM and Rosie.

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