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The Adventurists
Type: Heroic Supergroup
Debut: May 29, 2008
Colors: Black and Gold
Logo: The World
Website: The Adventurists
The Inner Circle
The Fearless Phantom Magic Blaster
Lady Aid Magic Defender
Admiral Kraken Natural Scrapper
The Amazing Kane Magic Controller
Doc Osmium Natural Tanker
The Adventurists are an association of "mystery men" that has a 200-year-old history of coming together to search out knowledge and adventure. The current incarnation harkens more to the world of pulps and early super heroes than to the grim grittiness of the modern era.


Who are...the Adventurists?

The 1700's-1800's

In the late 1700's, a group calling themselves "the Adventurists" -- made up of the world's most intelligent and bravest men -- was formed. It was made up of:
  • Lord Whitehall, an English lord, whose parents shipwrecked off the coast of Madagascar, and thus he was raised in the wild by a family of large cats – tigers, leopards, and the like.
  • Lieu Chen, underworld figure and opium lord. His criminal empire spanned the globe.
  • Reginald Pryce, freelance detective, said to have the finest deductive mind in the world.
  • Lord Rune, vampire lord and ruler of his own nation.
  • Nick Stone, the Amazing Adventurist, world explorer and renowned finder of lost things.

They worked until the early 1800's, amassing a great wealth of knowledge, plumbing the depths of the worlds' oceans, and uncovering the mysteries of the world. But not all was well within the Adventurists; Nick Stone uncovered a plot by his fellow members, who hoped to recast the world in their own image. They'd be remaking the world, wiping out humanity by resetting a doomsday prophecy found in a Mayan temple. According to the Mayans, the world was supposed to be destroyed in 2012, but they found a way to make it happen sooner. Stone managed to throw a monkey wrench into the plan, and the other members were apparently killed in the ensuing chaos.

The 1940's

The next incarnation of the Adventurists began with a single mysterious man. The Fearless Phantom was first reported by an eyewitness in 1939. He was later actually photographed fighting a terrorist at the world fair in 1940. He was soon sought out by other mystery men of the era, and he re-founded the Adventurists.

His aim was to rediscover what they'd lost and turn their findings to serve mankind.

He founded the group with Mr. Grimwood, the Emerald Aura, Wychery and Doctor Osmium. The Phantom had the journal of Reginald Pryce, and used it to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. A few missions in, while following a lead in the journal, they crossed paths with Nick Stone and his new comrade, Captain Kraken of the Queequeg. The founding roster was complete.

The Modern Era

On the night of May 28, 2008, mere days after her arrival in Paragon City, a woman named Lady Aid was encouraged by her magic ring to go to the Supergroup Registrar in the City Hall. It was there she met a man calling himself the Fearless Phantom, who told her of the history behind the Adventurists. As the midnight hour passed, Lady Aid, inspired by his tale, registered the Adventurist name in the Registry. Within days, she was approached by a number of people who appeared to be the inheritors of the Adventurist legacy: Admiral Kraken, the scourge of the seas; Doc Osmium, a man in the peak of physical condition; the Amazing Kane, a magician extraordinaire; Wychery, a teenager of exceptional arcane ability; and the Fearless Phantom himself. These men and women would form the nucleus of a new generation of Adventurists!

Additional Notes

Members of the Adventurists who have a page on the Virtueverse site should feel free to make use of the AdvBox template for their character bios! Alternatively, members may use a modification of the ModBox/Adv; follow the instructions on that page Also, at the end of your page, you may also add the template {{Adventurists}}, which offers fast links to other members.

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